16°C: Dressing for rainy days

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I finally got an outfit picture. I’ve been pretty reluctant about taking out the camera recently because it’s been RAINING! Plus, it feels SO awks taking photos randomly in uni, LOL. But Bryan took a quick shot for me, only one wasn’t blurry:

What I’m Wearing:
– Caramel coat from some asian brand, gift from my Aunty
– Black knit dress, Valleygirl, $10
– Thermalish top (not visible), Abercrombie & Fitch, gift
– Leopard print textured belt, Katies, $5
– Tights with Zipper, Sportsgirl, gift from Bryan’s mum
–  Patent faux leather lace-up boots, Famous Footwear, $10
– Patterned scarf, origins unknown LOL.  I think my aunty got it from overseas?
–  And of course, my backpack from previous posts.

This outfit began looking very plain.  I wanted to wear the coat, so I built it around that.  I put on the knit dress and then I tried on a couple of scarves.  I ended up with this one because it has a pretty, intricate pattern which is reminiscent of persian rugs, haha.  It contrasts with the plain black dress and solid coloured coat making the outfit more interesting.  The patterned belt also dresses it up a bit more, and gives shape to the dress.

Since I only got one picture, I camwhored a little on my macbook so you can take a closer look at the patterned scarf:

I like how it has earthy colours, and also those teal accents which pop a little with the browns and reds.

So basically, the weather report told me it would be freaking cold today, LOL.  I wanted to wear my various coats since I used to have so few chances to wear them, what with school uniform instead.  Plus, I used to be a lot more conservative with my outfits, I love experimenting now though

Two things that I had to factor into the outfit was warmth, and waterproof shoes.  Imo, boots are the way to go in the rain because they are able to keep your feet dry, and they allow you to wear socks for warmth!

Underneath the knit dress I have an extremely warm (almost thermal?) top from Abercrombie & Fitch on.  And of course, for the rain & for warmth, a hooded coat just made sense.

I didn’t feel cold, nor too warm at any point in the day, so…

16 degrees celcius:  Coat + Patterned Scarf = success.

  • http://fadingwithtoday.blogspot.com.au/ catchmyflyingsoul

    great outfit!
    you look very pretty hehe

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      ty caleneee!

  • http://www.theworldisnotscary.wordpress.com Vivien

    That’s a fantastic coordination Meg! You look gorgeous!
    I really envy how you find the effort to dress up during rainy days. I’ve been wearing sweaters all week! Hahah

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      Viv! Naw, thank you
      Haha, it was one of the few occasions I could be bothered, I usually wear sweaters as well x)

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