22°C: Needles & Trench Coats

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Finally got some pictures to post Today’s outfit:

What I’m Wearing:
– Mustard Sweater
– Vermillion Woollen Shorts, Jayjays, $10
– Black Belt, Thrifted, $4
– Pendant, Pandora, gift
– Zigzag Patterned Stockings, Target
– Lace-up Ankle Boots, Famous Footwear, $10
– Floral button up
– Beige Trench Coat

After feeling a little sick yesterday, and awaking from the nightmare aforementioned, I wanted to wear something bright and perhaps more dressy than usual. So I went with these vermillion shorts. I really like the woollen fabric for Autumn months, and for these warmer-cold days they work very well with stockings.

I chose to wear a dark blue collared button-down underneath to provide some contrast in colour. I actually forgot to wear many accessories today! But I think it’s alright, because the outfit itself is quite loud and adding heavy accessories such as jewellery would be overpowering.

And, on another note, I recently re-dyed my hair, in preparation of some DIY ombre tips:

Above: Reuben being a poser with me, Bryan teaching me how to pose. Thanks Calene & Bryan for the photography!

Tiring day at uni, I had very little sleep. I didn’t end up doing much work anyway though. I just got a flu shot. HURTS. Didn’t relax my muscles enough.

Well, anyway I’m tired so to conclude; at some points of the day, I felt a bit too warm (like, late afternoon?) but overall:

22 degrees celcius: Trench Coat + Shorts/Tights + Light Sweater = success.

  • http://fadingwithtoday.blogspot.com.au/ catchmyflyingsoul

    hehehe the photos turned out alright
    is that second photo the one where you’re about to jump? LOLOL nice

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      LOL im not sure actually, but since im bad at poses might as well put some pictures of me doing weird stuff roflolol

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