Do I Even Study

Posted on 28-10-2014

Hello guys,

I find just about every excuse to procrastinate and have been stuck on this one study topic for the past 3 days lol.  help.

Anyway I was reading back on some old posts and my friends posts because I’m a stalker and it’s so funny how things change.  And it’s also funny how things don’t.

Like… in 2010 the iPad just came out.  WTF.  I feel like my mind is stuck in the 2000’s cause when I see ‘2010’ or whatever doesn’t feel that long ago but actually 4 years is quite a long time.  So much can change in just 4 years.  There were no iPads 4 years ago and people were still making fun of the name.  Now it’s just a commonly accepted product.  Almost 4 years ago, I started dating Bryan.  I was friends, but not yet best friends, with Calene.  I was still in high school.  My dad was still very sick.  I hadn’t even properly met many of the people who I now consider my good friends.  I didn’t have a Macbook.

But I think since like, long ago.  I have always been the same inside… the way I type is very similar, even since Grade 6.  But of course you learn things.  Your decisions become smarter, that’s for sure.  Like, I made so many dumb choices looking back… things I will readily admit to regretting, but at the same time these are the things that made me who I am, in the end.  I think I have improved myself, growing up.  I’m not so timid although I still struggle to socialise and connect with people LOL.  Like, it has never ever come naturally to me.  I’m not sure if that’s just how my brain is wired or what.  But socialising is something I really have to push myself to do, unless I feel close enough to the person, which only happens if I am able to socialise enough with them in the first place to become close.

Anyway, no matter how much time goes by I feel like feelings are still the same.  Heck, 4 years ago, I was confused about what I wanted to do after graduating High School.  I was worried about what course I should take.  I was stressing about VCE.  In the present, I’m still stressing and slightly confused about my future but I feel much more comfortable about it having experienced new things like student society life and work and stuff.  So now, I feel like I’ll be okay even if the path I’m walking looks a little blurry.

Another thing I found interesting was the fact that even in 2010 my routine was still the same as it is now.  Before bed: chat on msn/skype, shower, watch subscriptions on Youtube, sleep late.  Still living by the same “everything balances out” theory, kind of.

But yeah.  I don’t know what the point of this post is.  I wish I could stick to blogging routines better and take nice photos and stuff.  Procrastinating.

P.S. I cringe when I see other people mix up their “Your” and “You’re”‘s.  But I cringe even more when that person is me, LOL.

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