Good Morning

Posted on 01-06-2012 | Tags:

I changed my site layout, this one is brighter so I like it better.

It’s a photo manipulation, which I haven’t done in a while. I’m not particularly good at photo manips but they’re fun to make.

Yesterday I watched Shinhwa Broadcast, episode 11 because I had been waiting for the sub all week.

I also went to uni to study law with my law friendsss. Today I’m going to uni again, for contract discussionz and possibly an accounting workshop, if it’s on. I work pretty well with Cindy, thank god. I get distracted SO easily most of the time hahaha. Though we have our moments of unrelated discussion as well.

Time to get out of bed.
I wish I could relax more.

Oh… still no photo’s until after exams, I’m afraid.

  • catchmyflyingsoul

    hahahaha good morning megie
    have fun studying today!

    • Meg

      ty calene!

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