Hectic Week + Flu + Birthday Party

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Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I blogged or put up a new video. As usual I have been caught up with a billion other things – trying to stay afloat in Law, being Marketing Director of KIMBAP, applying for and going to programs, (soon enough) applying for Vacation work, working at my current job and planning for my 21st Birthday Party which was last Saturday.

I’ll be doing a post about it very soon (I hope) because it was quite a lot to plan but I had a heap of fun doing it! I’m a lover of cute things so I decided to have a Kawaii Party, where the theme was generally pastel colors but the dessert was to be Kawaii themed (think Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, etc.). Gotta admit I only planned the visuals of the party – like it was very clear in my head how everything should look, but not so much what people should do or play. I was super busy during the party because my Mum did so much cooking, it would just be so bad of me to sit back and relax while she did everything so yeah. I was rushing around like crazy. I felt a bit bad I didn’t invite everyone… like I still feel bad now LOL. Honestly I had to cut out a few people from various friendship groups because my mum told me not to have more than about 30ish guests :S

I’m sick. LOL. After my party, I probably caught the worst flu ever from Bryan. I know I get sick a lot but wow, even Bryan had to stay home from work to recover from this one and I’ve been potatoing around in my bed for like 3 days already. Just when I thought it was getting better, it got kinda worse this morning so just my luck. It’s okay though. I need time to catch up with stuff anyway.

So anyway I was spoilt on my birthday, I received some lovely necklaces/earrings from Bryans mum, and my friend Sharon, Photo Book from Calene and Nelsonville LOL. My friend Ling was kind enough to make a delicious vanilla, coconut and passionfruit cake that was super delicious and professional, as well as some yummy macarons.

Also, Bryan and my friends pitched in to get me a few cool things. First one is a Blue Yeti Mic + pop filter! YAY no more crap quality sound in my videos, I’m sososo happy ^__^ I tried getting it to work on Sunday but it didn’t seem to be working, then of course my brother did some stuff to it and it works!! And it has zero noise and it’s just a pleasure to listen to and it’s just really great.. droolsss

I also received a Clarisonic Mia 2 in Pink, which is awesome. I’ve been using it for the past few days and I felt a difference after the first use already. I’ll be doing a video about it after I’ve used it for a few weeks.

Finally, the biggest surprise was the Marc by Marc Jacobs, rose-colored watch. I love it! I’m glad Bryan really knows my tastes and it’s super generous of everyone to band together to get me such cool gifts, I’m incredibly thankful to my amazing friends.

Might add some pics of the gifts here later idk
Gotta get back to boring lectures now tho x
HOPEFULLY NEW VIDEO SOON. As soon as I recover from this flu.

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