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So my birthday present from Bryan arrived and he gave it to me today~

You know how my bias in Shinhwa, Lee Minwoo aka. M Style has a hat company?

I now own a Wolf-M cap. OH MY GOOOD MINWOO TOUCHED THE DESIGN AND MADE THIS HAT FUUU dsflsdkfjlsfjdsl brb dying of happiness im scared to cut the tag off omg

P.S.  sorry my outfit is so shit.  I’m in my pyjamas LMAO. And the photo was taken on my webcam so yeah.

Day 01 How did you discover Shinhwa?
I was watching the first ep of Family Outing … and Dongwan was there, so I looked him up.  And then I watched Shinhwa Broadcast ep7 and got incredibly addicted and fangirlish.

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