Italian Food Adventures

Posted on 08-03-2014

I had this post on my drafts for a while since I uploaded the pictures from my phone, and what better time to publish it than exam time, when I am up at 2am for no reason whatsoever besides stress

 The other day my relatives took my brother and I to an Italian restaurant!  It’s been a some time since I’ve been to a nice one, so it was a pleasant change.  I can’t remember any of the details so I’ll just leave you with the photos.






I finally reached 600 subscribers!  Amazing~  Even though I know it’s not a ~huge~ number compared to those people with thousands or millions, I’m proud to have built it up myself from next to nothing.  Thank you everyone who subscribes!  I haven’t had time to edit my new video – I feel ridiculously bad about it… this entire year is going to be busy for me because of my clubs and work.  I even almost took up a volunteer job at the RSPCA magazine but unfortunately had to pull out due to the overwhelming amount of work I’ve taken on this year, compared to other years.  I helped out with their April edition a little bit though.

Anyway I’m going to slow down a bit.  Well, I’m going to try to keep up with what I’m already doing.  And spare time will go to my videos.  Too bad right now there isn’t any Mid-sem break is coming up very soon though so I will HOPEFULLY film a few videos then, so that I can upload some stuff for you guys.  I’m super lucky cause my friend under the name Berettas, makes great music that I can use without worrying so much about copyright issues yay!  He’s entered a new remix competition and it sounds awesome here, I’m hoping to use it in one of my videos this break so keep an ear out for it and give his song a like, I know he’ll really appreciate it.

Also some of my friends and I are going to the Commerce Ball!  Yayyyy so excited to wear my dress LOL.  Such expensive tickets- seriously, everything is happening this year.  My favourite non-kpop band (as you may remember), the Dandy Warhols are coming to Melbourne and I am too poor, after buying commball tickets, to go  BUT I REALLY WANT TO GO.  Since Nirvana was before my time I missed out on seeing them live so I’m forever scared I’ll miss out on my dose of the Dandys.  If they play And then I dreamt of yes, and I miss out… omg I might die.

Speaking of music (back to kpop) I’ve also really been loving the Royal Pirates  I like how they were on youtube before, filming at home so you know their music is legit.  And they speak English.  And they’re just the funniest and super real.  I’m always a sucker for the down-to-earth stars, hahah.

Okay… back to being an insomniac because of my stupid law exam.  CRIES.

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