(Korea) Coupon Crazy: Makeup and Activities

Posted on 10-09-2013 | Tags: , , , ,

Hey guys, thought I’d publish this before all the coupons expire. If you’re planning a trip to Myeongdong and areas that are sort of near to Seoul, I’ve complied a bunch of coupons for that area, thanks to Koyuki Palace. Just show the coupon in the store! I printed the booklet out just because I wasn’t sure if you could just show it on your phone.

It isn’t a complete list but it does contain most of the makeup stores in Myeongdong.

Download Coupon Booklet (.docx)

  • roflcopter

    thx megan im going to korea soon

  • LC

    This is a great compilation! May I ask what you did to fit two coupons on one page? I’d like to do the same and save paper and bulk for my trip.

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      I screenshot the coupons, then I arranged it on Microsoft Word (or you can even use Microsoft Powerpoint!) to fit them on one page Good luck with your coupon booklet, it’s definitely a lot easier to carry around to shops in a smaller size

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