(Korea) Day 0: Flights & LOLs

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At 2:30AM, I am finally getting around to writing this post. Sorting out which photos to use is a tiring task, hahaha. Anyway, for this series, some photos are ones I have taken on my phone and on David’s camera, which I borrowed for the trip. But most have been taken by my bffl Calene kekeke. Special thanks to her for taking so many pictures, because I always forget to, hahaha.

So let me begin on day 0, June 30. David, Nelson and Pulu had already been in Hongkong for 3 days, I think? Calene, Bryan, Jess, Brandon and I were on a different flight to them because we booked the flights later. While the others stopped over in Hongkong, we would stop over in Singapore for a mere two hours, then on the 1st we would all meet at Incheon Airport as we only arrive a few hours after the HK guys do. Our flight was scheduled for midnight, the dawn of July 1. Calene would come by my house at 8:30PM to give me a lift to the airport.

However, before all that something completely hilarious happened.

I woke up early with excitement about the trip. (how can you sleep normally when you have your first overseas flight in the evening?) First thing I do is open up Facebook on my phone. I see a picture of the HK guys at the airport.


I’m too tired to think anything of it, because I’d just woke up. But I’d been stalking all their updates in HK and liking their pictures, so I just liked it without thinking.

A few seconds later I get an FB message from David:

It looks like I got super trolled right? David actually took ages to reply to me after each thing, so before he said the last bit, I had already panicked to both Calene and Bryan HAHAH. Calene was confused with me; we were triple checking our flight times and everything. Eventually we came to the conclusion that it was a troll.  We had our doubts.

Me:  but if it’s a troll, wtf how come they have a picture in the airport…
Calene: maybe they took it the first flight? LOOOOL
Me: LMFAOO what an elaborate troll

Eventually David sent me this:


Omg. I didn’t even care, I was just relieved that the whole thing was okay, and there was no more confusion.

But guess what guys.
They didn’t even troll us.
It wasn’t even a troll.

They went to the airport A DAY EARLY LMFAOOO


Anyway, long story short, we made it to the airport and everything went smoothly from there.


The flight was long, 6 or 7hrs? I didn’t do anything on the plane except sleep, because I was scared of getting travel sick. I purchased some travel sickness pills before the trip, which I am SO thankful for, because they worked perfectly. But I’ll go through that in another post about travelling tips.

Anyway, I merely scrolled through the inflight entertainment. I was happy to see Shinhwa Broadcast was one of the options, and I tried to watch it but it wasn’t subbed :c But it’s okay, I had already watched it at home anyway.

We arrived in Changi Airport, Singapore. I forgot to mention that I was a bit sick on the day of the flight, with a runny red nose and a bloated face. If you have me on FB, you probably noticed how fat my face was LMAO. Saaadfaec. I refuse to really become that overweight.

Luckily, a day or two after arriving in Korea my sickness subsided and I was actually one of the least sick people on the trip! (but I swear I didn’t pass it on because no one else had the symptoms I did LOL)

Anyway, Singapore was crazy hot. Super humid. I was really hoping Korea would not be as humid, and luckily my wish came true because the humidity there was bearable. As I said before, we were only in Singapore for 2 hours, which we spent playing in the airport by looking at the butterfly house (all the butterflies were sleeping), the koi pond, indoor playground (where a guy was sleeping) and sleeping. Security there seemed a lot tighter than any of the other airports we went to, it was kind of scary but it was okay since we had nothing to worry about.


That’s all for today guys! The next post will be about arriving in Korea, either tomorrow or in a few days so keep checking!


Leaving the airport with Brandon’s neck pillow.

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