(Korea) Day 1: Chicken, Beer and Bathhouses

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Apologies for the delay in this post! I’ve been really sleepy and tired lately, and to top it all off my allergies seemed to have turned into a cold… sigh. I’ve written up a few makeup posts but I’ll have to postpone them since I can’t take many photographs yet, with this sickface

Anyway, Day 1! We landed in Korea on July 1. Korea is only an hour earlier than Australia, which was good because it wasn’t too hard to call home on Skype.

I was happy to be off the plane. We played in the airport a little bit, some people exchanged some money, luckily my relatives already gave me some to use to get around for a day or so. Rented two phones for the two weeks, so if we needed to break into groups, we could.

We got a little confused at the bus stop. We were going to take the airport limousine (which is an airport bus) to Hongdae, where our apartment was, named Ann’s Guesthouse. We ended up walking kind of far off the other way, but eventually we found the bus and the ride was okay. It took about an hour to get there, I’d say. Luckily the bus was right near the apartment, so it was very easy to get to and from the airport. Not only that, but the subway station was also a minute away!

I should have taken some photos of the location but oh well. The main thing is that the location was good, the price was good and the apartment was pretty good too. There was an upstairs area where the girls were originally going to sleep, but in the end we brought down the beds because it was too hot and the aircon was downstairs as well.

The place had wifi, a mini kitchen, a bathroom with fresh towels changed each day, they took a basket of laundry for us daily and and they provided umbrellas and two fresh loaves of bread each day too! Overall a very nice place to stay, it definitely felt the most like home to me.

After settling down in our apartment, we got changed and ready to go out to explore the Hongdae area! We were starving by this time, so first stop was a Chicken and Beer place. Seems like a quintessentially Korean thing to have chicken and beer in one meal, and it’s the most fattening but delicious thing ever. We got some platter thingies to share, and this HUUUUGE beer. It was a lot bigger than pictures make it look,


I can’t really remember, but I think we kept exploring after and ended up having some street food, watched some street musicians… Oh and did we go to the bathhouse this day? I think so. LOL.

So we wanted to find a specific bathhouse (Jjimjilbang) that David had heard was good, but apparently it closed :c We ended up going to Happy Day Spa, LOLLLL. It was empty, pretty much. Just a few ahjummas and stuff. Oh and some couple who probs were doing it LMFAOOO

OH YEAH there was also a film crew there!!! Some people in the bathhouse room were getting filmed. We peeked into the window and saw some people blindfolded like some variety show and yeah. I forgot what they were filming though… It was familiar but not a show I watch so it wasn’t rly a big deal.

So how it works is you go in, and theres a reception. You pay like 10 bucks and you get towels, bathhouse tshirt and shorts to borrow and a locker key bracelet. Calene, Jess and I tried to change where we couldn’t see all the naked ahjummas LOLLL. Then we met up with the guys in the common area.

First thing we did was go to this freaking hot clay house. omggg my eyes were drying up and it made my face hurt LMAO. I thought it was the lowest level clay house. Everyone sat inside and died, haahha. They seemed to enjoy it but I didn’t really like it because I’m a party pooper liek dat. LOL my eyes were seriously drying, i felt like i couldn’t really breathe and i couldn’t understand why you would go into a crazy hot clay house if its already 30 degrees outside already

But it was kind of fun… And it definitely feels good on your aching muscles after a long day of dragging your luggage around and stuff. I just don’t know how you can stay in there for so long LOL

Anyway eventually we got out and theres this big area with a TV where they were playing the drama “Shark”. They have a lot of mats which you can roll out and sit or lay down on. LMAO Pulu and Bryan (and David? i cant remember) asked some randoms how to turn the towels into those hat things with little balls on the sides, like they do on variety shows hahahaha. It was so funny! Bryan looked so cute kekeke i wanted to take a picture but i put my phone in the locker

Jess and I tied ours into hats too. It was fun LOL it felt like Korea. Actually, Calene and I discussed how it didn’t really feel different to Australia all that much. The humidity wasn’t that bad and the streets were advanced and busy kind of like Melbourne, although tbh I felt safer in Korea for some reason! Maybe because it’s normal to be out at night in Hongdae.

Anyway, we also bought black coloured tea eggs and got some drinks… Tea? Idk what it was actually. I saw in an ep of “We Got Married” that you’re supposed to eat the tea eggs in the jjimjilbang by cracking them open using other peoples heads LOLOLOL i tried on Bryan but it didnt work and it hurt him LMAO poor thing hahaha

After eating we played in the bathhouse more, trying all the different clay houses and then we found the Ice Room, which was basically a freezer room LOL. It was still my favourite room though.

The girls and I made the guys jelly by going into the Amazon room or something HAHAHA girlz only room, guys not allowed. That was where the film crew were before, but since they finished we went inside. It didn’t feel like anything. It was just a mildly warm room LOL

At the end of the night the guys showered in the guys bathhouse. Brandon and the girls didn’t want to witness the private parts of any one else so we waited outside for what seemed like forever. It was so funny, Brandon told us some funny stories and we just chatted and it was fun, although waiting was kind of annoying because they said they’d be “quick”… Nekminute they take like half an hour or something, hahahaha.

After that we considered eating at a cafe but we ended up too tired, so we went home. Day 1.

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