(Korea) Day 2: Myeongdong & Dongdaemun

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Oh man, it’s been aaages since I blogged about Korea… one month later and I’m only up to Day 2, LOL. So on this day we tried to go to the Hello Kitty Cafe for breakfast, which I wanted to go to the most since I’m cray about Hello Kitty hehe. But they only opened at 11AM, so we ended up settling for Angel-In-Us Coffee, which is a chain cafe in Korea. It looks quite pretty with the wings on the door handles, but it’s pretty average inside.


I didn’t really want to eat anything there, so I settled for this nice looking Cookies and Cream cake… it tasted okay, very sweet like you’d expect. Bryan got a burrito and a Caramel Macchiato, which was nice but I don’t like coffee that much.



Calene got this bread thing- which I saw on Eat Your Kimchi… and they said it was just bread and cream, so I didn’t get it. But that wasn’t true at all because the bread is actually sweet bread, and tasted nice; kind of like a cake but not too sweet.


Calene’s bread thing, DAT PHOTOGRAPHY *v*


After breakfast, we took the subway to Myeongdong, the place I had been wanting to go to the mosttttt ever since I had found out we were going to Korea! Home of makeup shopping, that’s why. Hehehe. There are ads on the walls of the subway station, so the girls got a picture with 2AM Jo Kwon & Seulong yay.

Arriving in Myeongdong, you really feel like you’re in Korea. The streets are busy and the buildings tower above you with all their bright colors, ads and decor. Everything there feels new and clean. I went into every shop I had planned to go to on my list and completely went nuts shopping. I really didn’t hold back LOL.


Photo 2-07-13 3 12 31 PM


After over half a day of being together as a group, we split up into two groups so some of the guys could get their hair done at Juno Hair, supposedly one of the best salons in Korea. I went with the group who continued shopping, even though I did want to get my hair done too. I thought that getting my hair ombre’d would take like 3 hours so I gave it a miss for now. After being thoroughly shopping-ed out, we met up with the guys in the salon.

Omg the level of customer service was pretty crazy; not only do they rinse your hair multiple times, massage your head and provide your huge group of friends with beverages and cookies, but the stylist actually took the elevator down with us, for no reason at all LOL.

After that we ate at a dumpling (Mandu) place, which the Juno hair people recommended to us. It was soooo good. The kimchi was too spicy so I didn’t have any, but the soup was delicious. Excuse me while I nostalgically drool about it… omg.


After that, we came across a Cat Cafe, which we saw being advertised by some person dressed up as a cat LOL. It was scary. But anyway, we figured we should try everything so we went inside. It was $8 per person to enter, including a drink. When we walked inside, first thing that greets us is a cute cat with a little pink neckscarf. I like cats so I quite enjoyed it.

1073829_569343533130704_2098110504_o ps_09

It was pretty weird being surrounded by so many cats. You sit down and you get a surprise when it turns out that there’s a cat under your chair, behind you and on the table LOL.

There was a pretty white cat, and a sort of beige cat. The white cat was always held by the Cafe unni… she looked super spoilt. Anyway the beige and white cat fought :C The owner of the shop kept pushing the cute little beige cat near the white cat, and the white cat was SUCH A B… bad bad cat :C She pawed at the beige cats face and the beige cat had the SWEETEST FACE I CANNOT. She was just docile and had the biggest most innocent eyes and she tried to hide away but the cafe unni kept pushing them together and it always ended badly. POOR THINGGGG. Bryan managed to get a picture of her while I pet her, I really wanted to take her home :C


Finally, our day at Myeongdong ended. The guys needed new clothes so we decided to head to Dongdaemun for clothes shopping.


Near Dongdaemun there’s the East Gate, I think? It looks like this:


We rented a locker in Dongdaemun station, to put our bags. Those lockers can fit a lot! Anyway, shopping at Dongdaemun was disappointing to me. I kind of knew it would be like this but… yeah. Didn’t buy that much. Well, compared to Myeongdong LOL. It was really hard to purchase things. The girls went shopping without David and had to bargain and buy stuff ourselves. Calene was pro, thank gosh for her, or we’d be so screwed HAhaha.

We had dinner at the food court there, upstairs. It was super cheap, 5 or 6 bucks for a full meal I dont even

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