(Korea) Day 3, Part 1: Hello Kitty Cafe

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I’ve been anticipating writing this post up- of course, it’s the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae! Ever since I began researching for the Korea trip, I had been looking forward to the Hello Kitty cafe because like most girly asian girls… I’m pretty obsessed with Hello Kitty. And I know it’s super mainstream and absolutely overdone and overrated but I don’t care because I love it! HAhaha.  This will mostly be a picture post :3

The Cafe didn’t open until 11AM, so we headed out pretty late to check it out.  It wasn’t very far from where we stayed, and there’s no way you could miss it when you see it:





As you can see, the decorator seriously did not hold back in the Hello Kitty Cafe.  Everything was pink and Hello Kitty themed… the only exception was the Male Toilets which were BLUE inside!  But that picture ruined the whole pinky effect I had going on with this post, so I won’t include it. x3

Photo 3-07-13 12 17 39 PM979978_569454619786262_655647689_o





1073200_569457603119297_601356756_oI ordered a Green Tea Latte and a Croque Monsieur, which is a “French” grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  I wasn’t confident about the quality of the food at first, but when I took a sip of that Hello Kitty Green Tea Latte… omg.  To this day still one of the best Green Tea Latte‘s I’ve had, it was freaking delicious AND to top it off it had that Hello Kitty print at the top LOL.  I also took a few bites of my friend’s waffles, and they were pretty tasty too.

I don’t recommend the Pinkaccinno drink that Pulu had, although I don’t have a picture of it.  It looks really cute but it was waaaay too sweet.  I think he had some trouble finishing it, LOL :C  Saddd.

Photo 3-07-13 12 44 31 PM


Photo 3-07-13 12 36 56 PM


 They also gave us all Hello Kitty fans to fend ourselves from the hot, humid Korean Summer weather.  I kept a few as souvenirs :D  I wish I bought one of the Hello Kitty Cafe Mugs!  Oh well, they were kind of expensive anyway.  Next post will be about Lotte World

  • kairin

    so much pinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

    hello kitty cafe

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg


  • Fiona Harding

    so cute, I love hello kitty!!

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      Me too, hahaha! Thanks for commenting ^__^

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