(Korea) Day 3, Part 2: Lotte World Adventures

After visiting the Hello Kitty Cafe, we took the subway down to Jamsil station to visit Lotte World!  It’s the biggest indoor themepark or something like that, so easy to get to because it’s attached to the subway station; the station also has a lot of shops and a mall kind of thing.  It even had this massive fountain inside, ide.  Click/hover the images for descriptions, at the bottom.  And maybe a surprise story.

Oh yeah, all this time I forgot to mention how much of a freaking coupon queen I was during this trip, LOL.  Before the trip, I compiled a booklet of makeup, travel and activity coupons that I found on various places on the internet because I’m cray.  I’ll do a post on that really soon, and let you guys download the booklet in case you’re going to Korea any time soon, hahah.  But yeah, I had a Lotte World voucher inside, so we got a discount yay!

Anyway, to be honest I was a bit disappointed that the theme park was indoors because it was the first beautifully sunny day we had seen in Korea.  It was  pretty, but I didn’t think the indoor place was amazing.

We decided to enter this Tomb of HORROR “ride” thing, which was actually the lamest ever.  I had already been in the Lara Croft Tomb Raider ride at Luna Park which had like, live actors coming right up close to you and jumping out and stuff, so I was expecting more of the same but nope.

It was just dark and there were fake scary things and I was forever expecting something scary to come out but nothing of the kind happened at all.  So disappointing LOL

After we got out, the theme park workers seemed to be setting something up, putting up barrier things around the park.  Turns out it was a parade thing, definitely targeted at little kids.  But the dancers costumes and floats were pretty cool I guess.  It was such a Disney-like thing… Lotte World is Korea’s Disneyland.

Something super embarrassing happened to me LOL Omgggg you guys I couldn’t stop myself and when the evil Pharaoh guy just happened to be walking past… I yawned AND HE FULLY LOOKED AT ME WITH EVIL FACE AND PUT A CURSE ON ME OR SOMETHING IN KOREAN IDKKK.  He was SOOOO loud too fuark scared the heck out of me LOL

Sorry Pharaoh but I was just tired from lack of sleep, nothing to do with your performance, ok??  Now I wish someone could have said that to him for me when he was cursing me since I had no idea how to say anything back.



The lines for rides were already long, so we decided to go outside before it got dark.  Outside Lotte World was soooooo pretty, especially in the perf weather!  It looked like a Disney fairytale place; what I came to Lotte to see tbh, because I saw how pretty it was on We Got Married LOL.  Took a heap of pictures just outside the castle, the lighting is so good hehehe.

So our first stop was RIDES!  Yay!!  Everyone but Calene decided to go on the roller coaster that David recommended first.  I love roller coasters!  They’re my favourite, and I was expecting a lot because when I went to Movie World in Queensland the rides were crazy and fun.  But it wasn’t scary, although I scream for the heck of it LOL.

I think we went on bumper cars after.  I don’t like bumper cars at all but since I was there, I just decided to go on one too.  Hahahha, I’m such a safe driver iduno… bumper cars are so whatever LMAO.  Anyway after that we decided to go on this spinny ride that like.. spins you around at the same time it’s swinging like a pendulum over 180 degrees in the air.  THIS WAS FUNNN.  Way better than the roller coaster, I was kind of scared because you go so high up.

Jess and the guys then decided to go on the Gyrodrop.  I cannot handle those “falling” kinds of rides, LOL.  The Gyrodrop plunges you from SUPER high up, super fast towards the ground as if you’re falling.  Looked so scary but now I kind of wish I went on it hahaha.  Oh well there’s always the Batman ride in Queensland.  Instead, Nelson, Brandon, Bryan and I went on the kiddy version called the Bungee Drop, lewl.

Afterwards, we decided to grab some ice creams and stuff.  I actually had a yummy strawberry one… but none of the photo’s looked good so too bad not gonna include it LOL.  Instead, here’s a picture of these little rainbow icecream pebble thingies!  I like them a lot, they like.. stick to your mouth and they’re icecream hehehe.

Once we were done playing on rides, we tried some of the… mini games?  There was this one where you had to shoot these targets.  Bryan shot them all!  I was so proud LOLLLL He always tries to win me Hello Kitties from those claw machines (without success), but he finally won me a prize hehehe!  LMAO even though I don’t usually like Angry Birds, I’ve decided I like this one.

It was really getting too hot outside, so we decided to play indoors for a while.  Before going in, we stopped at the little food stands at the entrance.  I ate this swirly potato thing… I didn’t like it very much, the sprinkle cheese tasted so fake and gross.  But the potato was tasty, and so was the drink (some lemonade type drink).  I sat down and we played with the Hello Kitty fans from the HK cafe that I brought in my handbag.

Indoors, we happened upon a sort of Trick-Eye museum, like the one that is commonly known in Hongdae.  We played around in there for a bit, was pretty fun to take some obligatory tourist photos with the “illusions” haha.

After spending some time there, we went on these “Hot Air Balloons”, which were kind of like cable cars that go around the whole indoor themepark.  Omggg, the line was SO longggg, waited ages to get on the Hot Air Balloon.  While we were waiting I kept trying to see the front of the line where the balloons were close… to see if they had seats inside or whether we would have to keep standing, for like ANOTHER 15-20 mins on the ride itself.

LOL noticed a loooot of couples in the line, ofc.  Wearing full on matching outfits, top to bottom including hats hahaha.  So funny how it’s just normal there, but here, if you do such a thing you’ll get laughed at like zoo animals on the facebook Stalkerspace page -.-‘

Anyway, when we finally got on the ride, we admired the view for like 5 seconds before sitting down, where you can’t even see anything LOOOL.  It was a slow, peaceful ride.  Pretty boring for an hour’s wait, don’t know if worth it.  The best part of the ride was at the end, when it entered the Pharaoh’s like… caves or something.  We all agreed that the whole ride should have consisted of that, because that was pretty cool actually.


Finally, we were so tired and Brandon got a blood nose… probably from dehydration.  We waited for him, then finally had a late dinner in the Lotte World Folk Museum!  Nearly had a panic attack when I thought I lost my ticket so I couldn’t get in, but I found it, luckily.  It was really serene and nice inside, I liked it.

Inside the Folk Museum is a traditional Korean food thing.  They told us they were closing at 9, so we really had to hurry and eat.  The others didn’t like this meal very much… I didn’t mind it actually.  It tasted mostly like normal asian food I have at my grandparents house, LOL.  Was okay, I tried the Ginseng Chicken Soup which was alright.  Except for the gross dish called… “Hong Fish” or something, according to David.  It should be named “Ammonia Fish”, because it tasted like freaking hair dye and ammonia LOL.


Finally, the day ended and it was so late that we were kind of scared of getting locked in.  We ended up walking outside in the wrong direction for a while before finding the station and getting home.  This day was completely exhausting, my legs hurt like crazy hahaha.  A fun day, for sure, though.

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