Little Update

Posted on 25-06-2013 | Tags: ,

Hi guys!
It’s been a while since I updated with a more personal post. I finished my exams last Friday, and have been taking a little break from everything, I guess: shopping, preparing for Korea. Dyeing my hair (though it looks the same LOL)

I’m planning to do a drugstore makeup post as well, since Mary requested it and I have recommendations to make so yay~

I seriously waste so much time. Yesterday I had a really nice day of… Pampering? LMAO that sounds so pompous but whatever. I dyed my hair with foils, deep cleansed and did a face mask. Then I used some bio oil and moisturiser on my face, as well as some Moroccan oil and Keratin serum on my hair.

I should probably do a routine post about all that stuff, but we shall see how my routine changes after Korea anyway.

I’m so excited guys! The trip is in under a week omgggg.

Here’s a picture of a restaurant I recently went to in celebration of FREEDOM!


Will update soon

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