Long time, no see (x 100) – Base Makeup Journey: Part 1

Posted on 31-03-2017

I haven’t updated in a year or something and I have no excuse.  Maybe I’ve grown out of blogging or something?  But I still keep this site up because it’s just nice to know that there is a place for me to flesh out my thoughts.

Anyway, I’m going to talk about makeup today.  I might do a full review of some products at some point, but at the moment I just feel like talking about it.

I’m a splurger when it comes to makeup.  If I choose to spend my money on anything, it’s makeup.  I have some unhealthy addition and retail therapy is the only thing that’s getting me through this final semester, to be quite honest.

I rarely buy eye makeup.  I’m still getting to the last drop of my last Dollywink eyeliner from my Japan trip and I still live off my Naked Palettes.  I did get a Tarte Tartelette In Bloom palette for christmas, but I don’t think I’ve spent on a palette in a long time.  I also hardly spend on contour – my trusty Too Cool for School and Naked Flushed are still going strong.  I spend a little on lip products but I have so many now that I can’t justify any more – I’ve never even reach the bottom of my favourite Mac lipstick in Honey Love.

However, I will spend copious amounts of money on base makeup and skincare.  And my skin has never been happier.

Let’s talk skincare first.  I have struggled with keeping a good skincare routine.  After stalking of reddit skincareaddiction, I still don’t understand AHA’s and BHA’s but I am fortunate enough not to have acne prone skin. My greatest skincare problem is probably millia, sun spots and dryness under my eyes which was TERRIBLE for months after I had a reaction to some product.  I was on a mission to fix my skin and did a full skincare detox, cutting everything from my routine and slowly reintroducing gentle products.

Finally, my skin is in a good place.  The dryness is still sort of permanently there but no patchiness like before and my millia seems to be largely gone as well but I’m not sure why.  My routine now consists of: Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra-Hydrating Lotion, Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity and a Neutragena Cleanser for sensitive skin (with no fragrances, yay!).  I completely cut out toners and serums as my skin doesn’t seem to react well to so many products.  I occassionally use Aloe Vera gel, SK II eye cream, Biore Watery Essence Sunscreen and Cosrx Snail Mucin when my face feels like it needs more, but for the most part I think consistent double cleansing and using Cetaphil really helped fix my skin.

BUT, one thing I’ve given up on are the sunspots – they are just a part of my face now.  But that is ok because base products are basically my life.

I think it’s completely justifiable to spend on base products because they go all over your face, almost every day.  That isn’t to say that cheap products aren’t good, but spending to find what products ARE good for your skin is kind of reasonable.

So, Primers.  They make some difference in the application of your foundation, so it’s important to get a good one – I learnt the hard way when I tried an Australis primer with terrible results.  I was dumb at first, buying into trends of pore-filling primers when I really have no pore issues.

I first used the Banila Co Prime Primer in Purity and I loved it, but honestly I didn’t notice much of a difference overall.  It just wasn’t bad.  I tried Etude House Face Blur but I reacted badly to it – I’m always afraid of fragrances now.

I also liked the Face Shop Velvet Skin, but when I took it home it split into a liquidy mess – which, btw, is what also happened when I bought the ridiculously expensive Hourglass Mineral Veil (such deja vu…).

On the plus side, the Hourglass has a lovely short ingredients list and beautiful texture.  I couldn’t bring myself to exchange the faulty split one I got with another though.  For me, while it was great I really couldn’t justify the price.  I already spent a buttload on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette a while ago anyway.  I exchanged it for money back and a primer that was half the price, the Mecca Cosmetica Hydrating Primer.  At first, I was like – really, I’m downgrading to a ~home brand~ primer?  And still an expensive one at that.  But having tested it in-store I really liked the fact that it is hydrating given my dry undereye issues.

Its smooth, matte texture is largely reminiscent of the Face Shop primer I previously enjoyed.  However, it was only when I got home that I realised it has a horribly strong floral scent.  I absolutely hate scents in my makeup so it’s quite disappointing.  But overall I’m liking the primer so far because it seems to cancel out some of the under eye dryness, though we will see in a few weeks how my skin reacts.

I also had a brief stint with the Skindinavia Oil Control Primer spray, having purchased a mini version of that and the setting spray.  I do like it but I can’t really tell the difference in my makeup application by using it.  Misting your face just feels nice, I guess.  It also feels good just not having silicone on your face, which is a plus.

Anyway I’ll talk about Foundations and Concealers in my next post because this is getting way too wordy already.  See you next post!

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