Makeup & Skincare to Buy in Korea

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This list is of the things I’m planning to buy or at least search for in my upcoming Korea trip; hopefully I’ll get to purchase a lot of the stuff in Myeongdong I’ve organised them by brand LOL

Obviously I can’t afford them all LOL. But I have a personal list so that I know what products are crap and what are good. I have heard people rave about most, if not all of the products listed, in both blogs & youtube.

All prices are estimates, in AUD. Thanks particularly to Koyuki Palace for a whole lot of information

GeneralClio/Banila CoTony MolySkinfoodEtude HouseLaneigeMisshaInnisfreeThe Face Shop
  • Facemasks (hopefully I’ll get them as free samples)


  • Want Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Want Makeup Base

Nature Republic

  • Must Aloe Vera Soothing Gel ~$3

  • Must Gelpresso Waterproof Eyeliner ~$10
  • False Lashes ~$5

Banila Co

  • CC Cream ~$22
Tony Moly
  • Must Tomatox White Massage Pack ~$9
  • Want Backstage Gel Liner ~$6
  • Lipsticks ~$6
  • Tony Tint ~$5
Skin Food
  • Must Black Sugar Mask ~$7
  • Want Salmon Undereye Concealer ~$7
  • Banana Long Lash Curl Mascara ~$6
Etude House
  • Must Lip & Eye Makeup Remover ~$7
  • Must Mascara Remover ~$13
  • Wonder Pore Freshener ~$13
  • Must Water Sleeping Pack ~$25
  • Water Bank Moisture Cream ~$30
  • Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack ~$25
  • Professional Makeup Remover Multi Cleanser ~$20
  • Want BB Cream ~$15
  • 4 Eyelash Pack ~$4
  • Must Mineral Moisture Fitting Base
  • Must Volcanic Pore Mask
  • Must Eco Gel Liner ~$9
  • Want Green Tea Serum ~$20
  • Concealer (Dark Circle) ~$10
The Face Shop
  • Want Face It Primer Velvet Skin ~$14
  • Aura Color Control Cream #02 Natural Beige
  • kairin


  • Vivien

    :3 That’s a pretty nice list Meg! Banila Co & Innisfree are impossible to buy here, better stock up on those!

    • Meg

      For sure Viv! Hahah, I’m going to be totally broke by the end of this trip -.-‘

  • Vivien

    :3 That’s a pretty nice list Meg! Banila Co & Innisfree are impossible to buy here, better stock up on those!

  • jenn

    Omgsh, how did you do that?! The list looks so cool with all the tabs and everything haha

    But, hey with the mascara/eye/lip makeup remover… I use Revlon’s colourstay remover thingy. It’s like for both eye and lip makeup and it also removes mascara really well – including waterproof mascara! So yeah.. just thought I’d let you know; keep your options open

    This is what it looks like

  • Meg

    LOL Jenn! I found a really cool plugin thing HAhaha

    Oooh, interesting! I’ll probably have to give it a try, I’m actually running out of makeup remover D:

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