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Okay so for consistency sake I’m going to be tagging all the posts about my day MBDL… “My Boring Daily Life” LOL

Oh, how I love acronyms haha

Today I went to uni just before midday. I decided today that I would wear a bright color on my eyes, because it’s a cold day and I’m bored of my usual look. Yesterday I was stalking hairstyle photos so I can work our which colors I want to dye my hair. Two-toned layered or ombre? I’m not sure. If I want to go for something outrageous, my uni days are the time to do it before I have to get a professional job… Ah i don’t know. Why am I always attracted to a) pale pink and b) blonde? LMAO I don’t think blonde would suit me because my skin isn’t pale enough… Like my skin tone is too yellowy so blonde would make me look bad probs. Not that I have the balls to bleach my hair that much in the first place. It’s hard enough keeping it healthy as is.

Anyway, yeah, I wanted to do a bright eyeshadow but instead the mint green color barely even showed up and the focus was on my thicker-than-normal eyeliner, which I smudged out with black eyeshadow a little… Usually I never add black eyeshadow because sometimes I turn into a racoon and also I like the clean look of pure liquid.

I even wore mascara which I’m normally way too lazy for. Taking the mascara off at night is always annoying, blegh.

So by the time I finished doing that and fixing it because I felt like I was wearing too much eyeliner, I couldn’t be bothered with my outfit at all so I just chucked on a thin sweater, a slouchy knit cardi and jeans.


Super edited pic of me and my eyeliner, lol. Filters get rid of imperfections (y)

Found Bryan in the library and he walked me to my boring accounting lecture. After the lecture, I sat with Reuben and discussed body mods like earrings and tattoos. I personally don’t like piercings on guys except the cartilage (helix?) piercing. I think tattoos can be sexy if it’s not some lame unoriginal thing with no meaning, and of course it has to be in the right spot. Our convo was cut short by my corp fi class.

Afterwards I did nothing but eat and hang with friends. We spoke to our hilarious Korean friend about Korea and what to expect. So funny and interesting hahaha. Then I went home on the bus, to be picked up from the station.

On the bus there was no space so I had to sit on one of the sideways seats that you have to get up from for the elderly, disabled and pregnant.

Two people with disabilities came onto the bus. I know they had disabilities because I’d seen them come on the bus before many times, always from the same place and stuff. One woman and one man. The woman’s disability was more prominent, but it was a bit harder to tell with the guy because he didn’t have as much of a speech impediment or visual signs or anything; but because I had seen him before, I knew already. I offered the seat to the man because the woman had a seat already, but he said it was ok and he would stand.

He kept looking at me… I wasn’t sure if it was because he was like wondering why I would offer him a seat… Like I was thinking: “oh shit… I was trying to be nice but is he wondering why I would assume he’s got a disability?” As if it’s super obvious or something like that.. I wondered if he was insulted. I mean, nothing wrong with having a disability but is it better to be treated differently in a positive way or, is it better to be treated the same even though you don’t get that seat benefit? Although he didn’t have any physical disability… does that mean I shouldn’t offer the seat? Sigh I don’t know if I’m even making sense here, y’know. I don’t want to insult any one. I just wasn’t sure if I should be offering my seat or what. What is the right thing to do?

Even though it’s usually better to just be nice and offer, does the person you’re offering to automatically think they must fall within the pregnant/disabled/elderly category? I don’t think so. I mean, I’d offer a little kid my spot but that doesn’t mean they’re any of the above. It’s just being courteous, isn’t it? Idk. I think too much. It’s because I’m not good at social interaction LOL.

After a while of sitting on that sideways seat, I ended up feeling travel sick. LOL. I always seem to get travel sick when I sit sideways or when I sit backwards on a train. So annoying. I hope it’s not like that on the plane.

As I was waiting for my dad to pick me up from the station, I saw this girl sitting next to me with these amazing shoes. Omg I want them so bad, they were chunky and buckled and the quality looked amazing. Could not stop staring. I must have them. Pretty sure they’re on Solestruck somewhere. Too bad I’m poor right now, haha.

Oh yeah, on Friday I’ll be posting up something about apps, so yeah ^__^

I’m trying my best to add pictures to my posts even though they’re just lame selfies LMFAO

  • Reuben K

    Should’ve asked her where she got her shoes :p

    • pixieologist

      LOL I almost did but then I was too busy drooling over the shoes..

  • jenn

    Megan so prettttyyy ombre hair! don't get regrowth LOL
    And I totally know what you mean with the offering your seat thing! But that was the right thing to do imo. I would just offer my seat to anyone who's old or (sometimes) older than me. But I don't know, I haven't taken public transport in a while so I can't really remember HAHA!!

    • Meg

      ikr the no-regrowth is pretty much the best reason to get ombre hair HAHaha
      That’s good to know Jenn I have way too many moral dilemmas LOLLL
      Lucky you~ I wish I could drive better so I could get my P’s already haha

  • Cindy H

    Once I offered my seat to an old man.
    He turned out to be thirty something.
    He got pissed. Lel.

    • kairin


    • Meg

      LOL ugh thats why the seat thing is so annoying

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