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LOL Screenshot of our Planning Powerpoint ~ title page by Calene

The only interesting thing in my life right now is the upcoming trip to Korea, so I’m going to talk about the top places I want to go after endless hours of research and stalking travel blogs, Korean makeup blogs like Koyuki Palace and this amazing website called Cute in Korea which is a goldmine of everything I’m interested when we go.

We’re going to Korea in July, or the end of June, for two weeks.  My friends and I, that is- Bryan, Calene, Brandon, David, Pulu (LOL mad?), Nelson & Jess.  Unfortunately Mikey isn’t coming along since he had a solo trip earlier in the year but yeahhh.   It’s actually my very first trip overseas which makes it incredibly exciting.  A lot of people are like “ARE YOU SERIOUS, YOU’VE NEVER BEEN OVERSEAS BEFORE??” and I just meekly reply “yep.” LOL.

My parent’s have never been interested in traveling.  Or even if they are, they always say they’d rather save money here than go for a trip or something.  I’ve never been to my place of origin, Vietnam, because I was born here and my parents don’t really want to go since they left during the war times as refugees.  Anyway, although they have never been overseas since they came to Australia, I’ve always been interested in traveling.  When I hear people talk about the beautiful places they’ve been I’m intrigued and curious.  So of course, since this is my first trip overseas and I’m a massive planner by nature, I’ve been obsessed with planning the trip along with my friends.  Today I’m going to be talking about the places I particularly want to see.

1.  Myeongdong

As you all know I’m a sucker for makeup and with the plethora of Korean branded makeup available, it’s hard not to fall for the girly colors, the endless bb cream options, the fancy packaging.  I’ll probably do a post on the makeup I’m looking to buy, but I’ll save that for another day.  Anyway, for those that don’t know, Myeongdong is an area in Korea known for it’s makeup stores and various shopping areas.  It’s practically an entire region of makeup stores.

Turn one way, you have an Etude House, turn the other, Tony Moly.  Not to mention the Forever 21‘s and just… everything.  I cannot.  Omfggg, I’m excited just talking about it.  From the start of planning I’ve said I want to go to Myeongdong, hehe.  Here’s some videos about it:

2.  Jeju Island

I’m SO EXCITED FOR JEJU ISLAND GUYSSsSSs!  I don’t want to put pictures up because I’m planning on putting my own up later when we actually go, but omgggg you can go look at some pictures of the sights here.  We’ll be exploring the lava tubes, craters, waterfalls, museums and all sorts of fun stuff.  Oh yeah, there’s also this “themepark” called Love Land which is actually… well..  have a look at their website because I don’t want to use any words here that will get me spam about various inappropriate things hahaha

3.  Dongdaemun
Dongdaemun is famous for it’s clothes shops and boutiques.  It’s very close to Myeongdong, only like… a station away, and it has heaps of departments and affordable clothing and Korean Fashion.  The night market is particularly well known~

I found this video about a girls trip to Dongdaemun, which isn’t specifically about the shopping there but it’s pretty interesting!

4.  Lotte World & Everland

THEME PARKS!  I love theme parks because when I go somewhere new (even new restaurants) I like to try things that are exciting and different.  I like the thrill of it, and it’s going to be especially fun with friends to share the fear with, yay :D  I always see these featured in We Got Married and other shows I’ve seen so hehehe gonna be fun being like: IM SITTING WHERE LEE JOON ONCE SAT OMFG

5.  Cafes

Seoul has a whole trend of themed cafes.  I’m really excited for the Hello Kitty Cafe and Miss Lee Cafe, where Goguma couple from We Got Married visited.  Hahahah as you can tell, I’m really excited about seeing places from shows in real life LOL

I’m also looking forward to Noraebangs (Karaoke!) and the cruise we’re planning to go on in Busan. :D  OH LOL I FORGOT TO MENTION EDAE UNIVERSITY.  apparently heaps of cute stuff there hehehehe.

That’s all for now, I just wasted so much time on this LOL.  Anyway I’ll do a “What I want to Buy in Korea” post maybe tomorrow.

  • Jenn

    Omgsh sounds like so much funnn!!!!! Especially because it’s with friends. I’ve actually never been overseas either! The last person in the family who hasn’t been overseas LOL

    Hope you have a fun and a very safe trip

    • pixieologist

      Wow really? You’re the only other person I’ve met who hasn’t been overseas, who isn’t my brother LOL. I’m a bit worried about travel sickness though :C
      Thanks! I’m really excited hehehe

  • kumachanlovesgummybear

    omg gurl you have to go to vietnam at least once! I’m from Vietnam and the food is fantastic. If you go to the countryside places you will love it! But don’t go to the city because it’s worse than Australia. If you want to go, just prepare yourself. your blog is really cool anyway.

    • Meg

      I’ve heard it’s really good, and the scenery is beautiful hehe. Have to save up for a trip omgg. Thanks heaps!

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