Review: Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter

Following my Etude House product review of the Cookie Blush, I’ll be taking a look at their Secret Beam Highlighter in Gold & Beige Mix:

DSC02480 DSC02481

Packaging: Hmm, the highlighter doesn’t have as cute packaging as the cookie blush, but I have to admit the product itself- the way it is packed into the pan is really quite pretty. There’s a mixture of golden orangey pink colors, and a few bits of white. The advertisement with the product out of the pan makes it look so gorgeous. I suppose the simple black container stops it from looking too dramatic, in a way.

I purchased mine from Roseroseshop‘s EBay account, for a reasonable price which I really should have written down LOL. I actually wanted the Pink & White Mix originally, but I read some reviews which said it was really white colored, and I knew that would look terrible on me with my yellow-undertoned skin, so I picked the more ~reasonable~ option.

Anyway, the product looks like this in the pan:


Functions: Well, there’s not much to say really, it’s a highlighter. I’m very so-so about all the Etude House products I’ve tried, as you can tell. I feel like they’re more eye-candy than anything else… having said that, I haven’t tried that many products from their range. The color’s mixed together turn out like this swatch below:


I find it a little chalky, but it does provide a tiny bit of shimmer and sparkle. I’m not sure if it’s all Etude House products, but it also seems very hard to get some color payout. I suppose they’re aiming for a natural and build-able look but I just find with the highlighter it’s a little annoying having to apply so much before any difference is made.


I find the product a little irritating on my skin, possibly because it contains very fine sparkly glitter fragments, which is to be expected of highlighter. Anyway, I found this product broke me out a little bit- I can’t say for sure whether it is the products fault or whether there was something else in the routine that caused it but I stopped using it and my skin calmed down a bit. If you have sensitive skin, this may be an issue for you to note.

I also found that it had very little staying power, specifically if you want to highlight the cupids bow it disappears pretty fast.


Overall Breakdown:

The Good:

  • Pretty color in the pan
  • Compact & Light
  • Glitter fragments are subtle (not huge chunks)
The Bad:
  • Broke me out
  • Not enough color payoff
  • Doesn’t come with an applicator which may be annoying for traveling
  • Not great staying power

Verdict: Gotta say, not really a fan of this one, guys :c I definitely won’t be repurchasing it based on my personal problem of sensitive skin, but who knows, maybe you’ll have more luck if you give it a go.

  • The Serotinal

    Chalky cheek products just don’t work for me The design is nice though

    • Meg

      I know what you mean! Makes me look totally washed out

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