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I’m always ecstatic when I come home from a long day of work to a package, reminding me that I ordered something online a while ago! The other day, I recieved my Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream in the mail and couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s only been a few days, so if my opinion changes in the long term I’ll update this post.


Packaging:  So this is what I got in the package, a 40ml bottle of the BB cream in the #2 Shade, Aqua Neutral.  It also comes in an Aqua Beige tone for pale skin tones, but I think this one has a more yellow undertone which is closer to my skin colour (MAC NC30).  It also comes with a sponge, which I have yet to try yet as I already have my own pack of sponges which I’m going to use up before using this one.  But it’s nice that they added it in.

The bottle is nice looking- simplistic, but quite heavy.  I don’t like how it isn’t very travel friendly, and as you can see in the picture it has excessive glass at the bottom to make it look like the product is larger than it is.

I clearly have an addiction to BB Creams, I think on my site alone I’ve reviewed 3 BB Creams and almost no other products LOL.  Anyway, one of the biggest differences between this cream and the others is that it has a spatula applicator, rather than a pump:


Excuse my ridiculously thin arm here… I swear it’s just the angle and I am not anorexic.

I don’t know whether I prefer this type of applicator at the moment, I think it’s necessary for this BB cream though because it is very light, and very water-based.  Unlike the Skin79 Gold or the Lioele Triple the Solution, you do need to use more of this product to cover your face, and even more to get some blemish coverage.

Functions:  The box says that it has SPF20, which is always good to have.  I never really have an issue with a “grey cast” or pale-face anyway, which people tend to have problems with in BB creams containing SPF functions.  It smells very nice, no overbearing scent at all.  It is also supposed to be very moisturising, which I can’t say for sure is true yet, but it definitely doesn’t feel drying or anything like that.



Coverage:  The product itself feels wonderful on the skin, as I said before it is very very light. I mean, considering it claims to have “marine jelly” inside and mint water, I guess it would have to feel great.  It feels like you have no makeup on when applied… but then again, it also looks like you haven’t got any on because it has very little coverage.  I have freckles on my face, and this BB cream does nothing to cover them.  However, it does very well to even out skin tone, and also leaves skin feeling quite refreshed and bright.



If you tend to rub your face a lot, or do not work quickly enough to blend it in, it does tend to form a dry kind of residue that I don’t really get with any of my other BB creams; it’s a bit like the texture of foundation mousse (eg. Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Foundation).  However, since you shouldn’t really be rubbing your face that much anyway I don’t think it’s a big deal.  I used a moisturiser before applying the BB cream, which I’d say is very important especially if your skin is dry, as the BB cream will make dry skin a lot more prominent.  I tend to have oily/combination skin, but even so using a moisturiser is safer nonetheless.  You can never moisturise too much, anyway.


Blended In

The Good:

  • Feels light and refreshing
  • Easy to blend, seems to absorb into skin


The Things to Note/The Bad (in my case):

  • Very, VERY light coverage.  Pretty much sheer.
  • Makes dry skin more prominent without moisturiser.


Verdict?  I have noticed that people that give this product good reviews either 1) have a flawless complexion -cough michellephan & oiseau88- or 2) want to look like they have no makeup on…including uncovered blemishes.  So far, I think it is a good base, but if you are like me and have freckles or discolouration, you will have to use a concealer or a fuller coverage BB cream to achieve a better finish.

Update (22/2/13): What it looks like in conjunction with under-eye concealer and a little Lioele Triple the Solution:

Holika BB Cream


I am actually very happy with the result because it really does feel like I only have the Lioele on my cheeks, instead of all over my face.  It gives a fairly natural finish as well.

PS:  On CNY, my relatives gave me this very belated birthday present containing a French manicure set.  So, I finally decided to just do the manicure anyway.  Even though my nails are crazy short with like barely any natural white part, I just brought the tips up slightly so now my nails finally look like normal peoples LOL.  Hurray for actually being able to use my phone and stuff AND having nice nails  I think you can catch a glimpse of them in the photos above…

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  • Jennifer

    Oooo, can’t wait for your next review! I actually use the batiste dry shampoo too! Just the it comes out white so you gotta brush it through thoroughly.. but it does the job. I love it!

    • Meg

      Jennnn~ Really? I haven’t noticed heaps of white from the Dry Shampoo actually, but I haven’t looked very closely. Which flavour do you have?

    • pixieologist

      Jennnn~ Really? I haven’t noticed heaps of white from the Dry Shampoo actually, but I haven’t looked very closely. Which flavour do you have?

      • Jennifer

        yeah, the first few sprays don’t have much, but when you keep spraying, there’s quite a bit of white… Um I think I use the tropical one? Can’t remember… I’ll take a look next time I use it; bathroom is too far away! LOL

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