Review: Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish

So today I’ll be reviewing a nail polish I’ve been sporting recently, bought from Chemist Warehouse for I think around… 7 or 8 AUD. That’s at 50% off, too, so usually it’s even more pricy than it already was. It’s the Revlon Colorstay “Long Wear Nail Enamel” in #300 Bare Bones:
DSC02523 copy

DSC02526 copy

Revlon‘s website describes it as:

Up to 11 days of lasting color* and gel-like shine in 30 easy to remove shades. No light required.
*When worn with Colorstay™ base & top coats

I’ve been wanting a nail polish in this beige-nude color for a long time now, because they just go with everything and they are very minimalistic & stylish, particularly good for corporate events or a more business-like atmosphere. Even though it’s perfectly suitable for those types of occasions, they’re extremely wearable everyday and really just add a clean finish to an outfit.

When you’re purchasing nude nail polishes, make sure to pay attention to the undertone of the polish. This one is quite unique in my opinion because it has a more greyish undertone, as opposed to a pink, hence the name, Bare Bones.

Pigmentation: I’m fairly satisfied with how pigmented the polish is, it took me two coats to achieve a perfectly opaque color, which is pretty normal. Without a top coat, the polish has a slightly glossy finish.

DSC02528 copy


Function: It took a long time to dry. Way too long for someone like me who can barely sit still and gets distracted really easily. For long-wear nail polishes this is the norm, however this just took forever and I found myself scratching and smudging it many times

As for wearing power, it’s hard to say. It definitely lasts longer than most polishes I’ve tried (eg. Rimmel‘s 60 Second and long-wear polishes), but it didn’t last for 11 days.. however, I didn’t put on the base or the top coat so that may be why. If you’re careful, it can last a good few days without chipping.

Overall Breakdown:

The Good:

  • Bottle is true to color
  • Nice formula that doesn’t streak
  • Not bad wearing power
  • Glossy finish
The Bad:
  • Took a super long time to dry
  • Pricy without the sale discount
  • Without topcoat, the nail polish gets scratches! LOL

Verdict: I love the color and the pigmentation of this nail polish; but it could be improved if it took less time to dry, particularly for the price. You must wear a topcoat with this nail polish.

  • jenn

    oooo!! I love the Revlon CS nail polishes!!! I have, I think, like 5 or 6 of them. I have a nude colour too! Except it’s not nude nude… it just looks nude on my skin tone haha. Love the formula to it; it’s not too liquidy and not to gooey AND I LOVE THE BRUSH! lolol, it’s like flat, and the end is rounded which makes it easier to get into the curves (Y)
    NICE FIND MEGAN! Haha, the shade you have looks really nice! I’ll have to hunt for it and put it against my skin to see if it looks nice on me

    • Meg

      Oh wow you have so many Jenn! Yeah the brush is really good, I wish my nails would grow so they would look better with nail polish though LOL
      I’m addicted to nude colours too hehehe. I was thinking of getting a lilac color as well but on the day I only had 10 bucks on me :cc

      • jenn

        Haha well actually, they’re my sister’s but she’s so kind and shares with meee
        I think different colours look better with different nail lengths… but I just don't wear nail polish that often because my nails are all bumpy so it just looks crap in general
        Aww, there's always next time! lilac would look really good in spring! I can't pull off colour on my nails very well so gotta love nude lol

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