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Although I’m going to South Korea very soon, I read/watched a lot of reviews about this online-only brand called Ameli! One of my favourite beauty youtubers, Beautifymeeh talked about the hype over the brand (which I am very late to, btw) so I purchased three from Vanity Box, an Australian-based Korean cosmetic & accessory store.

Vanity Box is actually closing down, so they’re having a clearance right now. Each of these eyeshadows are usually ~$15 from the Korean & US official websites, but I purchased them for $8 each, using the site’s “closing” coupon. I couldn’t stop myself, had to buy them hahaha. They arrived at my door today, a week after ordering.

I purchased 3 colors: #503 Pink Spot, #173 French Chic & #158 Coral Beige. Here’s what was included in my package:


The order was well packed in a solid box, and bubble wrapped – nice change from my usual careless Ebay packages. I was quite surprised to find the little gifts attached, haha. They threw in two cute powder puffs and two Chuppa Chups Yay!

The Ameli box packaging is quite misleading. All the boxes show the same color shadow on the outside, but it does not represent what’s inside the box at all. I’m not that fussed about it though, because I don’t keep the box on anyway.

Inside the boxes are the three shadows:


No Flash – most true to color


Normal Flash


Angled Flash

The packaging of these eyeshadows are fantastic. They’re very solid metal cases and they open and close securely, but not uncomfortably. They’re light, clean and feel very good quality. Pink Spot even had a little white puff inside to keep the shadow from spilling onto the lid in transit. On packaging alone, I’d have to give Ameli 10/10 LOL. They’re really gorgeous.

Now onto the colors…

#503 Pink Spot



Pink Spot is in Ameli‘s Sparkle Spot collection. It is a glittery, bright pink color in the pan. It may look intense, but applied to the eyelids it can be very wearable and soft, depending on how much product you use.

#158 Coral Beige



Coral Beige, from the Sweet Diamond collection, is a really nice, muted wash of a goldy-beige color. I really like it, it makes a lovely metallic nude base.

#173 French Chic



French Chic is also in the Sweet Diamond collection. To be honest, when I first tried the color in normal light, French Chic appeared to be the color of a grey-lead pencil. (LOL left handed people will know how that smudges down the side of your hand… cries). It has a slightly brown undertone however, and it is very pigmented. It makes a great outer-eyelid and crease color.

Swatches, applied with fingers (no primer)



Important Note

I first used the shadows on my eyes using brushes, but after some testing, I’ve found that all three shadows are best applied using the fingers. I’ve tried normal brushes, sponge tip applicators, the works on these shadows and they have all failed miserably. I’m not sure why, but when applied using these tools they become unpigmented, and it appears that only the glitter is carried on the brushes rather than the color. The only exception might be French Chic; it works okay with a brush. I tried lining my eyes with it using an angled brush and it seemed to work quite well, giving a smokey effect.

However, using your fingers, all three colors come out beautifully! They are very pigmented, smooth and gorgeous. Use a primer for best results. Here’s my ranking on best ways to apply it: Fingers > Sponge Applicator Brush > Normal Brush.

Texture & Lasting Power

Be prepared to have glitter all over your face by the end of the day LOL That stuff just won’t come off very easily. You have been warned. I found the shadows had good lasting power, and they did not come off easily without makeup remover.

Comparison to Other Shadows

I must admit, while these are gorgeous shadows… they just can’t beat the shadows by Urban Decay or anything like that. I don’t mind applying Ameli shadows with my fingers but if they worked with a brush I would be much more satisfied. As it stands, the pigmentation of UD & Ameli cannot really compare. :C I really wanted it to, though.

Overall Breakdown:

The Good:

  • Pretty colors
  • Amazing Packaging
  • Pigmented when applied with fingers
The Bad:
  • Does not work well with brushes
Note When Purchasing:
  • Pink Spot & French Chic are very glittery

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