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Posted on 02-11-2013

I’m trying to get into study mode but it’s so hard when the weather is so good outside. Sorry for another wordy post instead of a picture-filled one.

I’m one of those people that has to lock themselves in their rooms to study ’cause I get NOTHING done. I feel so screwed for exams…

As you guys know I have a reward system for myself where I study and reward myself with RELAX TIME. So over the past few weeks my relax time has been spent watching Heirs and rewatching Ouran Highschool Host Club with Bryan. We finished the series, I love itttt, such a good lighthearted anime. The manga was pretty good too, but I think the anime encapsulated the important parts of the storyline well although I’d have liked to have seen more Hikaru/Tamaki/Kyouya x Haruhi storyline.

I like watching Heirs. I have only ever seen like 3 Korean dramas in my life so that’s probably why it’s not THAT cheesy/typical to me although obviously having watched anime and read a billion shoujo mangas, I can see dat cheesiness. I think I just like that I know the whole cast pretty much, even though I know close to nothing about Korean actors/actresses.

Oh yeah I was going to do Summer school after exams, but they aren’t letting me ’cause of prereqs which I am completing this semester so I probably won’t do it yet. I guess that’s okay since I need a break anyway.


  • Amicia Rai

    I totally understand you… I need to study sooo much, but then I look outside and the Sun is shining and it’s just the perfect Autumn weather for going out for a hot chocolate! T.T

    The only way that I can study under these circumstances is with a timer. I literally put one hour on the timer, and for that one hour I am not allowed to do anything but studying! And then I take a break and do it all over again. I have to train myself like a puppy. XD
    I LOVE Ouran High School Host Club! I saw the Japanese version of the drama and the anime and I loved it! Although I heard that the Korean version is also good. :3

    • Meg

      Yesss, I hate it when it’s a nice day outside and I have to study A timer is a good idea! I get distracted so easily though that it might not work for me hahah

      Ouran is awesome I havent seen the drama/Korean one but I saw the trailers and they look so funny hahaha

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