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Posted on 18-05-2015

Hi guys, long time no see!  Almost half a year has gone by and I haven’t updated at all.

I have been busy, but mostly I have just had nothing to blog about.  I’ve been sick for the past week, catching the flu or something from my brother… now my whole family is sick and we’ve been pretty much quarantined in our own home.

It’s also graduation season, I managed to attend Calene’s & my CCA friend’s on Monday, but missed out on Michael’s on Thursday because I was really sick… feel terrible that I missed it, but it’s probably for the best considering whatever I had was clearly pretty contagious :/  Bryan dropped by with a bouquet of ‘Get Well Soon’ roses and Michael even came by with some Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream for me!  THANKS GUYS.  I have the best friends, I don’t even.  I’m glad I’m feeling better now… there really couldn’t be a worse time to get sick.

I was too tired to study, so I ended up watching some anime and dramas.  I feel incredibly guilty that I’m now so behind… but I can’t seem to find my motivation to study these days.  I wish that I didn’t have to study any more, as much as I guess I should appreciate uni life, I’m envious of my friends that can just relax on weekends and after work without any homework or pending tests/exams on their mind.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been watching while trying to recover:

  1. School 2015: Who are you?
  2. Orange Marmalade [read the webtoon :D]


  1. Ore Monogatari!! [this is quickly becoming my favourite]
  2. Assassination Classroom [super good anime!]
  3. Shokugeki no Soma [HAHAH don’t judge me, I like the cooking and story]
  4. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works [wasn’t super impressed with the pace of the story but the graphics are perfection]
  5. Is it wrong for me to pick up girls in a dungeon? [story is pretty meh]

I’m completely terrible with no self control…. so I have also been following Masterchef LOL.  I don’t think I’ll pass uni at this rate.  Reynold is the best, and I also like Ashleigh & Jessica [I liked John in the first team challenge but the recent ep :(].

Since I was feeling better today, I chopped some of my hair.  I’ve let it grow so much that it looks like completely overgrown for my height, because I don’t like going to the hairdresser.  I can’t really do much with my hair either, like dye it or anything, because it looks kind of unprofessional if I do.  Well, anyway it’s still long… mostly to avoid drawing attention to any mistakes I made when I cut it.  I think it’s cleaner now though, at the very least.

Let me know if you’re still a reader of my blog <3  I hope that I can become more consistent.

  • Jenn

    YAAAY! You updated!! I legit check your blog every week to see if you’ve updated yet haha! :)))
    Hope your body is all rejuvenated and healthy and in tip top shape Best of luck on exams and whatnot

    • Meg

      Jenn! hehe thank you for always supporting my stuffss
      i'm feeling a lot better now!! good luck to you too, belated congrats on getting in masters!! surprised i havent seen you at uni

      • Jenn

        Glad you’re feeling a lot better!!
        Haha, yeah that’s cuz all of my classes are in the evening… plus I only have 6 contact hours; 3 hours per unit cuz masters only has 2 units per semester… LOL

  • Sharon

    MEGGGGGGGG keep updating it keeps life interesting and I need the low down of what makeup to buy next hahaha
    hope you’re doing well girly see you soon?!

    • Meg

      Miss you Sharon!! Hahaha I havent even bought anything new recently! Glad we are catching up after exams though LOL

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