Why Shinhwa is Amazing

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Inspired by a post I saw on Tumblr, I have to list further achievements of the group that just reassert why they are the BEST and most legendary idols in the k-pop business.

1. The own their own entertainment company, Shinhwa Company. Eric is CEO Co-CEO, and Minwoo is Co-CEO or whatever LOL. NOT ONLY that, but even some of the group members have their OWN entertainment companies, or at least play a major leadership role in them, such as maknae Andy.
2. They have been/are training and mentoring new groups of idols, such as Andy’s Teen Top and Eric’s Stellar.
3. They are the longest, still-running idol group with 14 years under the belt.
4. Some members have found success in other fields such as acting, like Eric and Dongwan; and some success as individual artists as well.
5. They have their OWN variety show, Shinhwa Broadcast. Which is hilarious and successful and awesome.
6. They can actually SING and DANCE. In their interview/performance on MUST, they had a live band and none of that digital crap… and still managed to perform what appears to be a very digitalised song of theirs, Venus, LIVE & HONESTLY. No lip syncing crap, no autotune.
7. The keep their promises. They said 4 years ago they would come back together, and they HAVE.
8. They have a very honest approach to interviews and things; of course I can’t say for sure that I know it is true but they don’t seem to hide much in their interviews and I believe them because they have never given me any reason to doubt them.  Even though Junjin, in particular, likes to make stuff up to be funny.  Hey, at least he admitted it!
9. Even if they are in pain, they still perform. They really try their hardest at everything they do.
10. They aren’t afraid of humiliating themselves; they seem to really have fun with the other members like brothers.
11. Some members, like Minwoo, even have their own separate companies. Minwoo owns a hat company, LOL.
12. Their songs have such a variety of genres from pop to ballad to rap. They aren’t afraid of trying new things.

LOL. Idc, im spamming you all with Shinhwa fangirlness.

  • Phi

    Nice!!! Just want to add a couple things to the list

    1. Eric & Minwoo are both CEOs for Shinhwa Company. Eric is co-CEO ShinhCom with Minwoo & Minwoo is co-CEO ShinhCom with Eric…. hehehe have I made that confusing? but I LOVE this partnership

    I don’t think Andy owns TopMedia cus the CEO is Lee Jaehong. This is his twitter account https://twitter.com/#!/teentop though I don’t rule out Andy might have some investment to Top Media over the years? Andy has/had ND Entertainment which his very first duo Jumper debuted under a few years ago

    6. Venus is an electro song and autotune is part of the technique. Autotune is not all bad, depends how it’s used These are some nice examples of how it’s nicely done http://top40.about.com/od/top10lists/tp/top10autotune.htm

    Shinhwa live singing & dancing on Must was awesome. I love all the performances there but for Venus, I love the original version with all its electro/autone awesomeness… hehehe it’s the sound effect that I love cus these guys obviously can sing & rap WELL

    I fully trust what Shinhwa has to say, though lot of things when they tease each other with can not be taken seriously hahahaha.

    Might not be all accurate but that what I know kekeke
    Thansk for passing the Shinhwa love

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      Haha thanks for the corrections! I’ve fixed up the list a little. ^__^ LOL, either way I still love them
      And I’m not saying autotune is bad, I just find it really amazing that they can still perform Venus even without it! Shows real talent imo I love both the digital and live versions, hehe But the live version just made me go WOW.

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