Worst Food Poisoning

Posted on 25-11-2014

Hi guys, long time no post.
It’s been about a week since I finished exams, and straight after that I had work.

I was mostly enjoying my holiday being antisocial, catching up with my variety shows and playing Sims 4 (will do a follow up post on this soon!), like fully chilling before getting into productive stuff like making videos, working on various websites and trying to get the Google Adwords Certificate.

But then I got the worst food poisoning. As you all probably know, I get sick easily and I also have a pretty weak stomach overall. But seriously guys, I haven’t had as bad a stomach ache as this before from food poisoning. I started feeling a little sick on Sunday, but I didn’t feel THAT bad, so I went to the KIMBAP dinner anyway.

Pretty bad idea. When I got in the car I started feeling worse, and by the time we arrived I felt like absolute crap. My stomach was aching and I was just… I just isolated myself to the corner of the booth and held my stomach. That night I was still able to eat (if only a little), thank gosh. Shaun asked for water for me and Bryan took care of me and drove me home. But when I got home I just crashed in my bed.

My stomach killed me for like 2 more days, wasn’t able to eat for one of the days for fear of throwing up and upsetting my stomach even more… didn’t even feel like eating, anyway. Just rolled around clutching my stomach. I couldn’t even get up to play my Sims or even work up much energy to use my laptop cause of the pain that kept like… okay there was a constant like dull pain and then theres like some bursts of pain that just remove you from present life. And it wasn’t my appendix btw cause apparently the symptoms are not the same.

Anyway yeah, so that was my life for the past few days. I would go into more detail but pretty sure you guys don’t wanna hear any more. It was just bad. Had to reschedule work for tomorrow… Wasn’t sure if I’d be better by tomorrow but I think it should be okay.

I may have gotten the food poisoning from either the Saturday’s burger in the city, the Raramen for dinner or the Viet Roll that I ate on the Sunday I think? But yknow that’s just me cause none of my friends got sick from the Raramen. My brother didn’t get sick from the half of the Viet Roll he ate. It could be the burger tbh.. Maybe only my burger was bad because Bryan didn’t get sick from his… It would be sad if it was that though, cause that burger was the tastiest out of the three.

Idk the worst part is that I don’t even like Raramen or Viet Rolls, lol. Like I actually have never liked either… I mean Viet Rolls can be okay but generally I don’t like them that much. So it’s likely that I didn’t even really enjoy whatever food made me bedridden for 2-3 days.

Even if it wasn’t the Raramen… soz but I am actually never eating there again LOL I gave it another chance on Saturday but I am completely certain now that I both hate it and can’t trust it.

So yeah. My wonderful start to the holidays.

  • http://www.theworldisnotscary.wordpress.com/ Vivien

    Hope you feel better soon Megan! Food poisoning sounds awful.

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      Thanks Vivi! Feeling a lot better now

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