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Hi guys! Feels like it has been some time since I updated normally so here I am.

So far I’m pretty pleased with how life has been treating me, actually. I guess that’s why there isn’t a lot to write about. By stuffing all my lectures on one day (Tuesday) I can actually keep up with them all, for once. Usually when I spread them out I’m just lazy and I cannot be bothered going to uni on some days. But with this timetable, I kind of force myself to go because if I miss that one day I’m actually screwed LOL.

It’s not that bad because I try to ensure I’ve done all my homework the day before Tuesday. Like, I act as if they are all due Tuesday. Then, on Tuesday, if I realise I did something wrong I can fix it quickly before Weds. And if nothing’s wrong well… Relax for the rest of the day when I get home

Anyway, feels like I forever have some commitments to attend to or things to do. I’m always busy.. By busy I mean I have something to do rather than idly surfing the net and accidentally losing 5 hours of my day. I’ve been playing a game called “Don’t Starve”, which is super addictive but at the same time I kind of cbf any more.

My uni days have begun to follow a similar routine: (eg. Wed) Go to uni, go home from uni, do some light homework, spend the rest of the night talking to Bryan and Calene and watching youtube/playing games. If it’s a Friday, I try to do some heavier homework because I don’t have as many things to do at uni.

On my days off with later plans (eg. Weekend), I have been trying to wake up at the reasonable time of 9:00-9:30, catch up to my lectures until i am up to date, eat lunch, film my youtube video for the week, put it on the computer, go out to have fun with friends.

If I have a day completely to myself, sometimes I will sleep in until lunch, then spend the whole day doing next weeks homework/editing my youtube vids and taking my usual rest time after dinner to chat with my friends.

I like to plan out my days, so i can spread out the homework and reading. If I don’t plan, I stress out a lot. It would be nice to be on top of things for once. I highly recommend lists, LOL. How else to motivate yourself? It drives me knowing that I’m getting things over and done with, so I can go and play with my friends or go on a date with Bryan or whatever.

I’m tired, though. But honestly it’s not much different to how I felt when I was working… Except I feel like I’m sort of achieving stuff instead of feeling like I’m at a dead end.

Oh yeahh, I brought my lunch to uni for the past two days. I took my little cutlery box that I got from an asian store similar to Daiso, which is nice and tidy. Bring lunch is really the best. I actually get a full meal that has ingredients I trust, and it saves me some well-needed cash so I don’t have to buy it. Uni has microwaves too, which is convenient Usually I’d settle for some pizza or a hot steam bun which don’t have a lot of nutritional value, and I’ve realised I feel a lot better when I’ve eaten a full meal.

Meeting with Jenn tomorrow, then Shruthi and the girls a bit later. Yay exciting.

I should do more Korea posts, I was contemplating just stopping since both Calene and Nelson have blogged about it, but I think I will just continue til the end for the pure fact that I want to remember it how I remember it, too. Slowly getting there LOL.

I also got my faux leather jacket in the mail!! RRP: $130, but I won it new with tags on eBay for a mere $10. I’m very proud of my purchase, LOL. It’s great quality and I got free express shipping! Literally arrived a day after it was shipped. Online shopping is da best.

  • Kitty

    Pwoaaaah, I’m super duper impressed with your $10 bargain for the jacket 0.0, teach me how to online shop pl0x!

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      I would if it wasn’t a total fluke :C Just stalk the internet LOL

  • Reuben K

    How did you.. Win it LOL.

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      EBay Auction luck! hahaha

  • Jenn

    Omgsh, YAAAY!! Someone understands how AMAZING lists are!! LOL! I can’t live without my diary because that’s where all my lists are for specific days so I can organise what to do throughout the week haha
    I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you And I’m super proud that you’ve started to bring lunch to uni!!! HORRAY!
    and OMGSH! TEN DOLLARS?! GUURRRLLL!!! (Y) *speechless*

    • http://daydreamt.org/ Meg

      Yes!! Lists are the best LOL Thanks so much Jenn! Loveyuuu

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