Day 4: Traveling to Osaka

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Note:  Hi guys!  Today’s post will be relatively uneventful because we spent most of the day traveling to Osaka on the Shinkansen (bullet train).  Hope you still enjoy this mostly text-based post!

Today we had to travel to Osaka!  We would be meeting up with Bryan’s family here.  We took the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and got to our awesome apartment.  It’s SO COOL LOL.

The floors are heated, the toilet has a sink on top and the seat is heated, and the entire bathroom is the shower/clothes dryer and there’s a TV inside wtf.  I’ve never been in such an awesome apartment before:

We met our host/host’s employee, Hide, who wants to move to Spain soon.  He was really nice with great English skills and told us about how to do stuff in the house.  He looks really young but was actually 35!

Outside our apartment is a little takoyaki joint and it was SO GOOD.  No wonder people love takoyaki.  I was wary of it, because octopus balls sound meh and I’m not even a fan of octopus, but it isn’t actually very fishy tasting at all – it was just as good, if not better than the one I had in Tokyo

Here are some pictures of the sights around Shinsaibashi and our apartment.  It’s Christmas day, so the lights are gorgeous!





We then went to Daimaru, which is a Japanese department store chain (like Myer or DJ’s), to try some food.  Since I wasn’t feeling great, I didn’t want to risk eating the delicious sushi train Bryan and his family were having.

I ended up eating at some pasta joint WHICH TURNED OUT AWESOME AND DELICIOUS.  I had a snow crab spaghetti and a yummy yuzu mousse which was super yum.  I know, I feel bad because I ate something that isn’t really Japanese but I regret nothing.  Soz my pics are crap, I only took phone ones.

After that, we ended up in Shinsaibashi shopping area.  Oh my gosh the shops there are crazy!  There are so many, a whole street of just shops and I really enjoyed it.



I got some Sanrio Tsum Tsums (stackable plush toys) of Hello Kitty and Gudetama.  They’re so cute idc that they were $5 each.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

We followed Isaac, Bryan’s brother, who was on a quest to get Nike Ultraboost in black or white, but to no avail.  Tomorrow I want to go back to look at the makeup/beauty stores and GU (the cheapo Uniqlo).


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Japan Travel Series 2015: I’m In Japan!

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Note: Hi guys, I am finally back from Japan!  So the next few posts will be about my trip – some of them I blogged straight from Japan so they are very detailed and in first person, but others I had to write post-trip because I was so exhausted each day!  I hope you guys enjoy the series.  Apologies for the phone pics in this post!  I promise I took some better quality pics later on

I’m in Japan!  Well, not quite yet as I begin writing this — I’m currently on the 9 hour flight to Japan after completing the 1 hour connecting flight to Sydney.

#01 of Plane Boredom: I figure that since I have some time to kill, I might as well blog offline a little so I don’t actually forget to!  Sorry for the crap pics, I haven’t had a chance to bring out my camera yet.

First the planning stage — I very thoroughly planned this trip since I have been on holidays for a bit after my Summer unit finished!  What initially began as a loose itinerary became a 48-page document LOL.  Mainly because it is full of maps and train info, just in case we can’t get wifi over there (spoiler: we didn’t get wifi there HAHA).  I will let you guys know if we actually stuck to it though haha.  If so I may upload it here as a resource or something.

The trip to Sydney wasn’t bad.  We came to Melbourne airport like 3 hours early (our flight was at 6am) and didn’t know where to go to check in, so we waited for like 2 hours for the service desk to open at the International Terminal (because we thought they handle international luggage), only to realise that we were supposed to check in at the Domestic (which we thought wasn’t open ’til 5am). Actually, the Domestic Qantas area has a specific “Connecting Flights” terminal that you have check-in at.  But it’s okay, we got a mini-sub from Subway while we waited and got to speak to this nice English couple heading to NZ while we waited.

Things flowed smoothly from there, I took my favourite Travel Sickness tablets (Kwells) and we got brekky on the plane — a ham and cheese croissant which looked a little squished but was actually very yummy because it was heated up and melted inside.

When we landed in Sydney, Bryan and I were both worried about the fact that we would have to take a bus from the Sydney Domestic Airport to the International airport within 2 hours… But it was very easy as they told us the gate to go to (Gate 15) and we just had to present our International boarding passes to go through for free.  However, not everyone got a seat and some people had to stand.  It’s not that long a trip by bus but this might be annoying for people with large suitcases to carry.

Bry and I in Sydney!Bry and I in Sydney (with my no-makeup face)

Now I am on the flight to Japan via Japan Airlines.  LOL it’s crazy though, we’re not even in Japan yet and I feel a bit xcited that the airline staff are like doing the whole Japanese greeting thing.  I also realised how scary it is that neither of us know any Japanese, I did look up a few basic language things but they all speak so quickly that I can only get bits and pieces of understanding here and there, if that.

Anyway, the food on this airline is pretty nice!  I chose the creamy chicken dish, which I preferred over Bryan’s beef curry but he liked the curry more :P  They are so generous with their meals!  I didn’t like the fish or the little white chocolate cake very much though.

Plane Food - Creamy Chicken

#02 of Plane Boredom: We flew over the Great Barrier Reef!  It looks so pretty and sunny down there, but right now we are flying in some ridiculously  bright place so I have closed my window.
Chicken Teriyaki or something for dinner:

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

#03 of Plane Boredom: Man, like 2 hours of flight time left and my butt is aching from sitting for so long.  A quick tip is to fold the blanket they provide and place it on the seat for a bit of cushioning.  I slept for most of the trip — every time I tried to watch the Attack on Titan live action, I fell asleep.  It doesn’t follow the proper story at all, hurr.  I don’t think I have the patience to watch stuff in-flight, I’d rather just try to sleep I guess.

The plane is pretty noisy compared to the SG Airlines one we took to Korea — but that may be because my seat is closer to like the noisy plane components or something.  It is also very hot in here and I didn’t prepare for that at all because I thought most planes were cold.  I would suggest wearing a t-shirt underneath your warm clothes to prepare.

Plane view

Anyway, that’s all I will say in this post for now.  I’ll probs blog about actually landing in Japan in another post with actual pictures.

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New Layout!

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Hello guys, as you may have noticed, I have given the site a big revamp! This is scheduled for Sunday morning because I was up at 3am fixing it, which is way too late for an update.

Basically cleaned up the code and made everything a little more modern… I really liked the old layout but I think this is easier to read with the nicer and bigger font Clearly, it has a lot of the elements of the old layout… like the scalloped edges ’cause I love scalloped edges and I need my twitter & Youtube Channel Header to all match up somehow.

This layout took me ages because it’s like 90% code, rather than images, because I wanted to practice my coding again. Big thank you to my brother for helping me out with the code when it didn’t want to do what I wanted it to.

I’ve also added a new page with my videos on it, a much needed update. You can click on it and watch the videos straight from the site if you want, remember to ‘thumbs up’ if you liked the video though!

So that was my Saturday LOL. I actually have so many things I want to do this holidays, so I’m glad to tick this off the list of stuff to do. Tomorrow I’m hoping to film a video and maybe make a move on in regards to my Google Adwords Certificate

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Hectic Week + Flu + Birthday Party

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Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I blogged or put up a new video. As usual I have been caught up with a billion other things – trying to stay afloat in Law, being Marketing Director of KIMBAP, applying for and going to programs, (soon enough) applying for Vacation work, working at my current job and planning for my 21st Birthday Party which was last Saturday.

I’ll be doing a post about it very soon (I hope) because it was quite a lot to plan but I had a heap of fun doing it! I’m a lover of cute things so I decided to have a Kawaii Party, where the theme was generally pastel colors but the dessert was to be Kawaii themed (think Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, etc.). Gotta admit I only planned the visuals of the party – like it was very clear in my head how everything should look, but not so much what people should do or play. I was super busy during the party because my Mum did so much cooking, it would just be so bad of me to sit back and relax while she did everything so yeah. I was rushing around like crazy. I felt a bit bad I didn’t invite everyone… like I still feel bad now LOL. Honestly I had to cut out a few people from various friendship groups because my mum told me not to have more than about 30ish guests :S

I’m sick. LOL. After my party, I probably caught the worst flu ever from Bryan. I know I get sick a lot but wow, even Bryan had to stay home from work to recover from this one and I’ve been potatoing around in my bed for like 3 days already. Just when I thought it was getting better, it got kinda worse this morning so just my luck. It’s okay though. I need time to catch up with stuff anyway.

So anyway I was spoilt on my birthday, I received some lovely necklaces/earrings from Bryans mum, and my friend Sharon, Photo Book from Calene and Nelsonville LOL. My friend Ling was kind enough to make a delicious vanilla, coconut and passionfruit cake that was super delicious and professional, as well as some yummy macarons.

Also, Bryan and my friends pitched in to get me a few cool things. First one is a Blue Yeti Mic + pop filter! YAY no more crap quality sound in my videos, I’m sososo happy ^__^ I tried getting it to work on Sunday but it didn’t seem to be working, then of course my brother did some stuff to it and it works!! And it has zero noise and it’s just a pleasure to listen to and it’s just really great.. droolsss

I also received a Clarisonic Mia 2 in Pink, which is awesome. I’ve been using it for the past few days and I felt a difference after the first use already. I’ll be doing a video about it after I’ve used it for a few weeks.

Finally, the biggest surprise was the Marc by Marc Jacobs, rose-colored watch. I love it! I’m glad Bryan really knows my tastes and it’s super generous of everyone to band together to get me such cool gifts, I’m incredibly thankful to my amazing friends.

Might add some pics of the gifts here later idk
Gotta get back to boring lectures now tho x
HOPEFULLY NEW VIDEO SOON. As soon as I recover from this flu.

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Post-Corp Dinner

Posted on 18-08-2014

So after stressing out like crazy for the past week or two, I am now back to my normal routine, yay!  Corporate Dinner was a success, so it was all worth it.  I also had my presentation on Friday (the morning after), which I think went pretty okay.  I’m so happy and relieved that most things are done and I can finally focus on those assignments I’ve been neglecting to look at LOL.

I’ve been trying to catch up with all the uni I have missed, which is going okay.  Slowly getting there, but some of the lectures are so dry.  I’ve also had some time to myself to relax a bit… de-stress.  Still have quite a bit to do in terms of applying for first year programs and stuff which I’ll hopefully get to tomorrow.

Once everything is back on track I shall get back into video making.  I reallyyy want to learn Adobe After Effects to make some cool animation-y type stuff but it’ll be a while yet until I can do that.

Sorry for this boring update! x

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