16°C: Dressing for rainy days

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I finally got an outfit picture. I’ve been pretty reluctant about taking out the camera recently because it’s been RAINING! Plus, it feels SO awks taking photos randomly in uni, LOL. But Bryan took a quick shot for me, only one wasn’t blurry:

What I’m Wearing:
– Caramel coat from some asian brand, gift from my Aunty
– Black knit dress, Valleygirl, $10
– Thermalish top (not visible), Abercrombie & Fitch, gift
– Leopard print textured belt, Katies, $5
– Tights with Zipper, Sportsgirl, gift from Bryan’s mum
–  Patent faux leather lace-up boots, Famous Footwear, $10
– Patterned scarf, origins unknown LOL.  I think my aunty got it from overseas?
–  And of course, my backpack from previous posts.

This outfit began looking very plain.  I wanted to wear the coat, so I built it around that.  I put on the knit dress and then I tried on a couple of scarves.  I ended up with this one because it has a pretty, intricate pattern which is reminiscent of persian rugs, haha.  It contrasts with the plain black dress and solid coloured coat making the outfit more interesting.  The patterned belt also dresses it up a bit more, and gives shape to the dress.

Since I only got one picture, I camwhored a little on my macbook so you can take a closer look at the patterned scarf:

I like how it has earthy colours, and also those teal accents which pop a little with the browns and reds.

So basically, the weather report told me it would be freaking cold today, LOL.  I wanted to wear my various coats since I used to have so few chances to wear them, what with school uniform instead.  Plus, I used to be a lot more conservative with my outfits, I love experimenting now though

Two things that I had to factor into the outfit was warmth, and waterproof shoes.  Imo, boots are the way to go in the rain because they are able to keep your feet dry, and they allow you to wear socks for warmth!

Underneath the knit dress I have an extremely warm (almost thermal?) top from Abercrombie & Fitch on.  And of course, for the rain & for warmth, a hooded coat just made sense.

I didn’t feel cold, nor too warm at any point in the day, so…

16 degrees celcius:  Coat + Patterned Scarf = success.

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March of the Bees

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I can’t remember if that was the name of the song, but I have it stuck in my head.

^ Wrote that during ILR today. Now I am at home again.
SO, I’ll be posting a few things today. This post will be about my backpack which arrived!

I was surprised when my mum told me a package arrived for me today, because I didn’t buy it THAT long ago. Also the package looked quite small- only an A3 sized envelope. I was afraid it would be smaller than my current backpack because of this.

TO my surprise (various surprises), it unfolded out to be pretty big so now I can actually fit stuff in my bag, yay. Also the straps are a lot wider so my shoulders won’t hurt anymore.



Luckily enough it is similar…kind of. Well. It’s not ugly. That’s all I care about. Heres the thing though- it was only 20 bucks. And if I wanna return it I have to pay for shipping back to Hong Kong LOL CBS. Plus the waiting time, and the fact that I might not even get a product back… well, it’s just not worth the time.

Here is how it looks:

Obviously I added my keyrings and such on it. Anyway it looks like the blue one from the previous post, except faux leather. LOL the feel of the leather is not bad. ACTUALLLYYY the feel is probably better than the one in the original picture: looks less plastic-y. I’m surprised at the quality, even the zipper is nice. The inside feels a little cheap but…well it was cheap, haha.

HOWEVER I am upset that it doesn’t have all the pockets in the picture. D: But it sort of makes up for it by providing a bigger pocket as opposed to multiple small ones so I do end up fitting in everything. I’d still prefer more pockets though D< OH and it has a zipper! I was just talking to Calene and realised that the one I actually purchased has the same annoying magnetic button closure as my old broken bag (the button fell off -.-') A SIGN FROM ABOVE??!!! I think so! LMAO. Tomorrow I have another post lined up about my The Face Shop nail polishes, so stay tuned

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27 Degrees?

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AHHHHhhmg what is WRONG with my site at the moment?! For the past hour and a half I have been trying to upload pictures, to no prevail. ;-;


So. I didn’t mention in the last post that I had some kind of allergy, causing my right eyelid to sort of swell up.
This has caused me great frustration because people either think I’m like, red from drunkenness or looking at them weirdly.
Luckily for me, my fringe sweeps to the right so I can cover it up a bit hehe

ANYWAY. Needless to say there have been few photo’s taken this week. LOL today my outfit was pretty weird anyway. I’ve been trying to pull off knit-on-knit. Don’t ask me why. I don’t even know. One morning I just woke up and realised I had bought so many knit items that to NOT wear knit-on-knit would leave me with few options.

BUT I decided to finally upload the photos taken at Jasmine’s house, so I don’t feel quite so bad about dropping my photo blog promise quite yet.

However, I forgot the weather for the day (how unprofessional of me) so. Yeah By borrowing a few of Jasmine’s clothes, I came up with a Summery-style outfit, below. The aim of our get-together was to stud some denim, which she’ll probably feature on her blog. Anyway, various picture time

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26°C: I should be studying for tomorrow’s economics test.

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Instead I’m here doing another blog. LOL. I probably won’t blog like this every day, but I’m aiming for 2-3 times a week if the weather’s good.

So without further ado, onto the outfit!

Top:  Sweater with attached collar + sleeves with DIY studs, Expression, $? / Shorts: Blue denim shorts, Emerson, $5 (LOL ikr) / Belt:  Brown leather, Thrift, $2.50 / Bag:  Faux leather, $35

You can actually see my watch here ^ details were in previous post.

Shoes:  Cream/beige leather oxfords with lace crochetin, Wittner, $44.

These shoes are my go-to Uni shoes, they’re not the softest shoes in the world originally, but that is easily fixed by purchasing a pair of shoe inserts/soles to put inside.  They’re perfect for walking around all day in and they do a good job of making a masculine outfit girlier (LOL I always feel like a guy wearing collared sweaters, idk why.  I have to wear girl shoes with them)

The studded collar is getting to be a pretty common trend nowadays but I still like it ’cause it makes the outfit a little more casual for uni.

In terms of the weather, the outfit was a little warm when sitting in the sun, but then so is any outfit if you sit in the sun LOL.  The good thing about this outfit was that it gives you the collared look without the heavy layers in warm weather.

26 degrees celcius: Sweater with fake shirt + Shorts = success.

So anyway today I skipped all my lectures except my morning class. LMAO.  Hey, I’m not a bad kid okay.  It was all to study for my stupid microeconomics test tomorrow.  FML.  But I got to hang out with Calene so much today so it was fun!

The one short break I did get from eco was spent on the lawn with the usual glenny crowd + special guest from Melb uni (LOL), Jess Oh and Doojin made an appearance too.  I cbs talking any more so I’ll just leave you with some pictures from today on the lawn.

Hehe I love this picture of us Calene^ !
LOL now onto Economics. FUUuu.

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26°C: Little details & trying new things

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So I finally took my camera to Uni today, and also decided to post all my photo’s and fashion posts on Daydreamt!  Apologies to any readers who AREN’T interested in fashion but hey, I rant about it all the time anyway so it’s nothing that new.  My camera is kind of shitty, not a lot I can do about that right now though.  Let’s just pretend that I meant all the photographs to be a little grainy. :P  Thanks to the guys and Anjie for taking some of these pictures for me! (and in the future LOLolol)

Firstly, I guess I’ll explain how I’m gonna do this.  All the fashion posts will be in the category fashion.  Photo/fashion posts will have the day’s weather in the title.  Why?  Because I like to dress according to the weather, and I like to experiment to see whether the outfit suits the weather- whether it was too thin, or warm, etc.  Here’s the thing about me:

I like practicality.

So maybe by posting about this, other people can get some ideas of how to dress to the weather without looking like you just stepped out of bed.

But first a quick recap.

Anjies Outfit:  Red Jeans from Temt.

I handed in my court report today. Then, after my first lecture and PASS session I hung out with Anjie, Brandon, Pua and Bryan on the balcony.  I love Anjie’s red jeans LOL.  I’ve been wanting a burgandy pair for ages.  Then I suddenly remembered I brought my camera and they helped me out with pictures.

ANYWAY.  Today’s outfit wasn’t amazing, tbh.  What I really wanted to focus on were the little details in what I wore today.

Bee Ring:  $5, on-campus stall / Mood Ring:  From young / Studs: Punk English77 Studs from Studsandspikes. / Silver Watch: $20, shopping centre stall /Beaded Bracelet with Silver Leaf Charm: (unpictured) $1, Cotton On / Hello Kitty Badges: (unpictured) Hello Kitty Melbourne showbag /  Nails:  Rimmel 239 Your Majesty (Silver), Revlon 680 Red, Estee Lauder clear top coat.

This is my favourite picture of the day, LOL.  Bryan took it after a few careful shots and another few spam shots.  I like quirky kinds of accessories, especially really unique ones.  I mainly purchased the bee ring because -coughcheesy– Bryan and my pet name for each other is Bee.  It’s a long story.  The mood ring is just plain cool, haha, I like how it changes colour and has these really unique egyptian looking patterns on the band.  I wanted to try out the studs Jas and I purchased so I put them on the jacket, nbd.

The nails.  I know they’re pretty loud- I actually really like them LOL.  I wanted to use the silver nail polish I bought (which was originally meant for those galaxy/space nails from Andreaschoice) and came up with this.   They’re weird, but so am I so whatever

Denim Jacket:  Cotton On / Print Shift Dress: Thrift / Belt:  Thrift / Shoes:  $70, Converse.
Again, really casual outfit.  26 degrees is pretty warm so this shift dress was pretty appropriate- very thin, breathable material.  Although I say it’s thrifted, it’s actually one of my aunty’s which she can no longer wear; it’s practically new and a lot of the clothes I get from relatives are.  Anyway, I love this dress so much because it’s SO comfortable and shift dresses are pretty classic pieces.

I haven’t worn my converses since Uni started.  Tbh I don’t really like the look of them anymore since they’re really common but at least they give me the freedom to run around LOLol. Also, sneakers tone down the dressiness of any outfit, which is particularly appropriate because it looks extremely ridiculous to be over-dressed at Uni.

And now I leave you with various silly pictures of me and my friends.


26 degrees celcius:  Lightweight dress + thin denim jacket = success.

P.S. Bryan was trying to show me how to pose. LOL.
P.P.S. Putting off doing my Microeconomics study ftw.

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