Day 2 in Japan: Tokyo, Imperial East Garden, Ginza & Akihabara

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Today we woke up early and headed to Tokyo Station.  We had Shinkasen’s to book and I stumbled upon a really interesting thing online.  You don’t often hear or see about Tokyo station, but it is awesome if you love food and kawaii Japan.  It’s my highlight so far!

I think we just randomly passed a makeup store in the station and I was SO pleased that they had some early Fukubukuro’s (Lucky Bags ie. my raison d’etre) — I got the K-palette bag. Although the bag contents was revealed in the advertising, which took away some of the fun, it also guaranteed value.

It was 1800 JPY for the bag with 3/4 makeup pieces inside – incl. one eyeliner which you guys know I LOVE.  The eyeliner is normally 1050 JPY which made the bag really good value bc it had a mascara, a mascara cleanser and a face pact.  I also picked up an awesome Sailor Moon eyeliner which I have wanted ever since I saw that it existed. ❤️❤️





Anyway the real gems of Tokyo Station are at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo station. Any Yaesu exit will do, as they all pretty much join up.  This part of the station, known as Tokyo’s 1st Avenue, is full of awesome things.

There is a “street” inside called “Kitchen Street” and another called Ramen Street, where (you guessed it), it is basically an indoor street full of ramen and other food!  We visited the street a little too early and everything was closed, so I would suggest coming a bit before 11am so that you can beat the crowds to the restaurant that catches your eye.  We managed to find one place open, an okonomiyaki place with to-die-for octopus balls (Takoyaki).





Takoyaki!  I didn’t think I was a fan of octopus, but these are so yummy and soft on the inside.  It doesn’t even have that much of a fishy taste :D  These were special as you are supposed to have them in the soup provided!



Above is a slice of the yummy okonomiyaki!  There are different types, some with noodles inside (Kansai/Osaka Okonomiyaki) and other ones like this.  I think this one was my favourite.

If you keep wandering around, towards the central Yaesu exit, there is another “street” in Tokyo Station called Character St!  Omg, it is my heaven LOL.  Rilakumma and Hello Kitty stores, and most importantly, a popup GUDETAMA store!  So Gudetama is an egg character that looks really funny hahah. It is Bryan and my new favourite character!

In the store, they were playing the Gudetama song:

I’m kinda regretting not getting the 3000JPY hoodie now, I got a t-shirt that matches Bryan for 1600JPY.  Here’s a pic of the shirt at the cafe we went to later in the day:


He got a squeezy toy, which is pretty gross ’cause you squeeze this egg and a gooey looking Gudetama character comes out LOL.  I think he gave it away though, so I don’t have a picture, but here’s someone else’s photo of it (which I stitched together):


When we got a little hungrier, we decided to try some “premium” cream puffs from Beard Papa!  The premium ones are a lot nicer than the normal ones actually, but I think they are only limited edition or something because I didn’t find these again in Shinjuku (the next day).  They’re really yummy and I definitely recommend trying them!



We got lost looking for Imperial East Garden!  It was a bit confusing which exit to take to get there… (hover the pics for details)

Bryan posing on the way to the Garden.


day2-10  We look scary with our face masks on! We were very cautious of getting sick on the crowded trains in the first few days, but ended up giving up later LOL

When we finally got to the Garden, we weren’t allowed in because it was the Emperor’s birthday, so they were having some official event instead! :(  At least we were able to take photos outside:






There was some festival thing going on, which we briefly checked out:



Huge line of cars for the East Garden event!


Even though we couldn’t get in, the walk ended up okay because we managed to find a cute little garden, Hibiya Park.



Then we walked to Ginza and dropped into Freshness Burger, which is a chain burger joint.  I was super surprised with the quality, it was really yummy.  Bryan and I both had Wagyu beef burgers





Although it was yummy, we should have explored Ginza more because the street had awesome food!  Such a waste, since neither of us was hungry




We later went to Akihabara to enjoy the anime goodness, but we got a bit lost because we didn’t take the JR line like Bryan did the last time he went to Japan.  It’s pretty crazy there!  One moment it looks like a normal station, the next it is anime paradise.  It is SO shocking because the change is so sudden.  Akiba was a bit overwhelming for me because the anime section was so busy and pushy and crowded.  As much as I love anime, I can’t say I enjoyed it that much but I think it would be very fun with a group of friends.



We found the Animate store, a huge anime store where Bryan bought another anime fukubukuro!  I may post a video about it later :D  We ate at the themed cafe at the top, too bad we didn’t know what the anime was.  I was so sad I missed the Umaru cafe :(  I also got a blood nose in this cafe, which was very awkward as I had to rush out to the toilets to get tissues.  So annoying!

We ended up getting a parfait thing, and Bryan got a coffee.  The parfait had little bits of mochi in it, which I love hehehe.



They did a little performance thing where we have to play paper, scissors, rock and Bryan almost won.  Anyway, that’s all for now!  I am exhausted editing all the photos LOL.  See you tomorrow

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Study Mode

Posted on 02-11-2013

I’m trying to get into study mode but it’s so hard when the weather is so good outside. Sorry for another wordy post instead of a picture-filled one.

I’m one of those people that has to lock themselves in their rooms to study ’cause I get NOTHING done. I feel so screwed for exams…

As you guys know I have a reward system for myself where I study and reward myself with RELAX TIME. So over the past few weeks my relax time has been spent watching Heirs and rewatching Ouran Highschool Host Club with Bryan. We finished the series, I love itttt, such a good lighthearted anime. The manga was pretty good too, but I think the anime encapsulated the important parts of the storyline well although I’d have liked to have seen more Hikaru/Tamaki/Kyouya x Haruhi storyline.

I like watching Heirs. I have only ever seen like 3 Korean dramas in my life so that’s probably why it’s not THAT cheesy/typical to me although obviously having watched anime and read a billion shoujo mangas, I can see dat cheesiness. I think I just like that I know the whole cast pretty much, even though I know close to nothing about Korean actors/actresses.

Oh yeah I was going to do Summer school after exams, but they aren’t letting me ’cause of prereqs which I am completing this semester so I probably won’t do it yet. I guess that’s okay since I need a break anyway.


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FMA omg

Posted on 06-09-2013

So it seems like my life was on hold for like… 2 days? ‘Cause I’m crazy. I watched like 50 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in 2 days. What life even?

I watched it and did my tute homework… had to miss going out to dinner to do my tute homework… Since I played too much watching anime instead of studying. I realised I do that. LOL. Like, “punish” myself for doing fun stuff and not doing work by not allowing myself to do other fun stuff. Or making myself do work. That’s the only way I get things done, I guess. Anyway, I don’t have money anyway. Need a job ;-;

The only way I can really get into an anime is by marathoning it. Actually, I remember when I watched Skip Beat I couldn’t even stop myself and I had like, SAC or something the same week LOOOL. Once i get started on something with a plot line, I have to finish it asap. I’m the same with books. That’s why I lost my place with Fairytail, I hated when I caught up with the anime and had to wait a week. Duno how people do it.

Omg FMA was amazing. No wonder it’s #1 on Myanimelist. I don’t even… Didn’t see so many of the twists coming, even though I watched the first anime already. The feeeeelssss. I like to marathon because you really plunge yourself into the world you’re watching. You feel like you’re part of the world and your feelings react to it.

Sometimes people ask me why I get so involved with things.. Like games and movies and anime. It’s because I like to put myself in it, I think that’s the fun of it. It’s not fun watching on the sidlines like oh, it’s cool that happened but it doesn’t affect me at all. It’s fun when you feel it and get attached to characters and you feel satisfied when the ones you like win. And it’s relaxing, a total de-stress. Just releasing your mind from your body and immersing yourself in a story. I think a lot of people think that way.

Okay, time to get back into real life. LOL. Kind of wish there was still more FMA, but I’d probably fail uni if there was LMAO

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Games & Stuff

Now that the layout has been changed and the comments are sexy and look like allkpop, I feel like blogging. Reading back on some of my posts, I sound way more interesting than I do now LOL.

I guess it’s because nothing interesting has really happened lately, which is the usual case. But I managed to think about some stuff I wanted to talk about in this post, but since they’re completely unrelated I’ve broken it into parts so you can read whatever you’re interested in.

Recent Games: The Walking Dead
I started playing The Walking Dead because Bryan told me it was good and the story is good etc. I’m actually really impressed with it so far, the gameplay is awesome ’cause it’s like a “pick your own adventure” book. Anyway, I can’t really say for sure that it’s an amazing game yet since I’m only up to episode 2. TBH I got my brother to play while I “help” because the zombies kind of freak me out, and so do the peoples eyes (by help I mean yell at him when he doesn’t press Q fast enough or tell him he’s clicking too slow and various other backseat-driving-esque things). It’s definitely one of the more interesting storylines out there.


Source: Wikipedia


Future Plans: Reviews & Videos?
I might do some game reviews from a non-hardcore gamer POV now that I think of it. Actually, I used to think I played games quite a lot but after meeting the guys, I realise I haven’t really played anything at all LOL. So it would be nice to give some stuff a try and review it. I also really want to do some reviews of beauty products I’ve used for a while now andddd, maybe even a video now that I have a decent camera!


Recent Media: Korean Stuff
I’ve also been watching various Korean things lately. I kind of miss being interested in mainstream Western shows like I used to be, because most people don’t know what you’re talking about/are not interested in K-shows and K-pop stuff. But whatever, I like what I like. I’m currently following We Got Married and The Romantic & Idol. Oh and of course, Shinhwa Broadcast (forever hehe).

WGM has been super interesting lately with the scandal involving my favourite couple in the current season, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Joon. I thought they were a very believable couple from the start, but when the scandal hit I wasn’t sure. Now, because I’m too confused as to what to believe, I’m just going to support them because I still like them best and enjoy deluding myself into thinking it’s real. LOL.


Source: Soompi Forum

R&I is what I started watching because WGM wouldn’t release fast enough. I was surprised ’cause I thought it would be pretty shit but it’s okay. I mean I know it’s really scripted but it’s still dramatic and fun to watch. I also like that I get to know names of group members by watching, even though they’re all rookies and stuff.

SB is amazing, as always. They have a new format now which I didn’t like, at first, but I’ve grown to love it like all the other episodes because it just keeps getting better the more they get used to it. I’m definitely going to do a post about the my favourite episodes very soon

As for music, I’ve been liking Up – Epik High, To You – Teen Top, Let It Go – Shinhwa & completely surprisingly to me, I Got a Boy – SNSD. I know. I know. WHAT? LOL at first I was like damnn this is one messy ass song. I still think that it’s all over the place. But it’s catchy, I especially like Tiffany’s parts in this song, she fits the concept really well. I hate Yoona in the video, though. At the start when she’s looking through the door’s peephole… her face is so not looking through it. She’s just making an annoying winking poserface. Yeah, I said it. LOL. I’m sorry SONE’s, no offense if you’re a fan but it annoys me to no end. No one pouts their lips like that looking through the peephole. And are any of the other girls doing that?? NO. That’s what makes it even more annoying.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 12.20.09 AM


Besides that annoying part, theres also the weirrrrd moan thing. Mychonny suggests that perhaps a new donkey member has joined SNSD, hahaha. But yeah. It’s still catchy, whatevs. Ugh, I need to cleanse my blog of the annoyface now though LOL. So to do that, here’s a clip of Shinhwa’s Let it Go, which I didn’t really like that much at first but now I love:

Is it weird that I can identify all of their voices and sing along even though I know like, zero Korean? Probably, but my love for Shinhwa is just too overpowering LOLol.


Saw Kokoro Connect and My Little Monster. Kokoro was pretty good, but not amazing. I love MLM, it’s really cute hehe. Not going into depth but look it up if you like shoujos. LOL.

Now my arms are tired from typing so it’s time to end this post hahaha.

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I like to waste time.

Posted on 28-04-2012

So yesterday eyelash glue I purchased online some time ago arrived in the mail. Practically every guru on the internet recommended “Duo” lash glue, so I figured that if I’m going to buy lash glue, it might as well be a good one.  Sorry, crap picture again because I took the photo at night.

Today I went out on a date with Bryan We went to Cafe Moretti and had a slice of “Cookies and Cream” cake to share, which was so yummy and fluffy I could die. And then we had a really tasty Soft-Shell crab dish.
Didn’t take photo’s because I forgot.

Anyway we ended up at a store called “Eco Skin”, which basically has products from The Face Shop. They had a 2 nailpolishes for $10 sale, so I bought BK901 and SL211 from their “Nail Pleasure” series. LOL. I’ll do a post on that later, as well as one on the lash glue when my order of falsies arrives.

So far I like them Time to experiment with nailllls.

I want a good mascara. I have been putting off looking and purchasing one for a while now.

Also. I’m rewatching Inu x Boku.

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