Day 2 in Japan: Tokyo, Imperial East Garden, Ginza & Akihabara

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Today we woke up early and headed to Tokyo Station.  We had Shinkasen’s to book and I stumbled upon a really interesting thing online.  You don’t often hear or see about Tokyo station, but it is awesome if you love food and kawaii Japan.  It’s my highlight so far!

I think we just randomly passed a makeup store in the station and I was SO pleased that they had some early Fukubukuro’s (Lucky Bags ie. my raison d’etre) — I got the K-palette bag. Although the bag contents was revealed in the advertising, which took away some of the fun, it also guaranteed value.

It was 1800 JPY for the bag with 3/4 makeup pieces inside – incl. one eyeliner which you guys know I LOVE.  The eyeliner is normally 1050 JPY which made the bag really good value bc it had a mascara, a mascara cleanser and a face pact.  I also picked up an awesome Sailor Moon eyeliner which I have wanted ever since I saw that it existed. ❤️❤️





Anyway the real gems of Tokyo Station are at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo station. Any Yaesu exit will do, as they all pretty much join up.  This part of the station, known as Tokyo’s 1st Avenue, is full of awesome things.

There is a “street” inside called “Kitchen Street” and another called Ramen Street, where (you guessed it), it is basically an indoor street full of ramen and other food!  We visited the street a little too early and everything was closed, so I would suggest coming a bit before 11am so that you can beat the crowds to the restaurant that catches your eye.  We managed to find one place open, an okonomiyaki place with to-die-for octopus balls (Takoyaki).





Takoyaki!  I didn’t think I was a fan of octopus, but these are so yummy and soft on the inside.  It doesn’t even have that much of a fishy taste :D  These were special as you are supposed to have them in the soup provided!



Above is a slice of the yummy okonomiyaki!  There are different types, some with noodles inside (Kansai/Osaka Okonomiyaki) and other ones like this.  I think this one was my favourite.

If you keep wandering around, towards the central Yaesu exit, there is another “street” in Tokyo Station called Character St!  Omg, it is my heaven LOL.  Rilakumma and Hello Kitty stores, and most importantly, a popup GUDETAMA store!  So Gudetama is an egg character that looks really funny hahah. It is Bryan and my new favourite character!

In the store, they were playing the Gudetama song:

I’m kinda regretting not getting the 3000JPY hoodie now, I got a t-shirt that matches Bryan for 1600JPY.  Here’s a pic of the shirt at the cafe we went to later in the day:


He got a squeezy toy, which is pretty gross ’cause you squeeze this egg and a gooey looking Gudetama character comes out LOL.  I think he gave it away though, so I don’t have a picture, but here’s someone else’s photo of it (which I stitched together):


When we got a little hungrier, we decided to try some “premium” cream puffs from Beard Papa!  The premium ones are a lot nicer than the normal ones actually, but I think they are only limited edition or something because I didn’t find these again in Shinjuku (the next day).  They’re really yummy and I definitely recommend trying them!



We got lost looking for Imperial East Garden!  It was a bit confusing which exit to take to get there… (hover the pics for details)

Bryan posing on the way to the Garden.


day2-10  We look scary with our face masks on! We were very cautious of getting sick on the crowded trains in the first few days, but ended up giving up later LOL

When we finally got to the Garden, we weren’t allowed in because it was the Emperor’s birthday, so they were having some official event instead! :(  At least we were able to take photos outside:






There was some festival thing going on, which we briefly checked out:



Huge line of cars for the East Garden event!


Even though we couldn’t get in, the walk ended up okay because we managed to find a cute little garden, Hibiya Park.



Then we walked to Ginza and dropped into Freshness Burger, which is a chain burger joint.  I was super surprised with the quality, it was really yummy.  Bryan and I both had Wagyu beef burgers





Although it was yummy, we should have explored Ginza more because the street had awesome food!  Such a waste, since neither of us was hungry




We later went to Akihabara to enjoy the anime goodness, but we got a bit lost because we didn’t take the JR line like Bryan did the last time he went to Japan.  It’s pretty crazy there!  One moment it looks like a normal station, the next it is anime paradise.  It is SO shocking because the change is so sudden.  Akiba was a bit overwhelming for me because the anime section was so busy and pushy and crowded.  As much as I love anime, I can’t say I enjoyed it that much but I think it would be very fun with a group of friends.



We found the Animate store, a huge anime store where Bryan bought another anime fukubukuro!  I may post a video about it later :D  We ate at the themed cafe at the top, too bad we didn’t know what the anime was.  I was so sad I missed the Umaru cafe :(  I also got a blood nose in this cafe, which was very awkward as I had to rush out to the toilets to get tissues.  So annoying!

We ended up getting a parfait thing, and Bryan got a coffee.  The parfait had little bits of mochi in it, which I love hehehe.



They did a little performance thing where we have to play paper, scissors, rock and Bryan almost won.  Anyway, that’s all for now!  I am exhausted editing all the photos LOL.  See you tomorrow

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Day 1 in Japan: Arriving in Japan & Eating Yakitori!

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We’re in Japan!  Landing in the airport felt so surreal, like 9hrs of flying time finally resulted in something!  I slept a lot on the trip, but not as well as I did on the way to Korea which was at night.  It felt a bit wrong to sleep during the day for this trip but I was exhausted anyway from waking up so early to get to the airport.

Unfortunately Bryan and I couldn’t get a wifi dongle online prior to the trip — and we didn’t want to spend like $90 each for a wifi dongle at Japan airport, so we decided to go without portable wifi for the first few days.  So far we have survived!  I was recommended a free wifi app, which occasionally works, but it’s the offline maps ( in the App Store) that really impress me as you just DL them and the gps will still help you determine a route even without Internet.

We are staying at Hotel Horidome, so we had to take the Kesei Skyliner to Ueno, then walk to the Ueno station on the Hibiya line.  It’s important to know which line you are on or planning to go to, because not all of them are the same.  The Skyliner is very comfy, lots of leg room and a place to put luggage.

At Ueno, we took the train to Kodemmacho station.  Luckily, the time we arrived was not busy, and there was space on the train to put our bags :D  We got a bit confused about where to exit the station and get to the hotel though— it was a short walk away but we had no idea which direction.  Bryan asked one of the station officers where to go, it is actually not that hard to get through what you want in English, as long as you can point to a map or something.  They are so helpful here!  Even with the officer’s help, we got a bit lost and had to ask a random on the street for help.  She even went as far as to knock on the door of some restaurant to ask for directions for us!  So kind.

(To get to Hotel Horidome: At Kodemmacho station, take Exit 1 and walk up the stairs.  Turn left, then turn left again when you reach the lights/corner where there is a restaurant with cats on the window!  Hotel Horidome will be on your right after a few mins of walking.)

They led us in the right direction and we made it to the hotel, which is clean but absolutely tiny. It’s not so hard to stay here though because everything is ~just~ big enough.  Like the absolute bare minimum of what you could consider liveable.  But it is also a great price for a nice, clean place with a good location (I think it was around $50 a night for 2 ppl).

These aren't my photos of Hotel Horidome but this is basically how our room looked except ours was even more cramped than this!

These aren’t my photos of Hotel Horidome but this is basically how our room looked except ours was even smaller than this!

Despite the size of the Hotel, it is a really good location imo, especially for a few days of exploring around the Tokyo area!  The Hibiya line connects to both Akihabara (1 stop away) and Ginza, which is great, and it isn’t far to Tokyo station from Ginza either.  It is also right next door to a Family Mart convenience store.

After getting settled, we headed out to look around the nearby restaurants for dinner.  It is a business district, so it is quite quiet compared to the rest of Tokyo.  We stumbled upon a yakitori (chicken skewer) place with little booths.




They had an English menu and I liked the atmosphere!  Bryan ordered a bunch of weird skewers, including chicken liver – I tried being adventurous and took a bite of it, but it almost made me throw up because of the texture (the ones on the top right) LOL.


Highlights were the tea rice soup thing (not pictured, too hungry – ate it before I took out the camera) and the karaage (on the left).  Yum.

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Worst Food Poisoning

Posted on 25-11-2014

Hi guys, long time no post.
It’s been about a week since I finished exams, and straight after that I had work.

I was mostly enjoying my holiday being antisocial, catching up with my variety shows and playing Sims 4 (will do a follow up post on this soon!), like fully chilling before getting into productive stuff like making videos, working on various websites and trying to get the Google Adwords Certificate.

But then I got the worst food poisoning. As you all probably know, I get sick easily and I also have a pretty weak stomach overall. But seriously guys, I haven’t had as bad a stomach ache as this before from food poisoning. I started feeling a little sick on Sunday, but I didn’t feel THAT bad, so I went to the KIMBAP dinner anyway.

Pretty bad idea. When I got in the car I started feeling worse, and by the time we arrived I felt like absolute crap. My stomach was aching and I was just… I just isolated myself to the corner of the booth and held my stomach. That night I was still able to eat (if only a little), thank gosh. Shaun asked for water for me and Bryan took care of me and drove me home. But when I got home I just crashed in my bed.

My stomach killed me for like 2 more days, wasn’t able to eat for one of the days for fear of throwing up and upsetting my stomach even more… didn’t even feel like eating, anyway. Just rolled around clutching my stomach. I couldn’t even get up to play my Sims or even work up much energy to use my laptop cause of the pain that kept like… okay there was a constant like dull pain and then theres like some bursts of pain that just remove you from present life. And it wasn’t my appendix btw cause apparently the symptoms are not the same.

Anyway yeah, so that was my life for the past few days. I would go into more detail but pretty sure you guys don’t wanna hear any more. It was just bad. Had to reschedule work for tomorrow… Wasn’t sure if I’d be better by tomorrow but I think it should be okay.

I may have gotten the food poisoning from either the Saturday’s burger in the city, the Raramen for dinner or the Viet Roll that I ate on the Sunday I think? But yknow that’s just me cause none of my friends got sick from the Raramen. My brother didn’t get sick from the half of the Viet Roll he ate. It could be the burger tbh.. Maybe only my burger was bad because Bryan didn’t get sick from his… It would be sad if it was that though, cause that burger was the tastiest out of the three.

Idk the worst part is that I don’t even like Raramen or Viet Rolls, lol. Like I actually have never liked either… I mean Viet Rolls can be okay but generally I don’t like them that much. So it’s likely that I didn’t even really enjoy whatever food made me bedridden for 2-3 days.

Even if it wasn’t the Raramen… soz but I am actually never eating there again LOL I gave it another chance on Saturday but I am completely certain now that I both hate it and can’t trust it.

So yeah. My wonderful start to the holidays.

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Italian Food Adventures

Posted on 08-03-2014

I had this post on my drafts for a while since I uploaded the pictures from my phone, and what better time to publish it than exam time, when I am up at 2am for no reason whatsoever besides stress

 The other day my relatives took my brother and I to an Italian restaurant!  It’s been a some time since I’ve been to a nice one, so it was a pleasant change.  I can’t remember any of the details so I’ll just leave you with the photos.






I finally reached 600 subscribers!  Amazing~  Even though I know it’s not a ~huge~ number compared to those people with thousands or millions, I’m proud to have built it up myself from next to nothing.  Thank you everyone who subscribes!  I haven’t had time to edit my new video – I feel ridiculously bad about it… this entire year is going to be busy for me because of my clubs and work.  I even almost took up a volunteer job at the RSPCA magazine but unfortunately had to pull out due to the overwhelming amount of work I’ve taken on this year, compared to other years.  I helped out with their April edition a little bit though.

Anyway I’m going to slow down a bit.  Well, I’m going to try to keep up with what I’m already doing.  And spare time will go to my videos.  Too bad right now there isn’t any Mid-sem break is coming up very soon though so I will HOPEFULLY film a few videos then, so that I can upload some stuff for you guys.  I’m super lucky cause my friend under the name Berettas, makes great music that I can use without worrying so much about copyright issues yay!  He’s entered a new remix competition and it sounds awesome here, I’m hoping to use it in one of my videos this break so keep an ear out for it and give his song a like, I know he’ll really appreciate it.

Also some of my friends and I are going to the Commerce Ball!  Yayyyy so excited to wear my dress LOL.  Such expensive tickets- seriously, everything is happening this year.  My favourite non-kpop band (as you may remember), the Dandy Warhols are coming to Melbourne and I am too poor, after buying commball tickets, to go  BUT I REALLY WANT TO GO.  Since Nirvana was before my time I missed out on seeing them live so I’m forever scared I’ll miss out on my dose of the Dandys.  If they play And then I dreamt of yes, and I miss out… omg I might die.

Speaking of music (back to kpop) I’ve also really been loving the Royal Pirates  I like how they were on youtube before, filming at home so you know their music is legit.  And they speak English.  And they’re just the funniest and super real.  I’m always a sucker for the down-to-earth stars, hahah.

Okay… back to being an insomniac because of my stupid law exam.  CRIES.

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Queensland 2014

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So this is an incredibly belated post, but Bryan and I went to the Gold Coast about 2 weeks ago!  It was such a yolo kind of trip, because the tickets were cheap and we got really nice accommodation on “early bird special” so yeah.  We went to the airport at like 4am, for our 6am flight to QLD.  By the time we arrived it was like 8am Melbourne, or 7am QLD, but then the shuttle bus took about an hour to get to the hotel so we checked in at about 8am.

The room wasn’t ready yet, so we had to leave our bags with reception and head off to Movie World, since we booked the shuttle bus to take us there anyway.  Both Bryan and I have been to Movie World/Wet n Wild/Sea World before, so we had a pretty good idea of the rides and stuff.  Of course we went on the Superman Escape, tried out the Green Lantern which was pretty lame, Scooby-doo, etc.  Luckily for us the lines weren’t even that long!  We got to skip the queue like 3 times because we’re only a pair, instead of a big group heheh.


Nachos for lunch.

20140224-234305.jpgBryan carrying my handbag at the “Chamber of Commerce” LOL, I forced him to take this picture, can you tell?

Oh my gosh guys, I highly DON’T recommend booking a shuttle bus for your travels- they’re great for airport transfer/pick up but they are so limiting in terms of themepark pick up.  Firstly, the bus only comes at limited times per day (the earliest pick up time was like 4pm… so late wtf).

The worst part was that the bus was late. When it FINALLY came, there was a lot of confusion. The lady driver was nice but she was so confused and disorganised… she tried to be kind by giving people lifts to their hotels even though their booking was unlisted, but she had no route planned out and people kept getting off at the wrong places so it look literally 2 hours to get home.  Bryan and I were just quiet…. people on the bus were being pretty rude to her after a while, just adding to her confusion- she was clearly very flustered.  They all illegally got off at Surfers Paradise when the bus was at the traffic lights… Idk we felt really sorry for her… but also annoyed because our time was wasted LOL

The roads in QLD are tiny, and there are so many bends.  There was also a lot of construction going on for the light rail network, so she kept driving into ridiculously tight spaces, having to reverse (and nearly like ran over some pedestrians WTF) and then, at one of the hotels, the bus like…scraped against the curb. -.-‘

We finally got back to the hotel, and I was so impressed with it!  LOL i didn’t include pictures though because they really don’t do it justice.  Oops, my bad.  Should have taken more photos :P  But here’s the foyer:


The hotel was really nice- everything was new, it had a sauna, steam room, spa, swimming pool and gym.  Our room had it’s own kitchen with everything we needed (but we only really ate out so we didn’t use it much LOL) and the TV had Foxtel!  I really like this hotel, probably the best I’ve ever been at especially for the price, but then I hardly stay at hotels anyway.  We had dinner at some place in Surfers’ Paradise, and had Ben & Jerry’s for dessert.  I’m obsessed with the Clusterfluff flavour… well pretty much any peanut butter flavour LOL.  Bryan hadn’t had Ben & Jerry’s before, but he really liked the Cookie Dough one

The next day we decided that after that scarring bus experience, Bryan and I couldn’t be bothered with theme parks any more.  Actually I only really wanted to go to Movie World anyway, because last time I went to QLD I desperately wanted more time at the beach.  So that’s what we did!  But first, we decided to have lunch at this place called Longboard near our hotel.  Apparently they have the best burgers around and are famous for this one MASSIVE burger called the Phat Bastard.


We decided to share the burger since it sounded so goooood.  Omg.  I don’t know how people can eat it under 30mins, the both of us could barely even get through half of it.  You can’t really tell from these photos tbh because the chips are chunky too LMFAO (why aren’t I good at taking photos sjfkfhds) but anyway in the pic below, you can see Bryan’s hand in the corner, and the glasses of drink in the background.  It’s a ridiculously huge- 1.8kg burger.  The patty alone was 800g.


This is a photo after we had eaten AS MUCH as we could, and the burger is still almost as big as his head LOL



So tasty but so muchhhhh.  Anyway, after that we went to Surfers Paradise!  The weather wasn’t that great, so we went to this huge arcade inside Surfer’s, where we spent quite a lot of time.  Bryan booked a surprise Teppanyaki dinner for me, since it was our 3 year anniversary :D  It was really nice and the chef made some smiley faces on the hot plate haha.

It’s kind of a blur now in terms of which days we did what.  I think on the last day we walked by this sand sculpture event they had going on.  There was a tent with sand sculpting tools so we decided to make something: it was supposed to be a donkey, but ended up being a wombat LOL.



After lunch at some pub thingy, we went to the beach of course, jumped around in the waves and had fun there.  We were half looking out for Running Man but not really.  The good thing about our hotel was that it was only a few metres down from the beach, so after the beach we went to the spa and steam room!  I like steam rooms much more than saunas, I hate the feeling of a sauna drying out my face.

Finally for dinner we went to Hogs Breath Cafe, which I hadn’t been to before.  It was so yummy!!!  I got the special, which had like.. steak, pork ribs and chicken!  LOL.  So good.  And we shared a strawberry daiquiri mocktail. Afterwards we took a walk down Surfer’s Night Markets which was nice.  There were a lot of interesting little stalls set up and we got couple bracelets hahah.

Annnd then we went home the next day :c  I want to go back, it was definitely one of the most relaxing holidays I have been on

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