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This is kind of a different post, because I just felt like talking about the Sims 4 in a bid to distract myself from other things I don’t want to think about.  LOL, I haven’t actually played it yet to be honest, but I’ve been addicted to SonnyDaniel playing the Sims, and have been procrastinating just looking up stuff.  So far the Sims 4 seems pretty meh to me, because the art doesn’t do it for me, not sure why everyone loves the cartoony style so much but I liked it when they were a bit more realistic.  I suppose the new ~clay-style~ Create-a-Sim is more realistic though.

Anyway, apparently, potential Sims 4 expansion packs were considered in a survey by the Sims 4 creators.  And they sound freaking awesome.  So yeah I’m just going to rank them in order of what I think is most awesome.

  1. Fame & Fortune
    Fame in the Sims series has always been my absolute favourite, but so far none of the fame expansion packs has ever surpassed the fun I had with Sims 1 Superstar, back in the dayz.  So, even though this isn’t a priority for many in TS4, I’m excited for it because the careers sound really cool, like the Film Director career.  But I wish they would bring back the Modelling career, that was actually fun LOL
  2. Active Careers
    This doesn’t seem that popular with people but I think it’s about time you can actually follow your sims to work, instead of sending them to work and just speeding up time being bored until they come home (although you can do this in TS3 Ambitions – but the careers don’t look as fun there :P).  Like the Detective Career path seems fun because you can explore crime scenes and stuff.
  3. Town Life
    Town Life sounds  great because there seriously needs to be more community lots in TS4.  So far in TS4 the lots look boring- there’s not much to differentiate them from residential lots.  The only reason this isn’t above Active Careers is because I don’t care about being Mayor of the town and also decorating the town isn’t that big a deal imo.
  4. Business Owner
    This sounds fun but similar to Active Careers.  IF they could just have Active Careers + Boutique Owner career path it think it would be cool.
  5. City Living
    I feel like this is a staple for TS4, it’s more realistic if you can live in apartments and lofts.  Also the band thing is always fun, since I like fame stuff – but I think the band should be part of Fame and Fortune, not City Living.  Doesn’t really make sense.
  6. Supernatural
    I’ve never been a huge fan of Supernatural elements in the Sims.  Sure, it’s fun but I don’t like how it kind of invades the entire game.
  7. Health & Wellness
    Sounds lame LOL.

Okkk thats all :P  Hit me up to chat about the Sims if you’re interested hahahah

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Games & Stuff

Now that the layout has been changed and the comments are sexy and look like allkpop, I feel like blogging. Reading back on some of my posts, I sound way more interesting than I do now LOL.

I guess it’s because nothing interesting has really happened lately, which is the usual case. But I managed to think about some stuff I wanted to talk about in this post, but since they’re completely unrelated I’ve broken it into parts so you can read whatever you’re interested in.

Recent Games: The Walking Dead
I started playing The Walking Dead because Bryan told me it was good and the story is good etc. I’m actually really impressed with it so far, the gameplay is awesome ’cause it’s like a “pick your own adventure” book. Anyway, I can’t really say for sure that it’s an amazing game yet since I’m only up to episode 2. TBH I got my brother to play while I “help” because the zombies kind of freak me out, and so do the peoples eyes (by help I mean yell at him when he doesn’t press Q fast enough or tell him he’s clicking too slow and various other backseat-driving-esque things). It’s definitely one of the more interesting storylines out there.


Source: Wikipedia


Future Plans: Reviews & Videos?
I might do some game reviews from a non-hardcore gamer POV now that I think of it. Actually, I used to think I played games quite a lot but after meeting the guys, I realise I haven’t really played anything at all LOL. So it would be nice to give some stuff a try and review it. I also really want to do some reviews of beauty products I’ve used for a while now andddd, maybe even a video now that I have a decent camera!


Recent Media: Korean Stuff
I’ve also been watching various Korean things lately. I kind of miss being interested in mainstream Western shows like I used to be, because most people don’t know what you’re talking about/are not interested in K-shows and K-pop stuff. But whatever, I like what I like. I’m currently following We Got Married and The Romantic & Idol. Oh and of course, Shinhwa Broadcast (forever hehe).

WGM has been super interesting lately with the scandal involving my favourite couple in the current season, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Joon. I thought they were a very believable couple from the start, but when the scandal hit I wasn’t sure. Now, because I’m too confused as to what to believe, I’m just going to support them because I still like them best and enjoy deluding myself into thinking it’s real. LOL.


Source: Soompi Forum

R&I is what I started watching because WGM wouldn’t release fast enough. I was surprised ’cause I thought it would be pretty shit but it’s okay. I mean I know it’s really scripted but it’s still dramatic and fun to watch. I also like that I get to know names of group members by watching, even though they’re all rookies and stuff.

SB is amazing, as always. They have a new format now which I didn’t like, at first, but I’ve grown to love it like all the other episodes because it just keeps getting better the more they get used to it. I’m definitely going to do a post about the my favourite episodes very soon

As for music, I’ve been liking Up – Epik High, To You – Teen Top, Let It Go – Shinhwa & completely surprisingly to me, I Got a Boy – SNSD. I know. I know. WHAT? LOL at first I was like damnn this is one messy ass song. I still think that it’s all over the place. But it’s catchy, I especially like Tiffany’s parts in this song, she fits the concept really well. I hate Yoona in the video, though. At the start when she’s looking through the door’s peephole… her face is so not looking through it. She’s just making an annoying winking poserface. Yeah, I said it. LOL. I’m sorry SONE’s, no offense if you’re a fan but it annoys me to no end. No one pouts their lips like that looking through the peephole. And are any of the other girls doing that?? NO. That’s what makes it even more annoying.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 12.20.09 AM


Besides that annoying part, theres also the weirrrrd moan thing. Mychonny suggests that perhaps a new donkey member has joined SNSD, hahaha. But yeah. It’s still catchy, whatevs. Ugh, I need to cleanse my blog of the annoyface now though LOL. So to do that, here’s a clip of Shinhwa’s Let it Go, which I didn’t really like that much at first but now I love:

Is it weird that I can identify all of their voices and sing along even though I know like, zero Korean? Probably, but my love for Shinhwa is just too overpowering LOLol.


Saw Kokoro Connect and My Little Monster. Kokoro was pretty good, but not amazing. I love MLM, it’s really cute hehe. Not going into depth but look it up if you like shoujos. LOL.

Now my arms are tired from typing so it’s time to end this post hahaha.

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