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Posted on 12-02-2014

Hi guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in ages and ages. To be honest I’ve been caught up in other things… work, clubs, friends, the bf… hahaha. I feel so bad since I finally reached 500 subbies Need to edit the video on my SD card asap omg.

Well a number of things has happened recently. I went to Venus Bay with Bryan and his family, then to a bunch of Chinese New Year gatherings with both my fam and his, which was pretty hectic. Then I’ve had meetings with various firms for CCA, and some meetings for KIMBAP, the Korean Cultural Club that I am part of as general committee, but mostly I am just an advisor and graphics designer. I made a lot of cute logos and posters for them, it’s really fun since it’s quite cartoony hehe.

Also I’ve been working… not just at my new job, although thats a thing on its own, but also making websites for small businesses for my friends I also made myself a portfolio but I don’t think I’ll link it here, just to keep personal/business separate. I’ll probs have to charge everyone else who wants a website from now on cause so much stresssu o__o I’m really enjoying it right now though. I like not having uni worries at all, and doing things on my own at my pace.

Let me see… well besides all that, last week I met up with my good friend Simone for bowling and a catch up which was amazing since I haven’t seen her in a billion yrs and I luv her hahaha. But soon after I got really sick.. like I had half a box of tissues in my handbag, used that WHOLE thing up and then used another entire tissue box up. It was really frustrating, I had a meeting with a firm the next day but there was no way I could go with a red nose and fever, and dat tissue consumption.

Over the weekend I got better, then the other day I had to go to Harbourtown with Bryan because date+buying friend present for her 21st. There was a pile of dandelions in the middle of the place… which is weird because it’s pretty much a concrete jungle. (didnt edit because cbs)



Then today I had work, but it’s really far away so I’m pretty tired afterwards.  But no rest!  Because I won tickets to see the “preview screening” of Endless Love.  So random, I was just looking for something to do for Valentines day, then saw the contest and figured I should enter.  Then I won yay!!

I was expecting the cinema to be kinda bad… because usually they’re pretty small, but definitely not this time hehe.  They gave us a huge cinema with red curtains and leather seats, and complimentary gold, heart-shaped chocolates!


The movie was pretty good, though the story line was ridiculous.  But what do you expect of romantic movies tbh.  The point is their love > everything.  And the drama/feels were stronk.  We bought the Valentines day deal, which had a big bucket of popcorn, two giant drinks, and a box of malteasers yay.

Most unhealthy day for sure.  This is probs why I get sick 24/7.

Afterwards we decided to have dinner at TGI Fridays.  Everyone tells us it’s overpriced and not that great.  But we really enjoyed it!  I think you have to go a little bit all-out though, I’m sure their normal burgers are pretty typical.  But the quesidillas and Bryan’s Jack Daniels Burger was great!



Service was really good too… we tipped more than we can afford LOL.  Oh well.  On Friday we’re going to Valentines Day dinner!!!  Then Qld soon… I think I am spoilt HAhaha :D  But soon uni starts again and reality kicks back in.

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Clio Eyeliner Review – Liquid and Pencil

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I went a little eyeliner crazy during my trip to Korea early July.  To list them, I bought 4 Clio auto pencil liners in the Gelpresso Waterpoof Pencil Gel Liner range, one liquid liner (which came with 2 free auto pencil liners) and I also bought 2 gel liners from Innisfree, which I will discuss another day. For now, the focus is on Clio, a fairly “new” brand in Korea, owned by Banila Co. (you may have seen SNSD’s Jessica all over their store). The face of their products is the beautiful Lee Hyori:



First Impressions
Having read reviews about all of them, I was expecting a lot. Now when it comes to pencil liners, my luck just sucks. No matter what primer I use, pencil liners almost always give me racoon eyes by the end of the day. I tried the Star Purple autoliner from Clio for one of the days in Korea and I found, to my despair, that it smudged under my eyes- although not as badly as other liners I’ve tried. But because of this, I lost some faith in the rave reviews I had been reading about Clio liners. I was satisfied with the Shine Beige color I purchased to line my tear duct and lower lash line. But when I got home and tried out the liquid liner, my faith in Clio was restored. It’s an amazing eyeliner.

My 24hr tattoo from K-palette is fraying, and I noticed that it does flake if you try to layer it, although that may just be because it’s old. First thing I noticed was how firm the brush was- compared to my K-palette (which is comparable to Dolly Wink), the brush is very firm. I actually like it because it gives better control, although it feels a little tiny bit harsher on the eye than I’m used to. I read somewhere that the liner doesn’t do well without a primer, but in my opinion eye primers are essential anyway so I don’t do a review without first applying my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion first.

I had a job interview the other day and just as I finished all my makeup, a huge allergy episode where sneezing and tears ensued. Despite the teary eyes, the eyeliner was still as perfect as when I first drew it on. Usually my eyeliner line isn’t perfect due to dips in my skin texture, with my K-palette I found that eventually it became hard to control and created bumpy lines, but Clio just went on smooth and stayed put. I’m not saying Clio is better than K-palette because my K-palette has served me very well for the past year or so, but I am very impressed by Clio’s Liquid liner lately.

After a few months…
After a few months of using the autoliners eyeliners, I have found that it is only the #5 Star Purple that is really disappointing. The other colors: #1 Beige Shine, #6 Metallic Silver , #4 Dark Choco and Khaki Green are excellent! The Beige’s staying power isnt -amazing- but I must say that Dark Choco is fantastic for lining the lower lash line, even with watery eyes and oily-combination skin like me.

The limited edition special set I purchased retails for 18000 won, but I got it on sale for about 14400KRW. That’s about 14 bucks? For 3 eyeliners, that’s a really good price considering the K-palette & Dolly Wink are about 16-18 bucks for a single liner, however, there is definitely less product, as the pen is shorter in comparison. Still a good deal since they provided the 2 bonus eyeliners. You could choose from either bonus eyeliners, or a mascara. But since I don’t care about mascara, I picked eyeliner. The autoliners retail for 12000krw full price, so you’re getting quite good value in the limited edition set. Alone, the autoliners were on sale at 9600krw each. So cheap compared to Australian autoliners omg. I’m glad I went crazy that day and bought everything HAHAHa.

Overall Rating

For a live demo of the eyeliners and more Korean eyeliner reviews, watch my video here.

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(Korea) Coupon Crazy: Makeup and Activities

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Hey guys, thought I’d publish this before all the coupons expire. If you’re planning a trip to Myeongdong and areas that are sort of near to Seoul, I’ve complied a bunch of coupons for that area, thanks to Koyuki Palace. Just show the coupon in the store! I printed the booklet out just because I wasn’t sure if you could just show it on your phone.

It isn’t a complete list but it does contain most of the makeup stores in Myeongdong.

Download Coupon Booklet (.docx)

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(Korea) Day 3, Part 2: Lotte World Adventures

After visiting the Hello Kitty Cafe, we took the subway down to Jamsil station to visit Lotte World!  It’s the biggest indoor themepark or something like that, so easy to get to because it’s attached to the subway station; the station also has a lot of shops and a mall kind of thing.  It even had this massive fountain inside, ide.  Click/hover the images for descriptions, at the bottom.  And maybe a surprise story.

Oh yeah, all this time I forgot to mention how much of a freaking coupon queen I was during this trip, LOL.  Before the trip, I compiled a booklet of makeup, travel and activity coupons that I found on various places on the internet because I’m cray.  I’ll do a post on that really soon, and let you guys download the booklet in case you’re going to Korea any time soon, hahah.  But yeah, I had a Lotte World voucher inside, so we got a discount yay!

Anyway, to be honest I was a bit disappointed that the theme park was indoors because it was the first beautifully sunny day we had seen in Korea.  It was  pretty, but I didn’t think the indoor place was amazing.
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(Korea) Day 3, Part 1: Hello Kitty Cafe

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I’ve been anticipating writing this post up- of course, it’s the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae! Ever since I began researching for the Korea trip, I had been looking forward to the Hello Kitty cafe because like most girly asian girls… I’m pretty obsessed with Hello Kitty. And I know it’s super mainstream and absolutely overdone and overrated but I don’t care because I love it! HAhaha.  This will mostly be a picture post :3

The Cafe didn’t open until 11AM, so we headed out pretty late to check it out.  It wasn’t very far from where we stayed, and there’s no way you could miss it when you see it:




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