Fashion “Rules”

Posted on 15-12-2012

So this is a comment on one of Michelle Phan’s fashion videos:

xsymphonicality 1 hour ago
You should dress for your body shape. Most of your outfits were ill-fitting and did not do you any favours. You also contradicted yourself. At the beginning of the video, you said that the yellow coat was perfect for petite people because it cut above the knee. However, your later outfits were knee-length/longer and this made your legs appear stumpy.

I don’t mean to be mean but I don’t think you should do these types of videos if you cannot even dress for your figure.

The reason I’m quoting this is because, to some extent, I agree. I agree that some of the outfits she chose were ill-fitting for her body type, but it also pisses me off that there are these “rules” in fashion that you have to follow, even though it’s supposed to be an expression of yourself. As a short girl, there’s a rule about not wearing maxi dresses/skirts because it makes you look shorter/stumpy. Sometimes I really want to wear them, ’cause they’re pretty.

So why can’t Michelle wear whatever she wants? Is it fair that because she was born a particular body type, she’s limited to only a few lengths or cuts? No, it isn’t fair. But in a perfect world, everyone can wear whatever they want and look good in everything.

Except that just isn’t how it is. Even though fashion is an expression of yourself, the truth is that some clothes are more attractive on some shapes, some colors are more slenderizing and some cuts make you look frumpy. It’s an art in itself, to get the combination right for what body type you’re given. Still, I don’t think anyone should be forced to follow fashion “rules”… as long as you know they exist and have decided to be all “screw the rules”, instead of blindly/unknowingly not following them because you don’t know a thing about dressing to your assets.

lol i talk too much.

  • Cindy

    My friend asked me: “Don’t girls have a two colour rule in fashion?”
    I’m like: “What’s a two colour rule?”
    Him: “You can only wear, like, two colours so your outfit doesn’t clash.”

    Wtf I ain’t heard of no two colour rule.
    I think THESE sort of rules are stupid. Kind of like denim on denim – it’s not bad if you choose your pieces well.

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