I’m going to Japan!

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Japan Trip

Hey guys, I kind of forgot about posting about this, but then I was trying to make Daydreamt a mobile site (I ended up just using a WordPress plug-in because I’m lazy) and I stumbled upon this post about my friends hilarious misfortune. Omg. So funny. ANYWAY.

It inspired me to talk a bit more about my upcoming trip! As you may have guessed from the title – I’m going to Japan at the end of the year :D  Cue the embarrassing power point slide for the trip plan… courtesy of Bryan.

I’ll be going with Bryan’s family, but a few of my friends will also be there at the same time as us, so we might catch up with them a bit.  This will be my second trip overseas ever.

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan but honestly I was very reluctant to go on this trip, because traveling isn’t cheap and I have been trying to save money… but I suppose now is the time to go, since I don’t have full time work or anything.

You guys know that I am a crazy obsessive planner.  Like, I go all out when it comes to planning things I’m interested in… not only do I stalk hundreds of Youtube videos and blogs but I stalk the products, I stalk the street style.  I’ve even been trying to learn some Japanese through a few iPhone apps, like I did for the trip to Korea.  I find that there is nothing that helps you learn a language more than the pressure of a trip LOL.  I’m still noob though, I don’t really have time to learn at the moment because of uni exams.

It’s been a little easier planning for Japan, compared to Korea, because I know a few people who have gone multiple times (i.e. Matt, Kenneth & Reuben).  I’m still gathering products on my to-buy list but I definitely will not go as crazy as I did for Korea since the AUD is low.

So, what have I planned this time?

I’ve made a power point presentation with the days and activities I want to do in Japan.  For our 18 day trip, we will be in Tokyo, then visiting Osaka for a week, then back to Tokyo.  Unlike Korea, I haven’t got many “top” things I want to do in Japan because I think everything will be interesting and I’m not going to be as shopping-centric about this trip LOL.

I suppose my top things this time are:

  • Visit Harajuku on a Sunday
  • Eat Kobe beef
  • Use the vending machines
  • Go to Akihabara for the anime/manga
  • Shop Dolly Wink to my hearts content
  • Go to Harry Potter land in Universal Studios

The thing I’m most worried about is the fact that it is going to be Winter there.  AND I HATE WINTER.  I need ways to keep warm and what clothes to bring… I watched like an hour of some guy just filming the streets of Tokyo in winter and all the girls wore skirts…wtf.  I know they use heat packs but wahhh.  I definitely don’t want to get sick on the trip, because I’ve seen on Texan in Tokyo that they shove some stick up your nose or something to test you and I am deadly scared of that thought so, if I am sick I’m just going to tank it out (but I really don’t want to get sick).

Anyway, if you’ve been to Japan in Winter before, pls senpai give me your tips. (。・Д・)ゞ  LOL.

I’ll be posting my itinerary soon but for now it’s time to try and study :C

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Today, in life:

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I should probably blog about my awesome schoolies trip and everything that has happened so far.

Well, I went to Rosebud with my friendddds and it was so much funnn. I don’t really want to leave. I want to do it again. ldjghdkjghjkdg

Our house was like 5 seconds away from the beach on one side, and the shops on the other so travelling was a dream despite the 2 and a half-ish hour trip to get there on public transport. Luckily though, it wasn’t bad. I don’t think it could have gone more smoothly actually, besides that little bit of sickness I felt on the trip back. Anyway, it was awesome. What more can I say?

Stuff we did included:
– Watch half of Paranormal Activity 3 before the file messed up.
– Go to the Pier at night.
– Forget to light our sparklers.
– Forget to see the sunset at the beach twice in a row. Finally remembered the last night.
– Played Masterchef/Ready Steady Cook in teams with a mystery ingredient (LOL chicken)
– Never finish a game of monopoly.
– Played Mafia and Poker.
– Go to the beach every day.
– Sat in the freezing cold water.
– Chased the sun.
– Walk halfway to the Lighthouse and ended up playing at a playground.
– Played Sardines in the outdoors.
– Had DVD rental dramas with that stupid Oovie machine.
– Acted like grown ups cookin’ and buying food and stuff.

Haha, it was a lot of fun.

When I got back, the day after our VCE results came out. I am happy with them ^__^ They aren’t amazingly amazing or anything but I’m so grateful the hardwork and stress paid off. Right now I’m hoping to get into Journalism/Commerce at Monash but we will see. I know, total change of direction from what I originally was thinking of doing. Oh wellllll. Take everything as it comes.

Then on Saturday, the girls and I went to the beach. I had to see Simone before she leaves for South Africa for 6 weeks and I haven’t seen Anjie for a while. Shoo, of course, I’ve been meeting up with pretty often anyway but it was good to hang with her at the beach as promised too. It was super nice and hot that day, so it was actually really fun though the water was pretty quiet. Oh and randomly saw Kate’s grouppp there too, haha.

Today is Sunday and I have a bad cough which kept me up most of the night. My aunty and uncle took my brother and I out for lunch at a Teppanyaki place but we ended up eating the regular menu because it looked tastier. It was pretty nice. I have photo’s but my phone is being stupid D< Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday.

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