Too Cool For School – BB Foundation Lunch Box Review

So, I’ve run out of my Holika Holika Aqua Petite Jelly, which I reviewed ages ago.   I should update that post with my current opinion on the product – that is, I really like it as a sheer kind of base in conjunction with either a higher coverage foundation/bb cream or concealer.

I was going to buy it again, but before I made the decision to repurchase, I had a quick look around the internet and saw that fairly new Korean Cosmetic Brand Too Cool For School, in their After School range, released what they call a ‘BB Foundation Lunch Box” – an adorable tube thing that includes a BB Cream that looked to be similar to the Aqua Petite Jelly.

After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - #2 Watery Skin After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - #2 Watery Skin I purchased it in #2 Watery Skin, which looked a little darker than the #1 Shade.  Generally, most Korean cosmetics are too light for my NC25-30 skin so I always purchase the darker shade if available.  At first, looking at the product on the spatula I thought it was too dark – but luckily it looks fine blended in.  It also has SPF 37, which is a plus.

I bought it from Ebay for about $AUD 24 – I know it can be risky buying cosmetics online but I don’t think the brand is high-end enough to really have fakes/duplicates made for it, tbh.  I found out later that you can also purchase this from the city, on Swanston St in Melbourne (next to So Good Jewellery – 215 Swanston St) for around $25, which might be more worth it than having to wait a few weeks for the product to arrive.

After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - #2 Watery Skin After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - #2 Watery Skin

As you can see, it has a spatula applicator thing, very much like the Aqua Petite Jelly – but don’t be fooled!  This BB Cream is far less sheer than the Holika Holika and, while it is still watery, it is also a little thicker. What drew me to this product is the fact that it is All-in-One, with a mirror, concealer, highlighter and BB Cream – it’s super travel-friendly.  And the packaging is adorable.

After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - Concealer & HighlighterAfter School BB Foundation Lunch Box - Concealer & Highlighter After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - Concealer & Highlighter  Swatches: Firstly, this is the BB Cream/Foundation portion of the product – After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - #2 Watery Skin Unblended After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - #2 Watery Skin Blended It is very smooth and easily blendable, but it is quite sheer (though not as sheer as the Aqua Petite Jelly). I really wanted to like this.  Really wanted to.  But I can’t say that I’m a fan though.  The lack of coverage really doesn’t do it for me, and unlike the Aqua Petite Jelly, it doesn’t feel as light on my skin – perhaps the scent kind of contributes to this.  Also, I don’t get the same radiant looking effect that I do with the Aqua Petite Jelly – this BB cream makes me look really grey with it on, which is definitely a bad sign.

Concealer: After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - Concealer After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - Concealer Blended

The concealer is okay, but it doesn’t have much staying power.  It is definitely inappropriate for the under eye area, far too cakey and hard to blend for that.  It does alright in covering blemishes… but as I said, it comes off easily.

Highlighter: After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - Highlighter After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - Highlighter Blended

The highlighter is really my favourite part of the product – it isn’t irritating and it creates such a lovely glow!  It’s also very blendable and looks good highlighting the nose bridge and cupid’s bow.  Use it sparingly and you will have a pretty glow, but overuse it and the product will look weirdly white on the face.

After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - #2 Watery Skin

Overall Breakdown:

The Good:

  • Compact & Travel-Friendly
  • Everything in One
  • Highlighter

The Bad:

  • Scent makes it feel heavier/more irritating
  • Greyish undertones
  • Lack of Coverage (but this is ok if you only need sheer coverage)
  • Low staying power

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Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

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I’m always ecstatic when I come home from a long day of work to a package, reminding me that I ordered something online a while ago! The other day, I recieved my Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream in the mail and couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s only been a few days, so if my opinion changes in the long term I’ll update this post.


Packaging:  So this is what I got in the package, a 40ml bottle of the BB cream in the #2 Shade, Aqua Neutral.  It also comes in an Aqua Beige tone for pale skin tones, but I think this one has a more yellow undertone which is closer to my skin colour (MAC NC30).  It also comes with a sponge, which I have yet to try yet as I already have my own pack of sponges which I’m going to use up before using this one.  But it’s nice that they added it in.

The bottle is nice looking- simplistic, but quite heavy.  I don’t like how it isn’t very travel friendly, and as you can see in the picture it has excessive glass at the bottom to make it look like the product is larger than it is.

I clearly have an addiction to BB Creams, I think on my site alone I’ve reviewed 3 BB Creams and almost no other products LOL.  Anyway, one of the biggest differences between this cream and the others is that it has a spatula applicator, rather than a pump:


Excuse my ridiculously thin arm here… I swear it’s just the angle and I am not anorexic.

I don’t know whether I prefer this type of applicator at the moment, I think it’s necessary for this BB cream though because it is very light, and very water-based.  Unlike the Skin79 Gold or the Lioele Triple the Solution, you do need to use more of this product to cover your face, and even more to get some blemish coverage.

Functions:  The box says that it has SPF20, which is always good to have.  I never really have an issue with a “grey cast” or pale-face anyway, which people tend to have problems with in BB creams containing SPF functions.  It smells very nice, no overbearing scent at all.  It is also supposed to be very moisturising, which I can’t say for sure is true yet, but it definitely doesn’t feel drying or anything like that.



Coverage:  The product itself feels wonderful on the skin, as I said before it is very very light. I mean, considering it claims to have “marine jelly” inside and mint water, I guess it would have to feel great.  It feels like you have no makeup on when applied… but then again, it also looks like you haven’t got any on because it has very little coverage.  I have freckles on my face, and this BB cream does nothing to cover them.  However, it does very well to even out skin tone, and also leaves skin feeling quite refreshed and bright.



If you tend to rub your face a lot, or do not work quickly enough to blend it in, it does tend to form a dry kind of residue that I don’t really get with any of my other BB creams; it’s a bit like the texture of foundation mousse (eg. Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Foundation).  However, since you shouldn’t really be rubbing your face that much anyway I don’t think it’s a big deal.  I used a moisturiser before applying the BB cream, which I’d say is very important especially if your skin is dry, as the BB cream will make dry skin a lot more prominent.  I tend to have oily/combination skin, but even so using a moisturiser is safer nonetheless.  You can never moisturise too much, anyway.


Blended In

The Good:

  • Feels light and refreshing
  • Easy to blend, seems to absorb into skin


The Things to Note/The Bad (in my case):

  • Very, VERY light coverage.  Pretty much sheer.
  • Makes dry skin more prominent without moisturiser.


Verdict?  I have noticed that people that give this product good reviews either 1) have a flawless complexion -cough michellephan & oiseau88- or 2) want to look like they have no makeup on…including uncovered blemishes.  So far, I think it is a good base, but if you are like me and have freckles or discolouration, you will have to use a concealer or a fuller coverage BB cream to achieve a better finish.

Update (22/2/13): What it looks like in conjunction with under-eye concealer and a little Lioele Triple the Solution:

Holika BB Cream


I am actually very happy with the result because it really does feel like I only have the Lioele on my cheeks, instead of all over my face.  It gives a fairly natural finish as well.

PS:  On CNY, my relatives gave me this very belated birthday present containing a French manicure set.  So, I finally decided to just do the manicure anyway.  Even though my nails are crazy short with like barely any natural white part, I just brought the tips up slightly so now my nails finally look like normal peoples LOL.  Hurray for actually being able to use my phone and stuff AND having nice nails  I think you can catch a glimpse of them in the photos above…

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Review: Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

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Okay, so I figured I should repost my previous BB cream post so you guys know exactly what I am on about when I review this new BB cream which I ordered online that arrived today.

These are my initial thoughts about the cream, I haven’t used it over a long period of time yet (obviously LOL).  But I’ll do my best.  The bottles look like this:

Yes, I put my Urban Decay Naked Palette behind it because it’s amazing.  LOL.

Sorry for the small & crap images.  My camera REFUSED to focus.  -.-‘  Anyway, my review is comparing the Lioele  to Skin79’s Gold+.

Packaging:  I love the packaging, both bb creams have really pretty bottles.  The Lioele looks like a tube, but it actually has a nice gold pump which is much more convenient in my opinion.  Have to admit, I prefer Skin79‘s bottle only because it is more stable on my dressing table.  I hate it when my makeup falls over LOL.

Functions:  Lioele has SPF30, whitening & wrinkle care functions, along with the general BB cream functions of moisturising & evening out skin tone.  Skin79 has the same, but it is SPF25.  This generally means that it will not leave as grey a cast in photographs, however I have yet to confirm this.

Coverage:  I read/watched MANY reviews about this BB cream before I purchased it.  Everyone mentioned that it is medium-high coverage, particularly for a BB cream.  I can safely say that this is true.  It has comparatively better coverage than the Skin79 BB Cream in Gold+, which is a plus for me because it means that I won’t have to use a concealer or foundation along with the cream.  The Skin79 Gold+ has a lighter coverage, however this also means that it feels lighter as well.

Other:  Lioele’s BB cream has a floral-y scent to it, which I must say I am not a fan of when compared to Skin79‘s cleaner, fresher smell.  Alone, I suppose it doesn’t smell too bad.  It’s not that it smells bad, it just smells STRONG.  I prefer a more subtle scent.

Verdict?  Overall, I am liking the cream but I am not sure if it will replace Skin79 Gold+ as my main bb cream.  The excellent coverage makes up for it’s scent.  If it has good coverage in the long-run & my skin reacts well to it, I may use a combination of both creams ^__^

PS. Today on my date with Bryan I bought a Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait for $15!  Been wanting one for a while after I heard about the hype and Jenn showed me hers (I can’t remember what colour she got).  Maybe I will do a review on it later.

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Review & Trends: Skin79 BB Creams (Repost)

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NB:  This was posted on my temporary blogger before Daydreamt reopened, Obvsly which is why there is a different watermark.

Maybe it’s just me, but BB Creams (Blemish Balm Creams/Beblesh Balms) seem to be growing in popularity lately, with Western brands such as L’oreal picking up on the trend that has already become a staple beauty product in many Asian countries.  With multiple functions including SPF protection, whitening, AND coverage all in one, BB Cream caters to both the lazy and the busy alike.

After hearing plenty of raving reviews for Skin79’s range of BB Creams, I decided to go out on a limb and purchase a very overpriced box of miniature BB Creams from a new Asian beauty store which opened in my area, to try out:


From Left to Right:  Super+ Hot Pink, The Prestige, Super+ Gold & Pearl

The miniature version came with Skin79’s BB Creams in Super+ Hot Pink, The Prestige, Super+ Gold & Pearl in small, adorable tubes as pictured above.

I’ll just do a quick review of each product.  I decided not to post swatches of each because they kind of all look the same on camera, LOL.  Or maybe that’s just my crappy lighting.

Pearl:  The bottle advertises Pearl as “Luminous Beblesh Balm”.  Needless to say, it’s very shimmery!  At first, I really hated how it was filled with tiny specks of glitter, especially because I loved the bottle design, however, as a highlight it is beautiful and very understated.  The consistency is fairly runny, making it very blendable but messy.


Verdict? As a subtle highlight, I highly recommend this.  But, I would probably not purchase this in full size.



The Prestige/Super+ Hot Pink:  LOL, honestly I have no idea what the difference between the Prestige and the Super+ Hot Pink BB Cream is, in terms of coverage and texture, but both of them were too light and too sheer for me.


Verdict:  DO NOT WAAANT.





almost makes me want to buy it.


Finally, Super+ Gold.  My favourite BB Cream which I purchased in full size:

From left to right: Pearl, The Prestige, Super+ Hot Pink [all from the small pack]

Super+ Gold [purchased separately]

So there isn’t all that much to say, besides the fact that the coverage is pretty good for a BB Cream.  All the extra properties such as SPF and moisturising qualities make it a staple in my collection.  It’s matte, not glittery like the Pearl, and it feels like you aren’t even wearing any makeup, which is good for every day use.


  I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future, particularly because BB Cream is said to be much healthier for the skin.I like to mix it with a foundation for better coverage, but by itself it has a slightly thicker consistency as compared to the Hot Pink and Prestige, which provides better staying power and coverage.

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