Camping in the Summer

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Surprisingly my Summer has been pretty busy… I find that I always have something to do, and when I think that I have nothing to do it turns out I’ve forgotten something and make a huge mess of things.  I wish I were more naturally organised.  I plan and plan but theres always an issue lol.

So after Korea we had no budget for another trip, so we went with the cheapest option we could think of- camping!  Last weekend my friends and I went camping at Cape Paterson, sort of near Inveloch.  Tbh when I suggested camping I actually meant roughing it out in the bush with only a crappy “toilet” and no showers LOL.  I know it sounds gross but I actually kind of enjoy the feeling of camping ’cause it’s just so chill and stuff.  But the trip was so much better than I expected!  I would even say I enjoyed it more than our 2nd trip to Rosebud, hahaha.

The camping site was really, really nice.  Not what I was expecting at all.  I was just imagining the horrible toilets which are basically holes in the ground with a toilet structure plonked on top- but it was totally not.  All the facilities were so clean and nice!  The showers actually had hot water, the toilets were flushable and the whole bathroom area was cleaned daily.  There was a camp kitchen, with 2 fridges and a microwave + other appliances (but we still brought our own bc the kitchen…while it was usable, you can never be sure..) and a bbq area.  Not only that but the sites were powered, so there were no issues with charging phones and having light, and the lots were large enough to fit both our tent and car~  The price was very reasonable, about $30pp for 2 nights.  Considering we usually have to pay like $50 a night for a rental house… plus bond, it was really a great saving.  The fact that our stay didn’t fall into peak season was really good, because the camp was close to empty

Just a short walk from the camp- literally just behind the camping site, is the beach.  The beach is beautiful!  Really clean and there were heaps of rocks to explore around and it even had a patrolled area so you know that it’s okay to swim LOL unlike Rosebud where we were just sort of around the beach near the drain… omg.

So Bryan and I left his house first, because Michael Pua told us the night before that he couldn’t drive there early with us because of work.  Basically, our plan was to have Bryan drive me, Pua to drive Mikey and David to drive everyone else because he’s the only one with Green P’s and a car.  Pua dropped the tents off to us the night before and we drove off.  I think it was the first time Bryan had driven so far, but luckily it was a very quiet and straight road trip.  About 10 mins before we arrived, we got extremely hungry so we stopped by Maccas for lunch.  I had a Grand Angus burger and half an apple pie which we shared.  Afterwards, we arrived at the site, checked-in and grabbed the keys to the entry gate.  We didn’t explore because the sky was kind of dreary… so we started to pitch Nelson’s huge tent.

Bryan and I were deciding which to put up, but we figured that Nelson’s tent was packed neatly in the black bag (since we didn’t get it from Nelson/David themselves, we got confused as to which bags went with which tent- we thought David’s tent was half in a plastic bag).  And, his tent had “instructions”, so we went with it.

Turns out it was the most difficult tent to put up.  Took us like… 4 hours to put it up BUT seeing as it was just the two of us, the fact we even got it up before everyone arrived is a feat in itself LOL.  We were really confused…we tried to follow the instructions but it didn’t make sense.. the pictures didn’t match up.  So we ended up doing what we “thought” they meant, spending like 3 hours putting it up that way… but turns out a part of Nelsons tent was inside the plastic bag which we thought was David’s tent.  Finally we worked it out and put up the tent.  It was particularly confusing because Bryan and I are used to smaller tents.  This huge tent had a really unique structure… you have to build the outer “shell” then hook up the inner shell afterwards, which was weird.  But in the end it looked really good and the tent was super nice!

Finally, everyone arrived and we were fairly hungry from all the energy we used putting up the tent.  Luckily they brought food!!  :D  There was heaps of food- more than I thought there would be.  They bought KFC, and Calene + her mum made heaps of dishes, Nelson brought “chinese japchae” that his mum made, Jess brought sandwiches.  So much food, yumm.  But unfortunately, before we could eat it we had to put up the 2nd tent.  It took like 5 seconds LOL.  Bryan and I cri everytim.  Oh well, it’s better that we didn’t waste time putting up tents while everyone was together anyway.  We unpacked everything into the tents and ate outside on picnic rugs.  The only bad thing about the camp is the fact you can have open flames, which means no bonfire But I guess it’s a worthwhile price to pay for nice facilities and electricity.

After we ate, we walked down to the beach.  Too cold to go into the water or anything, but we explored a tiny bit and watched the sunset.  It was really nice and relaxing after the tiring day.  At night we stayed up late playing Mafia and chatting.  I suck so much at Mafia cause Im terrible at lying omg.  But somehow I managed to trick Pulu HAHahah.  Bryan and I were the “murderers” in the game, but no one knew.  Jess and David were trying to convince me of some reason why Bryan was the “murderer”.  David was also like “if you vote for him, you’ll win.” and that scared me cause it looked like he was lying… like he knew it was me or something and his “convincing” me was just a ploy to get rid of Bryan so that they could aim me next round.  So I didn’t want to get rid of Bryan.

I suck at Mafia so I played dumb.  Actually, I could see what they were trying to get at, but it was slightly confusing… so rather than try to comprehend what they were talking about, I blanked my mind out whenever Jess spoke so that I could convincingly not understand.  LOL it must have worked because they didn’t seem to suspect me until later… it probably helped that I also have the excuse that I don’t want to vote out my own bf hahaha.  IDK WHY people always blame me when its not me and when it is… wat.  Anyway in the end Pulu listened to confused me and voted for Jess because her method of playing is to be super sure and convince ppl.  I think Pulu was just like wtf so he looked to me who looked as confused as he was.  I don’t actually like playing Mafia that much… LOL well maybe not “dislike” but I think I’m weird cos I find it really ~stressful~ having to lie.  I mean, it’s definitely fun.  But I hate being anything other than citizen.  I’d rather just watch everyone else play.  I suppose I’m just like that… I don’t like Cheat, and even in Dota I hate “pubbing” because it’s too stressful having the team rely on me.  Idk when I’m doing something “for fun” I like it to be stress-free and no one is relying on me to do anything etc.  At least Mafia is just within friends though, I guess.  Don’t know how I will continue my stress-free life in the real world.

Anyway, we ended up all sleeping in the giant tent because it was scary to go into the other tent… also the other tent didn’t have power cause we didn’t have an extension cord.  The girls basically just used that tent as a changing room in the end.  I’ll try to post about Day 2 tmr.

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