(Korea) Day 2: Myeongdong & Dongdaemun

Posted on 06-08-2013 | Tags: ,

Oh man, it’s been aaages since I blogged about Korea… one month later and I’m only up to Day 2, LOL. So on this day we tried to go to the Hello Kitty Cafe for breakfast, which I wanted to go to the most since I’m cray about Hello Kitty hehe. But they only opened at 11AM, so we ended up settling for Angel-In-Us Coffee, which is a chain cafe in Korea. It looks quite pretty with the wings on the door handles, but it’s pretty average inside.


I didn’t really want to eat anything there, so I settled for this nice looking Cookies and Cream cake… it tasted okay, very sweet like you’d expect. Bryan got a burrito and a Caramel Macchiato, which was nice but I don’t like coffee that much.



Calene got this bread thing- which I saw on Eat Your Kimchi… and they said it was just bread and cream, so I didn’t get it. But that wasn’t true at all because the bread is actually sweet bread, and tasted nice; kind of like a cake but not too sweet.

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