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So I cbs another camping post for now.. I guess I’ll talk about the food I’ve had recently! No watermarks, cause I’m lazy and forgot to put one on LOL.

Polish Food with my Aunty, Uncle and Brother for his birthday! I’ve never had it before, so it was really interesting and delicious hehe. Ever since I watched Simon and Martina from EYK go to Poland, I’ve wanted to try Pierogi so bad. But my expectations of it were perhaps too high. They were nice, but not amazing. I loved all the potato dishes and the beef roll thingies though!

My fave dish overall was the potato pancakes- S…something. They were sooo good. But potato dishes all tend to look pretty plain so no pics.

The potato cakes were so weird, in a good way. It was sort of like glutinous rice, but potato version. Then there’s beef inside (since we chose beef haha). Really nice! I thought it was just like, mashed potato but it was a unique texture and delicious.

Not pictured- Polish Dumplings (Pierogi), Polish Potato Cakes and potato pancakes. Cannot remember the real names for most of these.

Bigos – Official Dish of Poland



The dessert- Polish Jam Donuts, were really tasty. They were similar to Krispy Kremes but somewhat lighter and less sweet- the jam was a tiny bit sour which made it really nice~
There was also poppyseed cake, which wasn’t that good… I’m not a fan of poppyseeds.

Anyway it was a real culinary treat for me on Saturday because not only did I have Polish food, but I even had French for dinner, for Bryan and my monthversary. He actually pointed out to me at dinner that it was the first time we have had a dinner date! Before he got his license, it was very difficult for us to have dinner together because he’d have to go home via public transport which I thought would be unsafe since he would be alone and the area he lives can be somewhat dangerous. Anyway, he has eaten dinner with me at my house, at his house and with our friends before but this is the first “dinner date” at a restaurant. I didn’t realise at all actually.

It was tasty, as expected. I love french onion soup. Perhaps we should have gotten escargot but I’ve had it before and I wasn’t too much in the mood for it, and neither was he. So we ended up having the soup, mains– eye fillet steaks with bacon and wine sauce, and for me “Canard aux Noix”: a duck dish with orange sauce and almond crisp.

Must admit, I liked his dish a lot more than my own. Last time I went to a French restaurant and had Duck L’Orange, it was delicious. But this dish was a bit weird… It was okay. I liked his steak a lot. So nicely cooked and tender and yummy.


Dessert though. French desserts are the BEST. Definitely the highlight of the meal– we got two, one Crepe Suzette because I wanted to show Bryan something quintessentially French, and a Cerise…something. It was super good. Both were good, but Bryan enjoyed the Crepes more due to the alcohol. I liked the Cerise thing cause I have a sweet tooth.

The Crepe Suzette is a normal crepe, pretty much. Doused in alcohol and set alight.


The Cherry thing (Cerises…something) was a goblet with iduno… Some pudding with cherries that have been drowned in alcohol with ice cream and chocolate fudge. So gooooooood. Drools. The cherries tasted amazing. I expected sour but they were so sweet.


The picture doesn’t do it enough justice… It was so gooood. Anyway, that’s all for now, soz for the photo edit inconsistency, I took some with pudding cam and some with normal iPhone cam.

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