Korean Beauty Haul 2015


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So, you guys know I love Korean makeup and skin care – last time I did a Korean beauty haul post, I went absolutely crazy with the purchases.  I actually had some Korean won left over from my trip in 2013, so my friends Calene and David kindly offered to spend it for me on their trip to Korea (especially since I have no idea when/if I’ll be going back :().  So huge thanks to them for running around Korea for me!

I’ve only included the Korean branded products in this haul, I’ll be doing a MAC lipstick mini-haul and review later, along with reviews or first impressions of each of these (and hopefully a video LOL) :D  Now onto the products!



When I poured out all the products onto my bed upon first opening, I was immediately drawn to how beautiful the packaging was on this!  I actually had no idea that Mamonde was having a limited edition version of their Cover Powder Cushion, but I’m really happy that they were because this is probably my favourite product of the haul, purely based on visuals alone.  IRL it looks even prettier because it’s kind of shimmery, PLUS it came with an extra cushion!

This is the Mamonde x Marymond limited edition version of the cover powder cushion, in shade 23 Natural Beige.  More info & swatches will be in my review next time.


If you guys have seen my terribly outdated skincare routine video (please don’t watch me overwork my skin LOL I’ve drastically changed my routine now) – I raved a little about the Etude House Mascara Cleaner.  Well the packaging has certainly changed since 2013 and it now has a grey lid – but I’m hoping the product is the same (or better – if they can make it so that it doesn’t sting the eyes)!

The Dr. Mascara Fixer has been pretty raved about online so I had to try it!  This is the Perfect Lash version (pink/red) – there is also a lengthening one which I will probably purchase online, if I love this one.

Daydreamt-Wonderpore-02Last time I went to Korea, my friends both Calene and Jess purchased huge bottles of the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener, and at that time I didn’t buy it because I had already gone ridiculously over budget.  But I finally get to try it now!  I am notoriously bad about being consistent with my use of toner/essence so we will see how this goes.

(P.S. I super love how this photo turned out because the Wonder Pore looks so glossy and like it could pop out of the screen, but that might just be me LOL)

I received the Skin Food Green Gram Cleansing Foam as a gift from David’s family friend in 2013, and I had no idea that I would love it as much as I do now.  IMO the Green Gram Cleansing Foam is far better than the Egg Pore one, so I was so sad to hear that it has been discontinued!

Luckily, Calene and David found it in a pack thing with the (I’m guessing, new?  ’cause I saw a CF on Youtube) Andes Salt 0.9 Moist Essence & Cream.  I was in a very yolo mood so they bought it for me, even though it was quite a bit more expensive than the Cleansing Foam alone – so we will see how my skin fairs with the 0.9 set (so far so good though).


I have reviewed the Etude House Cookie Blush before – and later decided I liked it, so I am now the owner of the same blush in a peachy shade (#10).  Hopefully this doesn’t make me look too yellow-y!


I’ve purchased a 3CE lipstick before and thought the colour was very pigmented so I wanted to give their new line a try!  This is the 3CE Lip Colour in Tell the Truth.  A pink lippie with an orangey undertone.


I can’t get enough of trying out new primers and this one was really intriguing because it claims to be able to be used on it’s own OR with other makeup.  I’ve read some good things about this so I’m excited to give it a go!



Too Cool For School has yet to impress me, but after seeing everyone rave about Artclass by Rodin, I really wanted to try it, especially since my Urban Decay Naked Flushed contour has hit pan.  Swatches soon!

That’s all for my Korean beauty haul.  I have a heap more pics but they will be in the individual product reviews/impressions posts.

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Video: Cleansing & Skincare Routine

Hey guys, here’s the video I’ve been kind of dreading to put up because you see me and my bareface for ages -.-  AND to top it off I was sick when I recorded it which is partially why my voice sounds so dodge.  But anyway, it was a requested video and I have been trying out a lot of products lately, before I settled on this routine so I think it’s a good one.  Hope people are nice to me LOL.

I’m planning on doing some blog post reviews on some of these products (although it’s pretty clear that I like these since I’m using them…), so keep an eye out for that sometime soon, after I record the voice-over for the next video.  Glad to have gotten this one out of the way hahaha.  Next week will be a makeup tutorial! :D  Thanks for watching~

Products Mentioned
Etude House | Eraser Show Collection:
Line Remover Stick
Mascara Cleaner (Recommended)
Lip & Eye Remover

Egg White Pore Foam (read my illutorial here!)
Green Gram Cleanser (Recommended)
Black Sugar Mask (Highly Recommended)

Deep Pore Scrub – Clearasil
Aqua Sensation Moisturiser – Nivea
Lucas Pawpaw Ointment
Moisturising Steam Cream – Nature Republic
Green Tea Pure Eye Cream – Innisfree

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Review: Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter

Following my Etude House product review of the Cookie Blush, I’ll be taking a look at their Secret Beam Highlighter in Gold & Beige Mix:

DSC02480 DSC02481
Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush

EDIT (28/12/14): Edited this review increasing my rating to 4.5 stars

Okay guys, I’ve decided to start Makeup Mondays (MM), LMFAO I know, such a creative name. Every Monday I’ll be posting something about makeup, whether it be a review, a first impressions or a “products I want” kind of thing; so check back every Monday if you’re interested

I do a final rating at the end weighted on the things I find important in a product.

I’m finally getting around to that promised review of some Etude House products, yay.  I’ve been using their Lovely Cookie Blush in #02 Strawberry Choux for a long time now (maybe 11 months or more even?) so I believe it’s time to get reviewing.

Packaging (out of 3):  I had been looking for a pink blush for ages; I only have coral toned ones at home which tend to make my yellow-based skin tone look really weird. I have to admit, unlike my usual thorough research before purchasing, the only thing that drew me to this blush was the adorable packaging, which Etude House is popular for.  I purchased mine at Ecoskin, which I think is just a general Korean makeup store selling brands such as Etude House, the Face Shop, Skin Food, etc.  It was a little pricy, but I’m pretty sure you can buy it off ebay (I’m not sure whether this is genuine, but my friend Bel says it probs is because it’s that cheap in Korea LOL).

DSC02489DSC02491 copy DSC02492 copy

What drew me in was the ADORABLE power puff with the little bow omg dying from cuteness already.  It came with a tiny free sample of Face Shop toner and moisturiser.  The packaging is cute, lightweight and easily portable.  The powerpuff is soft, fluffy and good quality although the sewing on the bow is slightly undoing itself because I use it too often haha.

No where on the packaging does it say “Lovely Cookie Blush” in English, but of course it may be written in Korean.  If you want this color, look out for the #2 which should be written at the bottom of the compact.

DSC02493 copy DSC02496

It has a floral scent, which some people may find irritating but it is quite mild in my opinion.  My sensitive skin did not get irritated by this blush which is great!

Functions (out of 7):  It does what it says, it’s a blush which tints the cheeks a soft pink color.  There isn’t a lot of color payoff- however, I don’t think this is a bad thing because the color looks so bright in the pan, if it really came out like that you’d look like a flamingo (but luckily it doesn’t come out like that LOL).  This swatch on my hand actually look 4 or 5 applications to show up so that gives you an indication of it’s color payoff.  It’s definitely build-able, but it’s perfect for when you’re in a rush in the morning and just powder your cheeks before leaving, because it won’t look ridiculous.

The shade of pink is very sweet, bright and bubbly but I think Strawberry Choux is a more natural shade because it has more of a coral undertone than a bright pink one.  With one application of the puff to the face, the color comes out very natural, and the blush feels natural as well- you really can’t feel it on your cheeks at all!  I prefer putting a separate highlighter if I want shimmer so for me, it’s perfect because it doesn’t contain any shimmer and it comes off completely matte.

I like to apply it on the apples of my cheeks with the soft powder puff because I find there’s too much fall out using a blusher brush.  As for lasting power, it’s not that great.  I wouldn’t say it’s the most lasting color in the world but it’s not so bad either.  I think it would suit more pale skinned people than those with a bit of tan like I have usually; it’s more appropriate for Winter and colder months than Summer, for sure.

The Good:

  • Natural finish
  • Matte color
  • Range of colors from pure pinks to more coral-orange ones
  • Suits pale skin (MAC NC30 and lighter)
  • Cute, lightweight packaging


The Bad:

  • Lasting power could be better
  • Would most likely not show up/suit women of color due to low color payoff
  • Lighter colors seem to appear “chalky”
  • Compact does not have a mirror


Things to Note:

  • Floral scent
  • Needs a few layers before it shows up clearly



It’s not a bad blush, but it’s not amazing either.  LOL.  Besides lasting power there’s nothing much to say really; it’s a functional, natural looking blush which can be used everyday for people with lighter skin tones.  It works pretty well for me because it has low color payoff- and that means when you’re in a rush, you don’t ruin your entire face makeup with an accidental rose-coloured mess.  Would I repurchase it?  Hm.. yes I would!  But I believe the amount in the pan is enough to last a very long time, so I probably wouldn’t buy it again any time soon.

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