Video: Hits and (no) Misses

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So, as I said on the video description, I’m an idiot and forgot to talk about my ‘Misses’ for the month in the Hits & Misses video HAHAha.  One thing about filming is that you can’t even really fix any missed filming opportunities because you’ll look completely different and it wont flow prettily so yeah.  MY BAD.

Thought I’d upload it anyway since it’s still a viable Monthly Favourites video, except I didn’t realise I forgot the ‘Misses’ until I had already uploaded it so yeah LOL.  Hope you guys still like it.  I added a blooper as the intro because I had no other footage… this is what happens when you try to film in the span of the moment mum leaves to pick up the brother from school and the time they get home.

Products Mentioned:
A French Quarter for Your Thoughts – OPI
Good to Go Topcoat – Essie
Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover – OPI
Volume 02 Mascara – Dolly Wink
Gelpresso Waterproof Eyeliner – Clio
158 Sweet Diamond Coral Beige – Ameli (See my review post)

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Clio Eyeliner Review – Liquid and Pencil

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I went a little eyeliner crazy during my trip to Korea early July.  To list them, I bought 4 Clio auto pencil liners in the Gelpresso Waterpoof Pencil Gel Liner range, one liquid liner (which came with 2 free auto pencil liners) and I also bought 2 gel liners from Innisfree, which I will discuss another day. For now, the focus is on Clio, a fairly “new” brand in Korea, owned by Banila Co. (you may have seen SNSD’s Jessica all over their store). The face of their products is the beautiful Lee Hyori:



First Impressions
Having read reviews about all of them, I was expecting a lot. Now when it comes to pencil liners, my luck just sucks. No matter what primer I use, pencil liners almost always give me racoon eyes by the end of the day. I tried the Star Purple autoliner from Clio for one of the days in Korea and I found, to my despair, that it smudged under my eyes- although not as badly as other liners I’ve tried. But because of this, I lost some faith in the rave reviews I had been reading about Clio liners. I was satisfied with the Shine Beige color I purchased to line my tear duct and lower lash line. But when I got home and tried out the liquid liner, my faith in Clio was restored. It’s an amazing eyeliner.

My 24hr tattoo from K-palette is fraying, and I noticed that it does flake if you try to layer it, although that may just be because it’s old. First thing I noticed was how firm the brush was- compared to my K-palette (which is comparable to Dolly Wink), the brush is very firm. I actually like it because it gives better control, although it feels a little tiny bit harsher on the eye than I’m used to. I read somewhere that the liner doesn’t do well without a primer, but in my opinion eye primers are essential anyway so I don’t do a review without first applying my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion first.

I had a job interview the other day and just as I finished all my makeup, a huge allergy episode where sneezing and tears ensued. Despite the teary eyes, the eyeliner was still as perfect as when I first drew it on. Usually my eyeliner line isn’t perfect due to dips in my skin texture, with my K-palette I found that eventually it became hard to control and created bumpy lines, but Clio just went on smooth and stayed put. I’m not saying Clio is better than K-palette because my K-palette has served me very well for the past year or so, but I am very impressed by Clio’s Liquid liner lately.

After a few months…
After a few months of using the autoliners eyeliners, I have found that it is only the #5 Star Purple that is really disappointing. The other colors: #1 Beige Shine, #6 Metallic Silver , #4 Dark Choco and Khaki Green are excellent! The Beige’s staying power isnt -amazing- but I must say that Dark Choco is fantastic for lining the lower lash line, even with watery eyes and oily-combination skin like me.

The limited edition special set I purchased retails for 18000 won, but I got it on sale for about 14400KRW. That’s about 14 bucks? For 3 eyeliners, that’s a really good price considering the K-palette & Dolly Wink are about 16-18 bucks for a single liner, however, there is definitely less product, as the pen is shorter in comparison. Still a good deal since they provided the 2 bonus eyeliners. You could choose from either bonus eyeliners, or a mascara. But since I don’t care about mascara, I picked eyeliner. The autoliners retail for 12000krw full price, so you’re getting quite good value in the limited edition set. Alone, the autoliners were on sale at 9600krw each. So cheap compared to Australian autoliners omg. I’m glad I went crazy that day and bought everything HAHAHa.

Overall Rating

For a live demo of the eyeliners and more Korean eyeliner reviews, watch my video here.

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All About Eyeliner – Asian Eyeliner Review

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Hi guys! This week I have a pretty long video because I decided to review and discuss my preferred eyeliner types and also brief reviews on the eyeliners I have purchased in Korea, and tried from Japan.

I’ll be posting reviews of each individual product in depth over the next few weeks, so stayed tuned for those! In the mean time, you can watch my All About Eyeliner kind of review. Hope you guys like it! I filmed it on a good day, in my living room. I think it’s definitely a lot neater but unfortunately the living room is usually way too noisy for me to film in.

Products Mentioned
Gelspresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liners – Clio
#5 Star Purple, #1 Beige Shine, #6 Metallic Silver , #4 Dark Choco

Eco Gel Liner – Innisfree
Backstage Gel Liner in Black – Tony Moly

Liquid Eyeliner in Kill Black – Clio
24 Hr Tattoo Liquid Liner – K-Palette (CLICK FOR AN INCREDIBLY OLD REVIEW)

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Review: K-palette Liquid Eyeliner

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So recently I was deliberating between purchasing the K-palette Liquid Eyeliner and Dolly Wink’s iconic liner. In the end, because I watched an episode of Tried & Tested by the same people that created Xiaxue’s Guide to Life, I ended up taking the lesser-known option of the K-palette eyeliner because it passed ALL the tests:

Of course I did further research; since T&T didn’t compare it to the Dolly Wink, I went to find comparisons. Youtubers seemed to say that the two liners are practically the same when it comes to consistency and the applicator. The K-palette was a dollar or so cheaper than Dolly Wink, I bought mine at around 15 or 16 dollars online.

The usual K-palette liner has a red packaging, but the limited edition pink one was actually cheaper, so I purchased that. They are different shades of black, how that works, I don’t know. But I can vouch for the pink one as being VERY black. I heard from other reviews that the red liner is slightly less opaque, but yeah. Anyway I bought the pink one because it was cheaper and I prefer the pink anyway LOL. It came with a free CD of someone that I don’t know. If anyone I know irl is a fan, I’ll give you the CD hahaha.

Though the actual pen packaging isn’t as nice as the Dolly Wink one, I don’t really have much of an issue with that. It looks okay. Standard.

The pen tip is fantastic. Honestly the best I have used so far, and I’ve tried many liquid liners before. It provides for perfect control, accurate lines and it allows you you control the thickness of your lines wonderfully.

What I really like about it is that it doesn’t smudge- and if it does, it’s barely noticeable. When it comes into contact with water and friction it just dissipates; so it not only stays on but it comes off easily when you want it to. I wouldn’t recommend it for that smokey, smudged look though. But then again, if you’re using a liquid liner, you aren’t usually aiming for that kind of look anyway. It provides a very clean, crisp line.

When it comes to staying power, the liner really doesn’t disappoint. In the picture of me above, excuse the weird expression LOOOL (taken by Calene :D), it has been around 6ish hours since application of the liner. It hasn’t smudged despite my eyes being a little teary due to my ongoing dust-mite allergies. Also, the application of the liner was almost effortless, it’s so easy to control. I used to use an eyeliner with a really flexible tip which was way too thin to create a thicker look like this. Even if you only want a thin, barely noticeable line, the liner works wonderfully. All you have to do is angle the pen the way you want.

Overall, I don’t think I can go back to other eyeliners now, hahaha. Highly recommended.

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