Magic in Every Bite

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Can’t sleep. So decided to blog.

Went out with the relatives today, on our Country-Cuisine adventure. Today was Hungarian food.

Omg, it was delicious. But so, so rich and super large portions. The thought makes me feel fat LOL

I didn’t take any pictures because I’ve been pretty sniffly all day, I think I’m sick. I used like a box or more of tissues…not even exaggerating. It was hard to take a photo cause you have to stay still, and line up the shot and focus and it was just too difficult while I was sneezing every few seconds. Cries.

Anyway, I had a dish called Slampi, it was veal schnitzel stuffed with turkey, herbs, potato and cheese with sour cream on top. I know. I KNOW. Soooooo bad. But it was really delicious. It came with a choice of 2 side dishes, I went with cream spinach (which I heard was very good) and Hungarian potatoes which were really yummy. As for entrees, pate stuffed mushrooms with beetroot mayo and skinless Hungarian sausage. I swapped some of my dish to try some of my relatives dishes to get a taste of everything; they had pork…something (it was just this HUGE piece of pork wtf even), country style chicken schnitzel and half a roasted duck (which was delicious). I liked my dish and the duck the best. Omg I’m making myself hungry again.

Dessert was this special pancake filled with walnut and fruit stuffing. They served it, lighting it on fire. Pretty cool.

Drove along the beach, then went to my rels place.

For some reason they had this just lying around:


LOL. Pretty cool, and disgusting/dark.
Anyway that’s all for now, time to try and sleep again. Stupid nose.

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Yummy Food

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So it’s been a while since my last photo blog because unfortunately, I’ve been too busy with exams to care about what I’ve been wearing.

Instead I have some food pictures taken from my phone at Jap fusion restaurant, Tao’s for you all to satiate photo hunger… But initiate real hunger, LOL.

20120526-102320.jpg 20120526-102337.jpg
20120526-102439.jpg 20120526-102455.jpg

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