Video: Hair Care Faves

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It’s been a while since I posted… ages actually.  I decided to take a break from pretty much everything after exams finished but I’m back now :)  The weather is nice, yay!  It was always quite a pain to film on cold days because I couldn’t even get myself out of bed LOL.

Anyway my latest video is about my Hair Care routine/favourites & how I keep the ends of my bleached hair healthy!

Korea post soon, LOL. Yeah, I’m still doing those… hahaha.

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Initial Thoughts: Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

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To my delight, my friend/co-worker one morning was given a 15% off Hairhouse Warehouse voucher for Centre employees. She decided she didn’t want anything, so I ended up purchasing a little something I have had my eye on for a while. Moroccan Oil Treatment! I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about it, but the price has always been too much for me. Even with the discount, it came down from $26 to $22 for this tiny, minuscule 25ml bottle. WTF. I hope it’s worth it.

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Apologies for the grainy pictures, my dining room has terrible light. I’ll take better photos when I review it.

Using the oil once, it really does feel nice. I was hesitant about using oil in my hair because I tend to have oily hair naturally, but the oil really doesn’t sit in the hair like you’d expect: it seems to get well absorbed, has a nice mild smell, and leaves the hair feeling quite nice and soft. I can’t comment on whether it really helps dried ends and damaged hair in the long run, but I’ll do a more in-depth review about that on a later date. Paying that much for a bit of oil, it had better work wonders.

So far it’s looking good though

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