Japan Travel Series 2015: I’m In Japan!

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Note: Hi guys, I am finally back from Japan!  So the next few posts will be about my trip – some of them I blogged straight from Japan so they are very detailed and in first person, but others I had to write post-trip because I was so exhausted each day!  I hope you guys enjoy the series.  Apologies for the phone pics in this post!  I promise I took some better quality pics later on

I’m in Japan!  Well, not quite yet as I begin writing this — I’m currently on the 9 hour flight to Japan after completing the 1 hour connecting flight to Sydney.

#01 of Plane Boredom: I figure that since I have some time to kill, I might as well blog offline a little so I don’t actually forget to!  Sorry for the crap pics, I haven’t had a chance to bring out my camera yet.

First the planning stage — I very thoroughly planned this trip since I have been on holidays for a bit after my Summer unit finished!  What initially began as a loose itinerary became a 48-page document LOL.  Mainly because it is full of maps and train info, just in case we can’t get wifi over there (spoiler: we didn’t get wifi there HAHA).  I will let you guys know if we actually stuck to it though haha.  If so I may upload it here as a resource or something.

The trip to Sydney wasn’t bad.  We came to Melbourne airport like 3 hours early (our flight was at 6am) and didn’t know where to go to check in, so we waited for like 2 hours for the service desk to open at the International Terminal (because we thought they handle international luggage), only to realise that we were supposed to check in at the Domestic (which we thought wasn’t open ’til 5am). Actually, the Domestic Qantas area has a specific “Connecting Flights” terminal that you have check-in at.  But it’s okay, we got a mini-sub from Subway while we waited and got to speak to this nice English couple heading to NZ while we waited.

Things flowed smoothly from there, I took my favourite Travel Sickness tablets (Kwells) and we got brekky on the plane — a ham and cheese croissant which looked a little squished but was actually very yummy because it was heated up and melted inside.

When we landed in Sydney, Bryan and I were both worried about the fact that we would have to take a bus from the Sydney Domestic Airport to the International airport within 2 hours… But it was very easy as they told us the gate to go to (Gate 15) and we just had to present our International boarding passes to go through for free.  However, not everyone got a seat and some people had to stand.  It’s not that long a trip by bus but this might be annoying for people with large suitcases to carry.

Bry and I in Sydney!Bry and I in Sydney (with my no-makeup face)

Now I am on the flight to Japan via Japan Airlines.  LOL it’s crazy though, we’re not even in Japan yet and I feel a bit xcited that the airline staff are like doing the whole Japanese greeting thing.  I also realised how scary it is that neither of us know any Japanese, I did look up a few basic language things but they all speak so quickly that I can only get bits and pieces of understanding here and there, if that.

Anyway, the food on this airline is pretty nice!  I chose the creamy chicken dish, which I preferred over Bryan’s beef curry but he liked the curry more :P  They are so generous with their meals!  I didn’t like the fish or the little white chocolate cake very much though.

Plane Food - Creamy Chicken

#02 of Plane Boredom: We flew over the Great Barrier Reef!  It looks so pretty and sunny down there, but right now we are flying in some ridiculously  bright place so I have closed my window.
Chicken Teriyaki or something for dinner:

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

#03 of Plane Boredom: Man, like 2 hours of flight time left and my butt is aching from sitting for so long.  A quick tip is to fold the blanket they provide and place it on the seat for a bit of cushioning.  I slept for most of the trip — every time I tried to watch the Attack on Titan live action, I fell asleep.  It doesn’t follow the proper story at all, hurr.  I don’t think I have the patience to watch stuff in-flight, I’d rather just try to sleep I guess.

The plane is pretty noisy compared to the SG Airlines one we took to Korea — but that may be because my seat is closer to like the noisy plane components or something.  It is also very hot in here and I didn’t prepare for that at all because I thought most planes were cold.  I would suggest wearing a t-shirt underneath your warm clothes to prepare.

Plane view

Anyway, that’s all I will say in this post for now.  I’ll probs blog about actually landing in Japan in another post with actual pictures.

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I’m going to Japan!

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Japan Trip

Hey guys, I kind of forgot about posting about this, but then I was trying to make Daydreamt a mobile site (I ended up just using a WordPress plug-in because I’m lazy) and I stumbled upon this post about my friends hilarious misfortune. Omg. So funny. ANYWAY.

It inspired me to talk a bit more about my upcoming trip! As you may have guessed from the title – I’m going to Japan at the end of the year :D  Cue the embarrassing power point slide for the trip plan… courtesy of Bryan.

I’ll be going with Bryan’s family, but a few of my friends will also be there at the same time as us, so we might catch up with them a bit.  This will be my second trip overseas ever.

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan but honestly I was very reluctant to go on this trip, because traveling isn’t cheap and I have been trying to save money… but I suppose now is the time to go, since I don’t have full time work or anything.

You guys know that I am a crazy obsessive planner.  Like, I go all out when it comes to planning things I’m interested in… not only do I stalk hundreds of Youtube videos and blogs but I stalk the products, I stalk the street style.  I’ve even been trying to learn some Japanese through a few iPhone apps, like I did for the trip to Korea.  I find that there is nothing that helps you learn a language more than the pressure of a trip LOL.  I’m still noob though, I don’t really have time to learn at the moment because of uni exams.

It’s been a little easier planning for Japan, compared to Korea, because I know a few people who have gone multiple times (i.e. Matt, Kenneth & Reuben).  I’m still gathering products on my to-buy list but I definitely will not go as crazy as I did for Korea since the AUD is low.

So, what have I planned this time?

I’ve made a power point presentation with the days and activities I want to do in Japan.  For our 18 day trip, we will be in Tokyo, then visiting Osaka for a week, then back to Tokyo.  Unlike Korea, I haven’t got many “top” things I want to do in Japan because I think everything will be interesting and I’m not going to be as shopping-centric about this trip LOL.

I suppose my top things this time are:

  • Visit Harajuku on a Sunday
  • Eat Kobe beef
  • Use the vending machines
  • Go to Akihabara for the anime/manga
  • Shop Dolly Wink to my hearts content
  • Go to Harry Potter land in Universal Studios

The thing I’m most worried about is the fact that it is going to be Winter there.  AND I HATE WINTER.  I need ways to keep warm and what clothes to bring… I watched like an hour of some guy just filming the streets of Tokyo in winter and all the girls wore skirts…wtf.  I know they use heat packs but wahhh.  I definitely don’t want to get sick on the trip, because I’ve seen on Texan in Tokyo that they shove some stick up your nose or something to test you and I am deadly scared of that thought so, if I am sick I’m just going to tank it out (but I really don’t want to get sick).

Anyway, if you’ve been to Japan in Winter before, pls senpai give me your tips. (。・Д・)ゞ  LOL.

I’ll be posting my itinerary soon but for now it’s time to try and study :C

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