Review: Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

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Okay, so I figured I should repost my previous BB cream post so you guys know exactly what I am on about when I review this new BB cream which I ordered online that arrived today.

These are my initial thoughts about the cream, I haven’t used it over a long period of time yet (obviously LOL).  But I’ll do my best.  The bottles look like this:

Yes, I put my Urban Decay Naked Palette behind it because it’s amazing.  LOL.

Sorry for the small & crap images.  My camera REFUSED to focus.  -.-‘  Anyway, my review is comparing the Lioele  to Skin79’s Gold+.

Packaging:  I love the packaging, both bb creams have really pretty bottles.  The Lioele looks like a tube, but it actually has a nice gold pump which is much more convenient in my opinion.  Have to admit, I prefer Skin79‘s bottle only because it is more stable on my dressing table.  I hate it when my makeup falls over LOL.

Functions:  Lioele has SPF30, whitening & wrinkle care functions, along with the general BB cream functions of moisturising & evening out skin tone.  Skin79 has the same, but it is SPF25.  This generally means that it will not leave as grey a cast in photographs, however I have yet to confirm this.

Coverage:  I read/watched MANY reviews about this BB cream before I purchased it.  Everyone mentioned that it is medium-high coverage, particularly for a BB cream.  I can safely say that this is true.  It has comparatively better coverage than the Skin79 BB Cream in Gold+, which is a plus for me because it means that I won’t have to use a concealer or foundation along with the cream.  The Skin79 Gold+ has a lighter coverage, however this also means that it feels lighter as well.

Other:  Lioele’s BB cream has a floral-y scent to it, which I must say I am not a fan of when compared to Skin79‘s cleaner, fresher smell.  Alone, I suppose it doesn’t smell too bad.  It’s not that it smells bad, it just smells STRONG.  I prefer a more subtle scent.

Verdict?  Overall, I am liking the cream but I am not sure if it will replace Skin79 Gold+ as my main bb cream.  The excellent coverage makes up for it’s scent.  If it has good coverage in the long-run & my skin reacts well to it, I may use a combination of both creams ^__^

PS. Today on my date with Bryan I bought a Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait for $15!  Been wanting one for a while after I heard about the hype and Jenn showed me hers (I can’t remember what colour she got).  Maybe I will do a review on it later.

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