Video: Everyday, Wearable Makeup Look

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This weeks video is an easy, everyday makeup look! The focus is mainly on the eyes and the rest of the face is kept pretty mild/subtle. I usually wear this look every day and it really does last the whole day- especially if you apply some Urban Decay Primer Potion first!

Sorry the volume is dodgy again, just max out the youtube volume and it should be okay- I think I finally got the balance between my voice and the music right for once, though! Hope you guys enjoy this

The order that I did everything is a little weird, I hardly do everything in a set and organised order so yeahh LOL. I’ll explain why:
1. I curl my lashes after my base makeup and before my eye makeup, because I can’t get the curler close to the root of my lashes as the curler just destroys the eye-makeup! Also, mascara always smudges on me so I prefer to apply it before eyemakeup on the off-chance that it will mess up my eye makeup.

2. I put my lipstick on early because I feel like it has to kind of set on the lips before applying the lip lacquer, but that might just be me making stuff up LOL

Products Mentioned
Liquid Eyeliner in Kill Black – Clio Gelspresso Liner in Dark Choco & Beige Shine – Clio Matte Lipstick in Peachstock – MAC Naked Palette – Urban Decay The Falsies Mascara – Maybelline Eyelash Curler – Shiseido (not shown)
Lipocalypse Lip Lacquer in Celestial – Rimmel Cookie Blush in 02 – Etude House Perfect Eyebrow Kit – Etude House

Next week I’ll be doing a video about eyeliners!

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Video: Cleansing & Skincare Routine

Hey guys, here’s the video I’ve been kind of dreading to put up because you see me and my bareface for ages -.-  AND to top it off I was sick when I recorded it which is partially why my voice sounds so dodge.  But anyway, it was a requested video and I have been trying out a lot of products lately, before I settled on this routine so I think it’s a good one.  Hope people are nice to me LOL.

I’m planning on doing some blog post reviews on some of these products (although it’s pretty clear that I like these since I’m using them…), so keep an eye out for that sometime soon, after I record the voice-over for the next video.  Glad to have gotten this one out of the way hahaha.  Next week will be a makeup tutorial! :D  Thanks for watching~

Products Mentioned
Etude House | Eraser Show Collection:
Line Remover Stick
Mascara Cleaner (Recommended)
Lip & Eye Remover

Egg White Pore Foam (read my illutorial here!)
Green Gram Cleanser (Recommended)
Black Sugar Mask (Highly Recommended)

Deep Pore Scrub – Clearasil
Aqua Sensation Moisturiser – Nivea
Lucas Pawpaw Ointment
Moisturising Steam Cream – Nature Republic
Green Tea Pure Eye Cream – Innisfree

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Video: Daily Base Makeup Routine

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Oh guys, such a stressful weekend to upload videos on! I actually finished editing this video on Monday, and was planning to have it uploaded by midnight but sadly Final Cut Pro was not co-operating, and neither was Youtube so the video is a little belated :C

Anyway, I have a really sore throat now and can barely hear my own voice, so I’m glad I got the voiceover done. Every time I tried to re-record the voiceover, my program crashed so I ended up just using whatever audio I could save, that’s why some of the narration is weird LOL SORRY GUYS I tried!

Anyway time to catch up with my uni work that I’m missing out on today due to being sick :C Actually, I had the beginnings of the flu/a cold in this video but I’m not sure if you can tell.

Keep in mind that this is just base makeup; even by the end I’m still looking pretty unfinished. I’m doing this video now so that I won’t have to repeat it in every makeup video I do, especially since I never like to upload videos longer than 5 minutes. I thought I should get this done as soon as possible so that I can start doing some actual makeup looks!

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Video: Subtle Gradient Lip Tutorial

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Hello guys, it’s finally a Makeup Monday, for real! Hahaha. Here’s my attempt at making a tutorial, strangely the colors don’t come out quite as bright as expected but oh wellll. I got some “bargains” on MAC lipsticks (considering they’re 40 bucks in Australia, 25 is not bad LOL). I love MAC lipsticks! There’s no wonder why they’re so popular; they stay on better than all the other brands I’ve tried haha. Hope you guys like this tutorial for my thin-lipped sistas

Subtle Gradient Lip Tutorial

Products MentionedText Tutorial

Products Mentioned
Lucas Pawpaw Ointment
$4.30 (AUD)

Burts Bees Lip Balm

Maybelline Lip Pencil – 50 Red

MAC Peachstock
~25 AUD (bought in Korea)

MAC Morange
~25 AUD (bought in Korea)

Tony Moly Water Jelly Tint
~$3? (AUD)

Text Tutorial
The gradient lip trend has never worked for me. I have quite thin lips, so if I try using concealer on my lips, it ends up looking like I have even smaller lips. Besides that, I’ve noticed a lot of people attempting the look and ending up with lips that look chapped instead of gradiented.

But I have finally found a way that works for me.

First, you MUST use a moisturising lip balm. This is to ensure you don’t end up with a chapped look! I recommend Lucas Pawpaw Ointment.

Next, fill in the lips extending about halfway out using a lipliner to make sure the lipstick adheres for longer. I use Maybelline Lip Liner in 50 Red, but use whatever works for you.

Taking MAC’s Peach Stock, a beautiful nude color, I apply that to the outer edges of my lips extending past my lips slightly to fade the outer edges a little.

Then, I like to use MAC Morange on the center of my lips, over the lip liner and blending it with Peach Stock using my finger.

If the nude is not strong enough, I occasionally go in with a lip concealer- mine is from Innisfree. This step is optional.

Finally, I add a few drops of Tony Moly Water Jelly Tint concentrating on the Morange color and blending out using my finger to create some shine.

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(Korea) Skincare Hits & Misses – July

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Hi guys!  I was planning to do a tutorial this week instead of another talking video, but it just didn’t turn out right so instead I’ve got a Skincare “hits & misses” video for you haha.  For some reason the volume of my voice sounds fine when I’m editing, but then when I upload on yt, it seems too quiet.  Oh well, still learning.  Hope you guys like it.

Korean Skincare Hits & Misses

Products MentionedHitsMisses
Aloe Vera Gel – Nature Republic ~4200KRW (~ 4AUD)

Moist Steam Cream – Nature Republic 15500KRW (~ 15AUD)

Green Tea Pure Eye Cream – Innisfree 20000KRW (~ 19AUD)

Water Sleeping Pack_EX – Laneige 25000KRW (~ 24AUD)

Water Bank Eye Gel – Laneige (Lost the receipt :C)

Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist – Laneige (Lost the receipt – but I think it was about 15000KRW?)

Paper Face Masks – Innisfree 950KRW (90c AUD)

Aloe Vera Gel – Nature Republic
~4200KRW (~ 4AUD)
This gel is light, non-sticky and hydrating.  Great for dry skin, and the amount of product you get for the price is amazing!

Moist Steam Cream – Nature Republic
15500KRW (~ 15AUD)
Use it after putting on moisturiser/lotion.  It feels like velvet on the skin and it tightens the skin as well.  It is toted as excellent for sensitive skin as it is free of paraben, talcs, surfactant, mineral oil, benzen alcohol & artificial color.  However, it does contain fragrance.

Green Tea Pure Eye Cream – Innisfree
20000KRW (~ 19AUD)
Didn’t feel any -amazing- effects of this eye cream, but it did hydrate the skin around eyes without drying my eyes.

Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist – Laneige
(Lost the receipt – but I think it was about 15000KRW?)
Excellent for hot & humid weather, does well to hydrate and refresh the skin.

Water Sleeping Pack_EX – Laneige
25000KRW (~ 24AUD)
Often raved about, but broke me out ;C

Water Bank Eye Gel – Laneige
(Lost the receipt :C)
Makeup Alley reviews are fairly positive, but dried my eyes.

Paper Face Masks – Innisfree
950KRW (90c AUD)
Broke me out/caused a reaction

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