Experi: Nail Water Transfer Designs

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So along with reviews, I’m doing “Experiments” – i.e. trying new things (or at least things that are new to me); they’ll be titled Experi because it’s shorter LOL.

So the other day I tried out nail stickers/transfers!  Actually, they’re more like temporary tattoos, but for nails :D  I purchased this Geisha design set of 15 for AUD$4.20 on Ebay… which is kind of pricing for only 15 nails worth considering you can buy whole polishes which last ages for the same price, but I really like them!  The seller is based in Sydney, so it only took 2 working days, or 4 days (incl. the weekend) to arrive, which is great.

DSC02586 DSC02579


There are 5 unique designs, which is just enough for one per finger, if that’s what you’re after.  You get 3 of each design:


Applying the design is super easy.  I started with my normal nail poilish (2 color layers and 1 top coat- but I’m sure you can get away with just the two layers of color because you need a top coat later anyway).  There are instructions on the back of the package, but I found a few little extra tricks.

1.  Cut out the design you want; I just cut a square out of the sheet around the design I wanted.
2.  Peel off the plastic film, try not to touch the design or it will lose it’s stickiness.
3.  Wet the paper under cold/warm water and wet the nail you wish to apply it on.  I used cold water and it seemed to work fine.
4.  Press the design face down onto your nail, I held mine down for a bit to make sure it adhered.
5.  Check the design has transferred to your nail, then peel off the backing.
6.  Dry the design gently with a paper towel- be careful not to break the design!  If there are bubbles, gently push the design down onto your nail.
7.  If there’s excess, don’t worry about it.  I tried to cut it off with a nail clipper, but I quickly found that was a bad idea.  Instead, after the nail has dried, just leave the excess and paint over the design with your clear top coat, and the excess will probably “melt” a little.  Just use nail polish remover on a cotton swab to gently remove the excess, making sure to press down the design on the edges of your nail so that it doesn’t peel away.

Photo 3-06-13 4 00 07 PM

Mine turned out like this, I decided to only put it on my ring finger because I sort of want the pack to last longer, anddd it seems to be a trend to do fancier stuff on your ring finger, which I like because I didn’t want a lot of distracting things on my nails, haha.  I love nail transfers, I’ll probably be buying more in the future because they’re just so easy haha.

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Review: Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish

So today I’ll be reviewing a nail polish I’ve been sporting recently, bought from Chemist Warehouse for I think around… 7 or 8 AUD. That’s at 50% off, too, so usually it’s even more pricy than it already was. It’s the Revlon Colorstay “Long Wear Nail Enamel” in #300 Bare Bones:
DSC02523 copy

DSC02526 copy
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The Face Shop – Nail Polishes

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So as aforementioned, I purchased two nail polishes from Eco Skin, a supplier of asian (I think South Korean?) beauty products from brands such as Skin Food, Etude House, and of course, The Face Shop.

The two polishes I purchased were “2 for $10” from their “Nail Pleasure” series. It sounds so wrong. When I got home I realised the lid looks a little wrong too. Whatevs, LOL. Actually, the packaging is quite unique and pretty. It looks like my VCD bottle designs ROFL.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a nice glittery nail polish for a while. I bought Rimmel’s 239 Your Majesty silver polish (as seen in this post), however the fragments of glitter are miniscule- which is fine too, for a very metallic look- but I was looking for a less intense look. Something a little more opaque, more layerable.

This is what I got with the two polishes I bought.

From left: SL211, BK901

Let me begin with SL211- it is a beautiful colour. Bryan described it as “Snow Fairy”, haha. It seems to fit it well. It’s a very understated, layerable colour:

One coat will give you a hint of glitter, two will give you a slightly more intense glitter closer to that of Your Majesty, however it is much less intense. I think this could be layered above most colours.

It has this texture that feels very strange. Likeee… a gentle nail file? LOOOL.
I kind of like it, different from the usual sleek kind of texture of most polishes.

Above: 2 Layers of SL211

Now onto BK901. This is the polish I fell in love with at first sight:

If you look carefully at the picture, you’ll notice the specks in this polish reflect a rainbow-ish colour in the light. It’s SO pretty. It looks like the base is black in the bottle- however, it’s pretty translucent.

I like how the glitter is difference sizes, so I can do that andreaschoice galaxy nail thing (haha Jenn)

Anyway, I don’t know if you can layer it many times to get it to look black because I’ve only used it as a top coat so far, over SL211:

Overall, both are very nice but I’m loving SL211 right now for normal wear. ^__^

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