Video: Hits and (no) Misses

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So, as I said on the video description, I’m an idiot and forgot to talk about my ‘Misses’ for the month in the Hits & Misses video HAHAha.  One thing about filming is that you can’t even really fix any missed filming opportunities because you’ll look completely different and it wont flow prettily so yeah.  MY BAD.

Thought I’d upload it anyway since it’s still a viable Monthly Favourites video, except I didn’t realise I forgot the ‘Misses’ until I had already uploaded it so yeah LOL.  Hope you guys still like it.  I added a blooper as the intro because I had no other footage… this is what happens when you try to film in the span of the moment mum leaves to pick up the brother from school and the time they get home.

Products Mentioned:
A French Quarter for Your Thoughts – OPI
Good to Go Topcoat – Essie
Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover – OPI
Volume 02 Mascara – Dolly Wink
Gelpresso Waterproof Eyeliner – Clio
158 Sweet Diamond Coral Beige – Ameli (See my review post)

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Experi: Nail Water Transfer Designs

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So along with reviews, I’m doing “Experiments” – i.e. trying new things (or at least things that are new to me); they’ll be titled Experi because it’s shorter LOL.

So the other day I tried out nail stickers/transfers!  Actually, they’re more like temporary tattoos, but for nails :D  I purchased this Geisha design set of 15 for AUD$4.20 on Ebay… which is kind of pricing for only 15 nails worth considering you can buy whole polishes which last ages for the same price, but I really like them!  The seller is based in Sydney, so it only took 2 working days, or 4 days (incl. the weekend) to arrive, which is great.

DSC02586 DSC02579


There are 5 unique designs, which is just enough for one per finger, if that’s what you’re after.  You get 3 of each design:


Applying the design is super easy.  I started with my normal nail poilish (2 color layers and 1 top coat- but I’m sure you can get away with just the two layers of color because you need a top coat later anyway).  There are instructions on the back of the package, but I found a few little extra tricks.

1.  Cut out the design you want; I just cut a square out of the sheet around the design I wanted.
2.  Peel off the plastic film, try not to touch the design or it will lose it’s stickiness.
3.  Wet the paper under cold/warm water and wet the nail you wish to apply it on.  I used cold water and it seemed to work fine.
4.  Press the design face down onto your nail, I held mine down for a bit to make sure it adhered.
5.  Check the design has transferred to your nail, then peel off the backing.
6.  Dry the design gently with a paper towel- be careful not to break the design!  If there are bubbles, gently push the design down onto your nail.
7.  If there’s excess, don’t worry about it.  I tried to cut it off with a nail clipper, but I quickly found that was a bad idea.  Instead, after the nail has dried, just leave the excess and paint over the design with your clear top coat, and the excess will probably “melt” a little.  Just use nail polish remover on a cotton swab to gently remove the excess, making sure to press down the design on the edges of your nail so that it doesn’t peel away.

Photo 3-06-13 4 00 07 PM

Mine turned out like this, I decided to only put it on my ring finger because I sort of want the pack to last longer, anddd it seems to be a trend to do fancier stuff on your ring finger, which I like because I didn’t want a lot of distracting things on my nails, haha.  I love nail transfers, I’ll probably be buying more in the future because they’re just so easy haha.

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Review: Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish

So today I’ll be reviewing a nail polish I’ve been sporting recently, bought from Chemist Warehouse for I think around… 7 or 8 AUD. That’s at 50% off, too, so usually it’s even more pricy than it already was. It’s the Revlon Colorstay “Long Wear Nail Enamel” in #300 Bare Bones:
DSC02523 copy

DSC02526 copy
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The Face Shop – Nail Polishes

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So as aforementioned, I purchased two nail polishes from Eco Skin, a supplier of asian (I think South Korean?) beauty products from brands such as Skin Food, Etude House, and of course, The Face Shop.

The two polishes I purchased were “2 for $10” from their “Nail Pleasure” series. It sounds so wrong. When I got home I realised the lid looks a little wrong too. Whatevs, LOL. Actually, the packaging is quite unique and pretty. It looks like my VCD bottle designs ROFL.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a nice glittery nail polish for a while. I bought Rimmel’s 239 Your Majesty silver polish (as seen in this post), however the fragments of glitter are miniscule- which is fine too, for a very metallic look- but I was looking for a less intense look. Something a little more opaque, more layerable.

This is what I got with the two polishes I bought.

From left: SL211, BK901

Let me begin with SL211- it is a beautiful colour. Bryan described it as “Snow Fairy”, haha. It seems to fit it well. It’s a very understated, layerable colour:

One coat will give you a hint of glitter, two will give you a slightly more intense glitter closer to that of Your Majesty, however it is much less intense. I think this could be layered above most colours.

It has this texture that feels very strange. Likeee… a gentle nail file? LOOOL.
I kind of like it, different from the usual sleek kind of texture of most polishes.

Above: 2 Layers of SL211

Now onto BK901. This is the polish I fell in love with at first sight:

If you look carefully at the picture, you’ll notice the specks in this polish reflect a rainbow-ish colour in the light. It’s SO pretty. It looks like the base is black in the bottle- however, it’s pretty translucent.

I like how the glitter is difference sizes, so I can do that andreaschoice galaxy nail thing (haha Jenn)

Anyway, I don’t know if you can layer it many times to get it to look black because I’ve only used it as a top coat so far, over SL211:

Overall, both are very nice but I’m loving SL211 right now for normal wear. ^__^

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