Day 4: Traveling to Osaka

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Note:  Hi guys!  Today’s post will be relatively uneventful because we spent most of the day traveling to Osaka on the Shinkansen (bullet train).  Hope you still enjoy this mostly text-based post!

Today we had to travel to Osaka!  We would be meeting up with Bryan’s family here.  We took the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and got to our awesome apartment.  It’s SO COOL LOL.

The floors are heated, the toilet has a sink on top and the seat is heated, and the entire bathroom is the shower/clothes dryer and there’s a TV inside wtf.  I’ve never been in such an awesome apartment before:

We met our host/host’s employee, Hide, who wants to move to Spain soon.  He was really nice with great English skills and told us about how to do stuff in the house.  He looks really young but was actually 35!

Outside our apartment is a little takoyaki joint and it was SO GOOD.  No wonder people love takoyaki.  I was wary of it, because octopus balls sound meh and I’m not even a fan of octopus, but it isn’t actually very fishy tasting at all – it was just as good, if not better than the one I had in Tokyo

Here are some pictures of the sights around Shinsaibashi and our apartment.  It’s Christmas day, so the lights are gorgeous!





We then went to Daimaru, which is a Japanese department store chain (like Myer or DJ’s), to try some food.  Since I wasn’t feeling great, I didn’t want to risk eating the delicious sushi train Bryan and his family were having.

I ended up eating at some pasta joint WHICH TURNED OUT AWESOME AND DELICIOUS.  I had a snow crab spaghetti and a yummy yuzu mousse which was super yum.  I know, I feel bad because I ate something that isn’t really Japanese but I regret nothing.  Soz my pics are crap, I only took phone ones.

After that, we ended up in Shinsaibashi shopping area.  Oh my gosh the shops there are crazy!  There are so many, a whole street of just shops and I really enjoyed it.



I got some Sanrio Tsum Tsums (stackable plush toys) of Hello Kitty and Gudetama.  They’re so cute idc that they were $5 each.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

We followed Isaac, Bryan’s brother, who was on a quest to get Nike Ultraboost in black or white, but to no avail.  Tomorrow I want to go back to look at the makeup/beauty stores and GU (the cheapo Uniqlo).


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Planning the Korea Trip

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Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 8.40.56 PM

LOL Screenshot of our Planning Powerpoint ~ title page by Calene

The only interesting thing in my life right now is the upcoming trip to Korea, so I’m going to talk about the top places I want to go after endless hours of research and stalking travel blogs, Korean makeup blogs like Koyuki Palace and this amazing website called Cute in Korea which is a goldmine of everything I’m interested when we go.

We’re going to Korea in July, or the end of June, for two weeks.  My friends and I, that is- Bryan, Calene, Brandon, David, Pulu (LOL mad?), Nelson & Jess.  Unfortunately Mikey isn’t coming along since he had a solo trip earlier in the year but yeahhh.   It’s actually my very first trip overseas which makes it incredibly exciting.  A lot of people are like “ARE YOU SERIOUS, YOU’VE NEVER BEEN OVERSEAS BEFORE??” and I just meekly reply “yep.” LOL.

My parent’s have never been interested in traveling.  Or even if they are, they always say they’d rather save money here than go for a trip or something.  I’ve never been to my place of origin, Vietnam, because I was born here and my parents don’t really want to go since they left during the war times as refugees.  Anyway, although they have never been overseas since they came to Australia, I’ve always been interested in traveling.  When I hear people talk about the beautiful places they’ve been I’m intrigued and curious.  So of course, since this is my first trip overseas and I’m a massive planner by nature, I’ve been obsessed with planning the trip along with my friends.  Today I’m going to be talking about the places I particularly want to see.

1.  Myeongdong

As you all know I’m a sucker for makeup and with the plethora of Korean branded makeup available, it’s hard not to fall for the girly colors, the endless bb cream options, the fancy packaging.  I’ll probably do a post on the makeup I’m looking to buy, but I’ll save that for another day.  Anyway, for those that don’t know, Myeongdong is an area in Korea known for it’s makeup stores and various shopping areas.  It’s practically an entire region of makeup stores.

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