Review & Trends: Skin79 BB Creams (Repost)

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NB:  This was posted on my temporary blogger before Daydreamt reopened, Obvsly which is why there is a different watermark.

Maybe it’s just me, but BB Creams (Blemish Balm Creams/Beblesh Balms) seem to be growing in popularity lately, with Western brands such as L’oreal picking up on the trend that has already become a staple beauty product in many Asian countries.  With multiple functions including SPF protection, whitening, AND coverage all in one, BB Cream caters to both the lazy and the busy alike.

After hearing plenty of raving reviews for Skin79’s range of BB Creams, I decided to go out on a limb and purchase a very overpriced box of miniature BB Creams from a new Asian beauty store which opened in my area, to try out:


From Left to Right:  Super+ Hot Pink, The Prestige, Super+ Gold & Pearl

The miniature version came with Skin79’s BB Creams in Super+ Hot Pink, The Prestige, Super+ Gold & Pearl in small, adorable tubes as pictured above.

I’ll just do a quick review of each product.  I decided not to post swatches of each because they kind of all look the same on camera, LOL.  Or maybe that’s just my crappy lighting.

Pearl:  The bottle advertises Pearl as “Luminous Beblesh Balm”.  Needless to say, it’s very shimmery!  At first, I really hated how it was filled with tiny specks of glitter, especially because I loved the bottle design, however, as a highlight it is beautiful and very understated.  The consistency is fairly runny, making it very blendable but messy.


Verdict? As a subtle highlight, I highly recommend this.  But, I would probably not purchase this in full size.



The Prestige/Super+ Hot Pink:  LOL, honestly I have no idea what the difference between the Prestige and the Super+ Hot Pink BB Cream is, in terms of coverage and texture, but both of them were too light and too sheer for me.


Verdict:  DO NOT WAAANT.





almost makes me want to buy it.


Finally, Super+ Gold.  My favourite BB Cream which I purchased in full size:

From left to right: Pearl, The Prestige, Super+ Hot Pink [all from the small pack]

Super+ Gold [purchased separately]

So there isn’t all that much to say, besides the fact that the coverage is pretty good for a BB Cream.  All the extra properties such as SPF and moisturising qualities make it a staple in my collection.  It’s matte, not glittery like the Pearl, and it feels like you aren’t even wearing any makeup, which is good for every day use.


  I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future, particularly because BB Cream is said to be much healthier for the skin.I like to mix it with a foundation for better coverage, but by itself it has a slightly thicker consistency as compared to the Hot Pink and Prestige, which provides better staying power and coverage.

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